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Do You Have a Dash Camera In Your Truck?

Reader Robert Foote recently wrote us with a story and Question of the Week suggestion about using a dash camera with a truck camper rig.  Here’s his story:

“A truck camper friend this summer was traveling to a Rhode Island Beach.  While going through a town he noticed a man eyeing him and walking toward him as he was driving slowly.

He nearly stopped when the man threw himself at his truck, fell to the pavement, and claimed he was hit.  Thankfully he had a dash camera.  Police looked at the video and arrested the man for disorderly conduct.

If it wasn’t for the dash camera, he was told he could have been charged with hitting a pedestrian, with resulting legal and insurance claims.  It’s a shame we live in times that require this technology to protect us.  I’ll be purchasing a Dash Cam before heading out this spring on our summer camping trips.”

Dash cameras (also known as dash cams) are cameras that continuously record video through the windshield of your vehicle.  These small camera recording systems can be attached to a visor, dashboard, rear view mirror, or the windshield itself with adhesive tape or a suction cup.

As cited in Robert’s story, the most common reason for having a dash camera is for potential accident evidence.  Dash cameras can also record video while parked possibly capturing vandalism or other illegal activity around your vehicle.

Dash cameras have also famously (or infamously as it may be) captured some spectacular videos over the years including the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013.  Perhaps the most amazing part of these videos is the sheer number of Russians that use dash cams.

Dash cams have also captured a seemingly endless number of insane car accidents.  While putting together this QOTW, I started watching some of these “Dash Cam Fails” as they are called on YouTube.  They are horrifying and hysterical in equal measure.  Here’s a taste of this madness.  Warning: You may never want to drive again after watching these videos.

Thank you for the Question of the Week idea Robert.  We honestly had not thought about using a dash camera with a truck camper rig, but the dash cam videos have us seriously thinking about it.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you have a dash camera in your truck camper rig?”

If you have a dash camera in your truck camper rig, tell us what make and model you bought and why you decided to purchase a dash cam.  We would also love to know about your experience using the dash cam, and if you think it’s a worthwhile investment.

To share the dash camera you use, please fill out the form below.

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