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540 Campsite Recommendations For Your Next Trip

Long time Truck Camper Magazine reader and 2011 calendar winner, Ramblin’ Ralph Goff, has compiled a Google map with 540 campsite recommendations of places he’s stayed with his Lance 845 over the past decade.


Above: Ramblin’ Ralph’s Google Map of campsites he’s visited

“As you know, I travel for several months each year in my truck camper.  2015 is actually my tenth year!

My website has always had a map for the campsites I visited for any particular year.  These are mainly federal, state, and local campgrounds, with very few commercial campgrounds as I avoid them whenever possible.


Above: Dry camping with his 2006 GMC 2500HD and 2001 Lance 845 in Alabama Hills, California

I finally compiled all 540 campgrounds into a single Google map.  If you click on a pin, it will pull up the campsite information including a description of the site, nightly fee, and more.

The link to the Google map is”


Above: Ralph also has a section on his website with more detailed notes and photographs of the camping spots

Thank you, Ralph, for sharing your campsite experience and advice.  We are already studying your new campground map for ideas.

To check out Ramblin’ Ralph’s full blog with lots of photos and camping tips, go to

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