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TCM Crossword Solutions Revealed

We had a number of readers ask for the solutions to last week’s Truck Camper Crossword Puzzle.  Here are the answers; across and down.

TCM Crossword Puzzle Solutions

Often times the answer to why we try something new at TCM is, “Why not?”, “Because we’ve never done that before” or our very favorite, “That would be fun!”  So why did we create and publish the our first truck camper crossword?  Pick an answer, and you’ll be right.

It’s hard to call our first truck camper crossword puzzle a run away success, but we can confirm that well over 1,500 people gave it a whirl.  Besides, if we only focused on what people clicked on our whole magazine would be, “Top 10 Best Bikini Girls Go Camping”.  Forget it.  You’d poke your eye out anyway.

Here are the clues and answers to the puzzle:

Camper Crossword Solution 1600

Above: This crossword image was made to fit the page.  If you would like it bigger, you can click to enlarge it.

Crossword Clues and Answers

1. A certified scale – CAT
5. Perhaps the most popular truck camper bucket list destination – Alaska
9. In Europe, truck campers are called what campers – demountable
10. This power tool is commonly used to run mechanical jacks – drill
11. Always have this when backing up a truck camper – spotter
12. What we like to say truck campers can tow – anything
13. In Australia, truck campers are called what campers – tray
19. The most popular type of renewable energy for a truck camper – solar
20. Safety devices that need to be replaced every five years – detectors
23. These devices hold down a pop-up roof – latches
24. If your jacks aren’t electric, they’re probably this – mechanical
26. These connect the truck and camper for travel – turnbuckles

2. Who loads the campers at TCM – Angela
3. It’s lights out when you pull this – battery disconnect
4. Truck capacity used to determine if a truck and camper are a match – payload
6. Drain this before winter – water heater
7. The first things to check when something isn’t running in a camper – fuses
8. Pink and happy in the cold – antifreeze
14. Check these regularly, water you want to or not – seals
15. Not every camper has this foundation – basement
16. What Gordon likes to hunt for while traveling – records
17. The birthday TCM celebrates this year – fourteen
18. Not in the dictionary, but this is what we commonly call six-wheel trucks – dually
21. Acronym for the balance point on a truck camper – COG
22. Connects the electrical from the truck and camper – umbilical
25. Replace this rod or you’re rotten – anode

TCM Crossword Puzzle 2?

While it didn’t have a tidal wave response, the readers who enjoyed the puzzle were very enthusiastic.  I wouldn’t discount the possibility that we’ll do this again.  Why?  See paragraph one, answer three.


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