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Camping With Pets Part 2

We have an expanded cab truck, so the back bench belongs to the dogs.  We set two crates in the back and have fresh water between the front seats.  Our dogs seem to like the confinement of the crates and they pop up in the front from time to time to keep an eye on us.  When we are traveling, we stop every couple of hours and walk the dogs for exercise and potty time. 

Heat is a problem for dogs.  In real hot weather, we don’t leave them in the truck without the air conditioning running.  If we plan to be out of the truck, say for lunch, we’ll put them in the camper with the windows open and try to park in the shade.  We carry a folding wire pen that we attach to the ladder.  This makes a nice four foot by four foot pen and they can be outside without being tied up. 

It’s important to keep plenty of fresh water at all times because they seem to drink more while traveling.  When we are set up in a campground, we have air conditioning if needed and the dogs have the run of the camper.  On cold evenings it’s nice to have a couple of warm dogs in bed with us. 

All in all, we enjoy camping with our dogs and so do lots of other campers.  It’s always fun to take the dogs for a walk around the campground and talk to other pet owners.”

Jim and Judy Holyfield, Buttons and Dozer
1994 Ford F-350 gas
1991 Hornet Camper



“Hi guys.  I mostly travel with a 118 pound five year old black lab, but lately I have been having my daughter’s four pound Chihuahua.  The lab takes most of the back seat of the crew cab, while the little one either is sleeping on my lap or her bed.  I have a anti-spill dish for their water that they both share.  In the camper, the lab goes on her bed on the floor.  Once I put him up in bed and thought he would share, but he hogged the whole thing.  The little one goes up in the bed and it is no problem.

If it’s cool out, I will leave them in the truck with all of the windows down two to three inches with the sunroof raised from the rear.  If it’s hot, I will put them into the camper with the generator and air conditioner going.

Both dogs are well behaved and will stay by me and the camper unleashed (when allowed).” 

Don Kingfield, black lab, Joey and chihuahua, Lola
2008 GMC 2500 HD Duramax, crew cab, 4X4
2008 Lance Loaded 861

”We do not travel with pets, but our neighbors during our last outing had a unique way of handling the situation.  They had a wire cage they assembled on the ground, and placed their two small dogs in it.  This gave the dogs fresh air, sunlight and the ability to bark at anything that moved within sight of their camper until their owners came back at days end.”

Robert Geers



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