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Pop-Up Comments From 2014 Ultimate Camper Survey

Seven pages of comments were submitted for the final question of the 2014 Ultimate Pop-Up Truck Camper Survey, “Is there anything you would like to add to your next truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

Here are the comments:

“I selected ‘no battery’ even though I want it wired for them, because I don’t want my batteries in the camper using up space for my fresh water tank.  In my Palomino 1806 I moved my batteries out into the unused passenger front truck bed area and hung dual parallel eight gauge quick disconnects through the original battery vent slats that I connect once the camper is loaded.  This also allows me to swap and isolate batteries as needed.”

“I chose a three way refrigerator as well, but I do not want the refrigerator capable of running off the house battery system.  I want the twelve volt setting to shut down the propane and switch over automatically to twelve volt only when it sees power through an outside plug wired to the tow vehicle when its running.”

“I also chose a swing out movable table leg system because I’d like the dinette table to be attached to the outer wall on one end and supported be a leg on the floor, plus be movable closer to the stove on a single leg in the middle, and have a shorter leg to support the middle when being used while converted to a bed.”

“I chose just give me a ceiling over the bunk because you did not have an option for an escape hatch/popup vent with a fully insulated cover.   My wife and I are tired of the skylight style hatch getting condensation on it and hitting our head on the crank for opening it!”

“I’d like more coat hooks, hangers, storage bins for stuff like coats, the sink covers, wet bath shower floor cover, etc.”

“I would like a compartment that would hold a portable generator.”

“I would like a pump and filter system to use grey water to flush the toilet.”

“A standard Grandby Four Wheel Camper is exactly what I would want.”

“All of the above selections I made with a final price under $30,000.”

“An on demand water heater would be nice instead of a water heater.”

“Be able to access and use with the top down.”

“Better wall insulation, and the ability to easily add items if not chosen as options.  I would like lower prices.  I can get a big pull behind which seems to have more options than truck campers.  Full door entry not the half squeeze in type on popups.  More headroom for taller people.”

“Butane or diesel fuel cooking and heating option.”

“A cabinet attached to the pop up over sink area and a skylight over the bed.”

“Cheaper and more standard features.”

“Composting toilet like the Natures Head.”

“Converter/inverter/three state battery charger.”

“Lithium Ion batteries.”

“Cork for the floors and ARB refrigerator for the food.”

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