Palomino SS-1251 Camper Modifications

Eddie and Pat Hayden share the modifications they have made to their Palomino SS-1251.   First up is the auxiliary PVC grey tank installed in their truck.

PVC Grey Water Tank

We added a PVC grey water tank to increase our grey water capacity.  The pictures show how it is installed in our truck.

grey water tank with PVC pipeauxiliary grey water tank with PVC pipe

Back Seat Platform For Camera Gear

We modified the truck by removing the back seat and adding a platform so we could easily store our camera gear.

Back seat storage for camera gearBack seat hidden storage for camera gear

Dinette Lounging Area

We changed the dining area to have a wider seat to make it more comfortable.


We also removed the built-in table and now use a small foldable table that can be stored under the bed.  The folding table can also be used outside the camper.

Shelves Added To Cabinets For Food

added storage shelves pop up camper

We added shelves to one of the cabinets to make it easier to store food.  We added hooks to the outside of the cabinets to hang items like jackets.

Bathroom Storage Containers


Above: Bathroom storage in their Palomino pop-up bathroom

Rear Camera Added For Safety

rear-view-camera-on-camperrear view camera in truck cab

A rear camera is an added safety measure.  It can be turned on and off as needed.

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