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Bright Ideas About Camper Lanterns and Flashlights

I hate to admit it, but my flashlight is an iPhone 6.  Ever since they created the flashlight feature on an iPhone, that feature has been my go to portable light source.  Even when we’re home, I sometimes use my iPhone to light my way through the house instead of turning on lights.  It’s just so convenient, and I always have it with me.  Darn smartphones are taking over everything.

Anyway, using my trusty iPhone flashlight at a campsite works, but it does a miserable job.  Yes, it lights a few feet in front of me, but that’s it.  If a bear was ten feet out in the pitch black, his stomach might have my ringtone before I’d see him.

Having noticed that fellow truck campers have some fantastic flashlights and lanterns, I thought I’d ask about your preferred portable light source.  If you have also been seduced by the smartphone flashlight, say so.  But if you have a preferred flashlight or lantern, we want to hear from you.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What flashlight or lantern do you use while truck camping?”  Please include the make and model of flashlight or lantern you own, and why you’re happy with it.

Fill out the form below to share your light source at night.

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