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Do You Eat, Sleep, and Jeep?

About a week ago, Angela, Harley, and I were driving Route 70 across Utah.  We were talking about the drought in California when, “Hey, there’s a truck camper towing a Jeep!”  We still get excited when we see a truck camper on the road.  We even point.

A few minutes later we were talking about the terrible flooding in Texas when, “Look!  There’s another truck camper!  And they’re towing a Jeep!”  Again we were excited and pointing at it.  I guess we are just easy to please.  Harley slept through the whole thing.

An hour passed and we saw yet another truck camper, towing a Jeep.  This time neither of us said anything.  We didn’t have to.  The truck camping gods were doing all the talking, and they clearly wanted us to publish a Question of the Week on towing a Jeep.  Message received.

This should come as no surprise since we have many good friends who tow Jeeps behind their truck campers.  In fact, the need to tow a Jeep is often how they decided on a truck camper rig in the first place.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you tow a Jeep behind your truck camper?”  If you do, tell us about your Jeep, how you tow it, and where you go.

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