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Beer Tour! 2013 Truck Camping New Years Resolutions

Last week we asked, “What are your 2013 truck camping resolutions?”  We wanted to know, come hail or high water, what you are planning to do with your truck camper in 2013.

“Our plans include camping at Anza Borrego this February and a brief stay at Indian Cove Campground in Joshua Tree National Monument in April.  Another undeveloped plan includes visiting the Mojave National Preserve and camping at one of the two developed sites there.  

By the end of the spring, we’ll be heading back to Idaho for the summer and staying at some of our favorite sites in Nevada on the trip back north. Short excursions to the Idaho mountains and rivers will be on the agenda for the summer, as well as visiting grandchildren in Oregon before returning next fall to the California desert.” – David Neumann

“More camping, less modding!  After spending a significant chunk of my free time for the past year devising and executing mods on my truck and camper, I’m ready to just try to enjoy the darn thing!  I say try because my mind is always devising new ways to improve things in and around the camper and it’s mule. 

My motto is, “If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is!”  With retirement looming on the horizon, our 2013 motto will be, “Many miles with smiles!” – John and Marylou Wells

“My wife and I are homebrewers.  Our beer isn’t very good, but we enjoy the many craft beers out there.  Last summer we planned a truck camper beer tour but, because of health issues, we couldn’t do it.  The tour will begin when we leave Kentucky as we will spend the night where there is a micro-brewery and try to have lunch at one also.  Most breweries serve great food.  

Our main destination is Fort Collins, Colorado.  Then we will travel south through the Rockies, visiting as many breweries on our beer map as possible.  Usually we’ll spend the night in their parking lots as truck campers only occupy one parking space.  

The Beer Tour will end in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where our son lives.  Most micro-breweries are located in the old downtown section of towns which make the truck camper the perfect RV for negotiating narrow streets and parking.  Here’s hoping our fuel tank and livers survive.  Cheers.” –  Ernie and Linda Leet

“Last year I was doing some mods on my truck camper and being the procrastinator.  I am very good at that, so I didn’t get much done.  This year I am gong to complete the mods on my 2008 Lance 1055, and attend as many rally events here in the NorthEast as I can afford.  That is a promise.  Happy camping!” – Joe Cassidy

“We utilize our truck camper about forty-five nights per year.  It has worked great as a ski chalet while visiting resorts.  This has led to to some ongoing modifications regarding an internal propane bib for a movable catalytic heater and bathroom drying racks and bungees that allow us to be off the grid for days. 

Using the black and gray tanks, our only issue has been freezing of the gray drain which I’m working on.  We expect to spend more time backcountry skiing camped at road pull outs this year.  It works great with two people.  When we have the kids, things get tight and gear management is critical.  Have a great new year.” – JT More and Sue Jurf

“I’ll just try to get out more often!  We live in Arizona and the summers here are darn hot!  I want to get up to Flagstaff, Show Low, or Prescott to get through the summer heat.  My other wish is to have a Can-Am Spyder motorcycle that I could tow behind the camper when we go out of state.  But, if my wife and kids have anything to say about it, that won’t happen!” – A. Cerf

“My wife has never been west of the Mississippi River, so we are planning to do a 5,000 mile trip.  We’ll start from our house in Virginia and go to Grand Canyon National Park (north and south rim), Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, and (thanks to your inspiration story a few months ago) the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  That will be just one of our trips in our truck camper this year.” – Chris and Michelle Adams

“We have a 1965 Avion C-10.  Four years ago, not long after we bought it and before we had a chance to use it, it was damaged by a falling tree.  I’m planning to make repairs and begin renovating it this summer.  My resolution is to get it to a point where we could camp in it for at least one night sometime this summer/fall.” – Grant Milton, Ontario

“Come hell or high water, I want to camp more and never to forget take the boat.  Oh Yeah!” – Joseph

“We’ll do more camping!  2012 found us in our camper whenever possible; close to home in Northern California on three day weekends, seventeen days and 3,700 miles during the summer to Bella Coola, British Columbia, and our annual Thanksgiving adventure to Death Valley.  

We ended the year camping at Pismo Beach State Park and Joshua Tree National Park.  It’s 2013 and we just checked out of Dohney State Beach on a beautiful fifty-seven degree Southern California morning.  We’re planning on stopping where the wind takes us along the coast on our route home to Sonoma County.

Hopefully, 2013 will find us with the camper on the truck most of the time for weekends on the coast, a spring trip to Mono Lake, extended summer vacation to the south west in early June, back to Death Valley in November, and New Years on the Southern California Beach!” – Carol Wegner

“My resolution for 2013 is that I will make the drive to Alaska with my truck camper no matter the cost of fuel, which backed me out the last two summers.” – Glenn

“My camper resolution this year is to high-tail it to Billings, Montana from here in Norwich, New York.  The quest will be to harvest some spring turkeys.  My dad and I will head out at the end of April and hunt for Merriam’s turkeys. 

On the way back, we’re planning on some sightseeing, such as detouring through Mt. Rushmore, heading up to Sturgis, and stopping by Fargo to see what all the fuss is about.  It’s pretty simple and we have lots of time to plan it with help from a friend who lives out in Billings.  Happy New Year!” – George Franke

“I plan to remember it fondly.  Our Lance 981 served us well for six years.  My wife’s new knees and the truck camper’s upper bunk were not compatible, hence our new Winnebago.  There will be side roads and trails we will miss, but not the bed access!” – Robert Geers

“Use it!” – Roy Bertalotto

“I plan on installing a KVH Tracvision Satellite Dish to my 990 Arctic Fox.  Happy New Year!” – Carlos Armas

“Last year we camped about forty-five nights.  Our goal for 2013 is to camp more and ride ATV’s more.  This year we’re going for sixty, which will be pushing it as I work more than full time and we have a kid in grade school.” – Elliot P. Groeneveld

“We will be heading south at the end of March, when it’s warm enough to hang out on the beach in shorts and t-shirts.  We may stop in the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, or South Beach.  With luck, we hope to get to Michigan this summer, and maybe as far west as the Dakotas.” – Paul Panasu


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