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2016 Ontario to Alaska Caravan Announcement

The Ontario to Alaska Caravan is from May 26, 2016 until the end of July 2016.  The caravan will go from Napanee, Ontario to the Yukon and Alaska.

Leo LaRochelle, organizer of this caravan, sent in a brief announcement.  More specific information is available on the Truck Camper Caravan website.

“The 2016 Truck Camper Caravan planning is now finished.  I am leading a  caravan that is going from Napanee, Ontario to the Yukon and Alaska.  The caravan starts on Thursday, May 26, 2016 and will go until the end of July 2016.

I have four slots available if you’d like to join in our our journey to Alaska and the Yukon.  We will stay at the same place for one or two nights.  The exceptions are in Timmins, Ontario where we will stay two or three nights and Mount Robson, British Columbia where we might stay three or four nights.

On travel days, the group will travel approximately 500 kilometers (310 miles), mostly in convoy, but participants may join and leave the group at any time.

The caravan is free, but you are responsible for your own expenses; fuel, propane, camping, food, and entertainment.

Please contact me or visit my website if you need more information.”


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