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Four Wheel Campers Announces Finch Model


Stan Kennedy, Sales Representative, has sent us information on Four Wheel Campers new Finch model.  The above photographs were sent in by Sean Dempsey of Go Anywhere, a Four Wheel Camper dealership in Wisconsin.  Thank you Stan and Sean for sending this announcement to TCM.  For more information, visit Four Wheel Camper’s website at

The following is Stan Kennedy’s announcement for the new Finch model and where it fits into the Four Wheel Campers model line:


New Four Wheel Finch Model

Four Wheel Campers has been building some of the lightest weight, lowest profile, most durable pop-up truck campers on the market for over 30 years. Most of the camper strength and light weight comes from our aluminum frame construction.

Our customer base varies quite a bit, but we seem to hear the same comments from most of our customers interested in our camper line, “We are looking for a very light weight truck camper that is well built, simple, and affordable”.

About eight years ago, truck manufacturers started building quad cab (four full doors) mini and mid-sized trucks here in the United States.  These trucks also have really short five and a half foot beds.

At that time, Four Wheel Campers started building a pop-up camper called the Falcon to address these new quad cab trucks. The Falcon model is only five feet long, but fits the quad cab mid and mini trucks perfectly.  On a quad cab truck with a five foot bed, the rear of the Falcon is flush in the rear of the truck with no over-hang. To this day, I think FWC is the only truck camper manufacturer in the United States that offers a truck camper this small and compact.

When we introduced the Falcon, we thought it would take the world by storm.  But time would really tell the story, and it ended up not becoming a big selling camper model for us over the past seven years. The camper was just too small inside to really be usable and comfortable. It is quite hard to put a kitchen, bedroom, and a living room in approximately a five-foot by six-foot space.  Even our sales team here sometimes steers customers away from buying the Falcon model because it is so small.

Over the past few years we have had many, many customers telling us that they still want a reasonable and comfortable sized camper for their mini to mid sized quad cab truck. So, we decided this year to come out with a good compromise on a new camper model.

Our newest model is the Finch model.  The new camper is seventy inches long.  For comparison, the Falcon is sixty inches long (too short) and our Eagle model is eighty inches long (too long for a five-foot bed).

The Finch is good compromise between the two and seems to be selling very well even before we have really introduced it to the general public.  There is still no information on our website about this new model, but check back soon, it will be posted shortly.

We are getting more and more customers with smaller and more economical trucks.  The benefits of the Finch model are that you can have a small, light weight, low profile camper to nicely fit on these small five-foot truck beds, but you get more room inside the camper and more creature comforts over the short 60” Falcon model.

The production department and sales staff here at Four Wheel Campers are very pleased to offer this new camper. Our customers seem to be happy too!

Finch Model


Base Price: Starts at $ 9,970.
Base model dry weight: 660 lbs.
Height of camper closed including vent: 54”
Roof length: 111”
Floor length inside truck bed: 70”
Camper width: 69”
Sleeps two adults and one child
Extended interior headroom: 6’ 4”
Construction: aluminum frame

Standard Features:

All aluminum “flex-frame”
Finished wood interior
Three piece portable dining table
Formica counter tops
Privacy curtains
Stainless kitchen sink with hand pump
Ice box
Two burner stove with cover
110 volt system with power converter
Two overhead dual lamp 12 volt lights
12 volt porch light
20 pound (five gallon) propane tank with gauge
Fire extinguisher
12 gallon fresh water tank
Extended cab-over queen-size bed (67” x 76”)
Single bed couch conversion (66” x 33”)
Radius louvered passenger side window
Safety exit
Roof vent
Insulated side walls and roof
Rugged vinyl side liner
Aluminum exterior sides and roof

Available Upgrade Options:

Electric water pump
Three-way refrigerator  (1.9 cu.ft.)
Forced air furnace
Screen door
Fluorescent lights
Power roof vent fan
Front opening window
Sliding window boot
Arctic pack (cold weather insulation)
8’ side awning
Auxiliary side awning light
Rear flood lights
Aluminum boat / luggage roof rack
Yakima roof rack system
Rear wall steps (better access to roof rack)
Auxiliary battery system (wiring, separator, battery)
85 watt solar panel with controller
Mechanical camper jacks  (four corner)
Portable entry step
Porta potti



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