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Hellwig Products UTV Video Wins Telly

Usually, we’re cajoling industry leaders to get out and experience the truck camper lifestyle.  In all too many cases, industry leaders tell us they’re too busy manufacturing and selling campers and gear products and can’t afford the time to go out and use them.  Not so with Mark Hellwig, President of Hellwig Products.

We first met Mark in 2010 at Hellwig Products in Visalia, California.  We were on tour in a truck camper rig and he was full of questions about our “Go Anywhere, Camp Anywhere, Tow Anything” lifestyle.  What we didn’t know – until many months later – is that Mark had been seriously bitten by the truck camping bug.  It wasn’t long until he bought a truck and camper of his own, and hit the dunes.

Above: Although it’s not shown in Mark’s Telly winning video, we have it on good authority that Mark often tows his UTV with his truck camper rig.

Now Mark has us feeling like we need to get out a little more.  With his truck camper rig and UTV in tow, Mark hits the sand with the kind of veracity that says, “I’m out there having the time of my life!”  Just watching Mark’s video makes us want to attack a dune with a UTV, something we have never done.

I can hear the phone call now:

Mark: “Gordon, this is Mark Hellwig.  You need to get out there and participate more in the truck camping lifestyle.”

Me: “I know Mark, but we’re so busy publishing the magazine.”

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