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Announcing the Quad-Sofa Slide

On Tuesday we published photos of a double-sofa Chalet TS116.  We thought the concept of removing the dinette from of a triple-slide truck camper and replacing it with a second sofa was ridiculous, but it seems a good portion of our readership thought otherwise.

The results of the double-sofa vote are simply stunning:


Above: 43.77% prefer a sofa and a dinette and 56.23% like the double sofa option.

All of this got us thinking.  Why stop at two sofas?  Why not three?  Why not four?  Of course five sofas would be over the line.  No need to get silly about things.

With four sofas swirling in our minds, we set out to design the first ever quad-sofa slide truck camper.  Chalet RV had nothing to do with this, but here’s what we think a 2015 Chalet TS116 Quad-Sofa slide truck camper might look like.


Above: The first sofa-sofa-sofa-sofa quad-slide truck camper.  Chalet RV had nothing to do with this.

There’s no butts about it, there’s a lot of places to sit in this camper.  Just hope you don’t get hungry or need to use a bathroom because there’s no kitchen or bathroom.

Dance floor?  You bet.

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