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Have You Explored Saskatchewan By Truck Camper?

We are developing a truck camping destination story about Canada’s Saskatchewan Province.  If you have explored Saskatchewan by truck camper, we want to hear from you!

Saskatchewan Destination By Truck Camper

Above: Darcy Senft’s 2021 Calendar Winner from Prince Albert Park, Saskatchewan

“What about Saskatchewan?” asked Angela.

I know the province by name, but I had to admit to not knowing what was there.  This seems funny as it sits right above eastern Montana and North Dakota, two states we have visited multiple times.

“What’s there?” I replied.

“Wikipedia says there are 100,000 lakes.  Evidently, 10-percent of the province is fresh water.  There are a number of cities and towns; Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, and Moose Jaw.  We should ask our readers what there is to see there.  I bet we’ll get some great suggestions.”

And just like that, a destination story was born.

Trail Canada Saskatchewan Map

Map Courtesy of

For this destination article, anywhere in Saskatchewan is welcome (see map above).  Please include where you camped when you visited whether it was a campground nearby or a dry camping/boondocking spot.  Given the expanse of Saskatchewan, I bet there are a lot of boondocking locations.

At least one photo is mandatory, but more are preferred.

Your submission will be published as part of the upcoming feature story.  Thank you!

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