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CONTEST: Truck Campers From Space

Can you see a truck camper from space?  Yes!  There are thousands of truck campers visible from space.  With the help of Google Maps, you can enter in an address and see it from space.  So what do the truck camper manufacturers look like from space?  Let’s take a look.


Adventurer MFG, Abbotsford, BC

Alaskan Campers, Chehalis, WA

Bigfoot Industries, Armstrong, BC

Eagle Cap Campers, La Grande, OR

Four Wheel Campers, Woodland, CA

Hallmark RV, Fort Lupton, CO

Lance Campers, Lancaster, CA

Northern Lite, Kelowna, BC

Northwood Manufacturing / Arctic Fox, La Grande, OR

West Coast Leisure Homes / Okanagan, Penticton, BC

Interior RV / Snowriver, Penticton, BC

Travel Lite, New Paris, IN

Naturally, that’s not all of the truck camper manufacturers.  Some of the satellite images of manufacturer facilities are not exactly clear or must have been taken before the manufacturer was occupying the address.  And all of the images are a few years old.  So this is really just for fun.  And why not?

Here’s our challenge: Using Google Maps, can you see your truck camper from space?  Here’s how you can find out:

1. Go to

2. At the top left you’ll find a search box.  Type in the full address of where you keep your truck camper and click ‘search maps’.  If you’re like most of our readers, this is likely your home address.

3. Using the zoom tool on the left side of the satelite map, zoom in as far as you can and look for your truck camper.  If you don’t see a satellite image, click the ‘Satellite’ box on the top right of the map.

4. If you find your truck camper, email us the image.  You can send it by making a screen capture, emailing the webpage, or just sending a link.

If anyone actually pulls this off, we’ll send them a prize.  If more than one person pulls it off, we’ll pick our favorite and send them a prize.  Of course we’ll post any and all entries here on TCM.

How’s that for a contest that’s literally out of this world?


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