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2018 RV Shows Announced

The annual RV show season kicks into full gear starting in January.

For three months the RV industry piles their latest products into centers, halls, and stadiums where throngs of people look at truck campers and ask, “Where are the wheels?” and, “Is the truck included?” and, “I didn’t know truck campers were still made.”  My personal favorite is, “Can I put this triple-slide long bed on my short bed Tacoma?”

Don’t laugh.  It happens.

Years of standing on cement and enduring these insane questions has made many members of the truck camper industry somewhat unbalanced.  We personally know one industry member who quit and started a car wash.

Don’t laugh.  That happened too.

So here’s what you can do to help.  First, attend at least one of the RV shows listed in our 2017 Shows and Rallies section.  We have contacted the truck camper manufacturers and dealers to find exactly which RV shows will have truck campers on display.  This is the real list folks.

Second, tell them you read Truck Camper Magazine.  Short of writing a check for the full amount of the inventory on display, nothing says, “I’m a serious truck camper enthusiast” faster than touting you are a Truck Camper Magazine reader.  Then ask, “Will this fit my Corolla?”

Just kidding.

We will continue to update the RV Shows and Rallies section as additional RV shows are announced.  We will also remind you of RV shows as we approach the event dates.


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