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Aftermarket Multi-Function Camper Bumper Survey

The benefits of a multi-function platform bumper are obvious.  First, you get a more comfortable and safer entry and exit angle.  Second, you get precious exterior storage in the bumper.  Third, you gain the option for bumper accessories including exterior generator storage.  And finally, the bumpers look really sharp when installed.

The downsides are few, but worth consideration.  The most obvious downside is the additional weight placed at the furthest back point of the rig.  If you don’t have the extra payload, or can’t afford to move the center of gravity back a bit, this is possible deal breaker.

Another possible concern to keep in mind is the installation.  For example, the old bumper might come off clean after removing several dozen bolts and/or screws.  Or you might discover that it was the only thing holding the rear end of your camper together.  This scenario could be especially true for older truck campers that have not been properly sealed over the years.

Then again, our project camper is eleven years old, has some de-lamination on one side, and had a plethora of questionable seals when we bought it about 18 months ago, but the rear bumper came off clean.  We did discover some luan wood rot between the rear jack brackets and aluminum framing, but that’s not a structural problem for our camper.

If your camper has been well cared for, and fits the profile described by the aftermarket bumper manufacturer, it should be a very straight forward installation.  After all, the industry installs bumpers on truck campers day in and day out.  No big deal.

So let’s put all this together.  This week’s Question of the Week is a survey on aftermarket multi-function camper bumpers.  We want to know if you want one, what your requirements would be, what your wish list would be, and the make and model of your camper.

All of this information will help Torklift International design the final Summit bumper system.  Best of all, we’ll get to see their final design launched in TCM next year.

Here are the results of the Aftermarket Multi-Function Camper Bumper Survey.

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