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Are You A Full-Time Truck Camper?

If your home is demountable and your location subject to immediate change, we want to hear from you! What’s it really like to live full-time in a truck camper?

Full Time Truck Camper Poll

Back in 2007, we only knew of three people who were full-time truck campers; author and speaker, Joei Carlton Hossack, and Laura and Sasha Jevitch. At the time, the idea of living on the road in anything smaller than a Class A motorhome or 5th wheel was far from mainstream, even among the RVing community. Somehow the concept of living on the road without a permanent home seemed to necessitate a large RV. A truck camper? You have to be kidding!

Story after story, the idea of selling your house and nearly everything in it to hit the road full-time in a truck camper has become a little less out there. If I had to bet, I’d say Dave and Cindy Gilbert’s article, Truck Campers Escape the Rat Race (first published in 2013 and then updated in 2021) is responsible for more people exploring full-time truck camping than any other article we’ve published. Their story became the proverbial Pied Piper leading many others to go full-time.

Full-Timing: The Good and The Reality

Today living full-time in a truck camper is more broadly recognized as a viable lifestyle. Truck campers are still a minority choice for full-timers, but they are gaining traction for their unbeatable go anywhere, camp anywhere, tow anything versatility. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to live full-time in a truck camper. If anything, some aspects of living full-time on the road are getting more challenging as public interest and demand in every aspect of RVing have increased.

This brings us to the article we’re working on. We want to hear from folks who are living full-time in a truck camper. We want to know not just why you went full-time, but what your experience has really been like. Give us the good and the bad. The dream and the balance. Tell us your full-time truck camping truth. Here we go…


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