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Hellwig Products Announces Toyota Tundra Helper Spring

Back in March, we published an article called, “Hellwig Products Launches Toyota Tacoma Spring Pack”.  Now, Hellwig Products has developed a Toyota Tundra helper spring as well.


Melanie White, Marketing Director for Hellwig Products, explains, “The Toyota Tundra is a great workhorse but it is known to sag in the rear when fully loaded.  Our new two-leaf helper spring will resolve that issue.

Adding helper springs does not increase the truck’s factory GVWR rating, but the Hellwig Toyota Tundra helper spring is a solution that will make the vehicle more enjoyable to drive, whether empty or loaded.”

Dave Wheeler, Engineer at Hellwig Products, adds, “By design, the Tundra will not accommodate our standard pro-series or load-pro helper springs.  Toyota placed the bump stop on top of the spring so that a standard helper spring would cause metal-to-metal contact, and limit suspension travel.

Due to clearance issues on the Tundra, our new helper springs are added to the top of the factory spring pack so the factory bump stop is retained.  New axle U-bolts and center bolts are provided for the springs.

Once installed you can adjust the Hellwig springs to provide the desired amount of load support.  Once you set them, no further adjustment is required.”

Hellwig Products designed the Toyota Tundra Helper Spring for easy installation with common hand tools, and no drilling required.

For more information on Hellwig’s Toyota Tundra helper spring, visit their website at

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