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Truck Camper Shower Mods and More

Over the past ten years we have been fortunate to take showers in all kinds of truck campers.  We’ve showered in Lances, Arctic Foxes, Adventurers, Northstars, Northern Lites, Palominos, Hallmarks, Travel Lites, and beyond.

We know all about wet baths and dry baths.  We know all about trying to get the water temperature somewhere between freezing and scalding.  We know all about fast Navy showers.  Annoying groaning water pumps?  Yeah, we know all about them too.

In that same time period, we have also stayed at hundreds of campgrounds from coast-to-coast and attempted their showers as well.  While a rare few campground showers are clean as a whistle – Disney’s Fort Wilderness immediately comes to mind – too many would be more appropriate as a double-dog dare.

With outdated buildings, barely functioning plumbing, and sanitation conditions only a free-roaming chicken could love, it can feel like one’s health could be at risk from nothing more than a campground shower.  Again, not all campgrounds are that bad, but too many are.

Which brings me back to my truck camper shower.  Limitations aside, it’s clean.

Given the less than ideal conditions of some campground showers, we’ve been thinking quite a bit about how we can improve the shower experience in our camper.

On this tangent, we have already made a few significant changes.  For one, we switched to an Oxygenics BodySpa RV shower head.  The Oxygenics definitely improves water pressure for a more residential style shower.  On the flip side, our water pump seems to run more with the Oxygenics.  Our final verdict is in progress.

For two, we bought a quick dry towel that completely dries in a few hours.  It’s certainly not luxurious, but it does dry fast, and we are getting more.  In fact, we may replace all of our bathroom and kitchen towels with this type of quick-dry towel.

We are also planning on adding a swing-out shower curtain rod similar to what Lance Campers uses in their models.

Basically, we’re looking for anything to make showering in a truck camper better.  I’m sure many of you have had similar thoughts and have found products and made modifications for this purpose, which brings us this this week’s Question of the Week.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What have you done to improve the shower experience in your camper?”

This can be something as simple as new towel rack, or as complex as a total camper shower rebuild.  Maybe you changed shower heads like we did, came up with a cool way to hang towels, or discovered a kind of soap that washes off faster.

Whatever you’ve done to make truck camper showers or shower experiences better, we want to know.  And feel free to include how you keep your shower dry and clean.  That certainly counts!

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