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Correction: Do Not Bring Your Title With You

After publishing, “9 Lessons From A Truck Camper Accident” on Tuesday, we received a ton of positive emails and social media responses.  In all that article has already be read over 10,000 times, and counting.

Some readers have requested a printable version of this very important article, so we made one for you.  Click here to get a printable PDF copy.

We also had a number of readers chime-in with concerns over our recommendation to have your vehicle’s title with you.  These readers pointed out that if the truck camper rig is stolen, burned, flooded or otherwise destroyed you could lose access to the title.  You would also lose the legal documentation proving that you own your truck.

Based on this reader feedback, we have changed recommendation number three.  We now recommend leaving your truck’s title with a trusted family member or friend who can keep it secure and ship it to you.  From now on, this is exactly what we are going to do.

Thank you to the readers who shared this important perspective.  Well done.


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