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Have You Camped In Maine?

If you have visited Maine in your truck camper, we want to hear from you!  We are currently developing a feature article that will help fellow truck campers plan a trip to Maine.

The more unknown the place is, the better.  Roads off the beaten path or unexpected destinations in Maine are appreciated.  What scenic roads should we take?  Where is the best seafood?  What whale watching tours are worth it?  Where should we go?  What should we see?

Extra Credit: As far as we know, there are not a lot of free camping opportunities in Maine, especially near the coast.  For extra kudos, we are looking for free or low cost camping spots ($20 and under a night).

Maine Map Destination

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For this destination feature, all truck camping experiences in Maine are welcome.  Your submission below will be published as part of an upcoming Truck Camper Magazine feature story.  Thank you!


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