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Pop-Up Comments From 2014 Ultimate Camper Survey

Seven pages of comments were submitted for the final question of the 2014 Ultimate Pop-Up Truck Camper Survey, “Is there anything you would like to add to your next truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

Here are the comments:

“I selected ‘no battery’ even though I want it wired for them, because I don’t want my batteries in the camper using up space for my fresh water tank.  In my Palomino 1806 I moved my batteries out into the unused passenger front truck bed area and hung dual parallel eight gauge quick disconnects through the original battery vent slats that I connect once the camper is loaded.  This also allows me to swap and isolate batteries as needed.”

“I chose a three way refrigerator as well, but I do not want the refrigerator capable of running off the house battery system.  I want the twelve volt setting to shut down the propane and switch over automatically to twelve volt only when it sees power through an outside plug wired to the tow vehicle when its running.”

“I also chose a swing out movable table leg system because I’d like the dinette table to be attached to the outer wall on one end and supported be a leg on the floor, plus be movable closer to the stove on a single leg in the middle, and have a shorter leg to support the middle when being used while converted to a bed.”

“I chose just give me a ceiling over the bunk because you did not have an option for an escape hatch/popup vent with a fully insulated cover.   My wife and I are tired of the skylight style hatch getting condensation on it and hitting our head on the crank for opening it!”

“I’d like more coat hooks, hangers, storage bins for stuff like coats, the sink covers, wet bath shower floor cover, etc.”

“I would like a compartment that would hold a portable generator.”

“I would like a pump and filter system to use grey water to flush the toilet.”

“A standard Grandby Four Wheel Camper is exactly what I would want.”

“All of the above selections I made with a final price under $30,000.”

“An on demand water heater would be nice instead of a water heater.”

“Be able to access and use with the top down.”

“Better wall insulation, and the ability to easily add items if not chosen as options.  I would like lower prices.  I can get a big pull behind which seems to have more options than truck campers.  Full door entry not the half squeeze in type on popups.  More headroom for taller people.”

“Butane or diesel fuel cooking and heating option.”

“A cabinet attached to the pop up over sink area and a skylight over the bed.”

“Cheaper and more standard features.”

“Composting toilet like the Natures Head.”

“Converter/inverter/three state battery charger.”

“Lithium Ion batteries.”

“Cork for the floors and ARB refrigerator for the food.”

The dinette needs to have recliner features and removable table so that it’s very comfortable for lounging.”

“An electric heater and vented to the outside catalytic heater.”

“Factory added solar system.”

“Factory installed solar system.”

“Fishing rod storage in ceiling.”

“Flat bed!”

“Foxwing awning (combined side and rear awning).”

“Full size doorway.  All windows open and close.”

“How many people should it sleep?  Two adults, two kids.”

“I have three kids and a wife.  I’d like a pop up with a north-south queen size cabover and three bunks.  I would like a wet bath with a sink, a cassette toilet, and shower hose.”

“I said soft side, as I don’t want the Alaskan Camper style.  But I would be interested in some kind of folding hard side pop-up, for those remote bear areas.”

“Frameless cabinets for larger drawers and more storage space.”

“I like the idea Palomino had with taller sides and a shorter roof, allowing for more cabinet space, which is the biggest problem with pop-ups.”

“Could they mount a microwave where the upper cabinets are attached to the roof?”

“Full back seating in the dinette, so it is comfortable for sitting for long periods.”

“I would definitely include an outside 120 outlet.  I built a knife rack on the interior of the cabinet door under the sink by the stove.  I would also include a roof rack for boats and storage if needed.”

“I would like a double slide pop up truck camper.  No one has done a slide-out on a pop up camper yet.  It can be done without increasing much sidewall height.”

“I would like someone to make a pop up camper that would fit a service body.”

“I would like to be able to enter the rear door with the top lowered and be able to sleep in the lower area of the camper during quick overnight bivouacs.”

“I would not buy one without a Fantastic fan above the kitchen area.  I have a Northstar TC650 which I really like. The only plans are to change the table support.”

“I would prefer a soft wall pop-up with insulated material incorporated into the wall standard with full use of the windows.”

“I’d like to be able to lower the top without having to tuck-in the canvas.”

“I’d like to see something like Phoenix Pulse SC for more affordable price.”

“Insect proof.”

“Interior LED lighting needs to be warm white, not cool white.  Also, have an interface for camper door lock to tie to the truck electric door locks, maybe through the truck remote control system.  I would also like to see a more accessible wiring system so the owner can make additions or modifications to factory wiring.”

“Just a side note.  I truly enjoy TCM.  It’s the highlight of my day when I get your emails.  I always get something out of each issue.  I especially enjoyed the modification ideas and experiences of the long distance trips taken.  Alaska is on our bucket list.”

“Keep it simple, lightweight, and affordable; especially for short bed that’s five to six feet.  For the Ford Super Crew the selection is pretty limited and high priced even for shell models.  What presently can be had for approaching $10,000 (when all is said and done) is pretty marginal.  Half that price would be more like it.  Good survey!”

“LED lighting inside.  Low as well as high lighting.  The low lights are for sit around mood lighting. I would like USB charging ports, battery shut off, tie down loops to secure gear while traveling, a switch or thermostat by bed for furnace so you can turn on furnace without getting out of bed, and a flip down step to help getting into overhead bed.”

“Leveling bubbles, outside grill, heated water tank and pipe.”

“Make door big enough to fit a large ice chest for hunting and fishing.”

“Make one for short bed trucks, 5.5′ bed.”

“Make them affordable, light in weight, more aerodynamic, and make them look modern.”

“Maximum power generation and storage from solar and wind power.”

“More storage space!”

“Most pop-ups don’t have gray water tanks.  I would like at least five gallon one.”

“Must be able to enter and use toilet with roof in down position.”

“Need more storage space.  Perhaps better utility around the wheel wells.”

“I would would prefer slick siding on the exterior box rather than a wood surface.  Better system for flow through from the truck cab to the camper quarters.  I would like it to be easy to disconnect when removing the camper from the truck bed.  Thermal lining should be standard.”

“On demand hot water heater.”

“One-piece door.”

“Outdoor electric side lighting.”

“Electric plug on both sides.”

“Please consider the Tundra going forward in truck camper design.”

“Quick attach front camper jacks with horizontal storage for low wind resistance.”

“Composting toilet, built in cell phone booster, flat bed camper, and a center hall shower.”

“Insulation built into the soft walls.”

“Retain tailgate as porch and extra security.”

“Additional insulation for winter camping.  Heating pads in sleep/seat surfaces.”

“Humidity control.”

“Roof vent and window protection from rain when the fans are on on hard side fixed or pop up.  Radiant heat with no 12 volt draw.”

“Rotopax on rear wall for extra fuel capacity.  This (mounted at factory) would be a bonus option that many would buy I’d presume.”

“Satellite radio.”

“Self folding soft sides, not the same as what the older Palomino Broncos had.”

“Several 120 volt plug-in outlets; at least four.”

“Sophisticated layered foam mattress with memory foam top.”

“Thermal pack.”

“Low price would be good!”

“Sleep capacity for four, price under $19,000.  Camper prices are getting ridiculous! Unless you tow a trailer you cant justify the purchase for what you are getting.”

“Smaller camper with just a two person dinette/bed with just cabinets over the cab.”

“Some really clever storage for my mountain bike that would keep it clean when traveling.”

“Space Age, long lived abrasion proof soft liner.”

“Steps to the bed, storage pockets around bed, electric outlets in sleeping area for phone chargers or alarm clocks.  Built in/hidden safe for wallets/purses and/or handguns.  LED interior lighting.”

“Truck cab access.”

“Two powered roof vent fans that can be operated during rain; one over the bed and another over the kitchen.  LED interior lights.  Two adjustable reading lights in the overcab bed area.  An extra step to aid climbing into the overcab bed.  A front slider window for access to truck cab.  A clear window in the camper door to allow the driver to see directly behind.  Two six volt AGM batteries.  A roof top storage basket.  12v and 110v outlets in the overcab bed area, and near the dinette.  A dinette table that is large enough to have two laptop computers on it.  Digital furnace thermostat.  A high reach kitchen sink faucet.  An exterior solar panel plug on driver’s side near the 110v shore power cord.  An exterior 110v/12v outlet on the passenger side.  And as much storage space as possible!”

“Two USB outlets.”

“Towel racks.”

“More storage inside and outside.”

“Outside speaker system.”

“Built in water filter system.”

“Pull out cutting board.”

“Real wood everywhere, no luan/phony vinyl wood grain.”

“I like stainless and wood.”

“Wood ceiling like an Alaskan.”

“Would like a better step entry system; a better design.  I have dogs that need to get in and out of the camper.”

“All LED interior, insulated side panels and dual pane windows, exterior outlets, motion sensor light at rear and sides of camper, and LED ground spot lights on the jacks.”

“Composting toilet.”

“Dinette bed length of at least 74 inches.”

“Easy to use insulating curtains, particularly in the overcab area, ones that can be drawn into the corners to not interfere with the lowering of the roof.  Bright color choices.  The North American tendency is to offer all creams, beiges and rusts.  Very blah.  European Campers have fabrics in reds, yellows, blues which are very cheery.  Small spaces need more cheer.”

“Insulated wheel doors.  They are the cause of drafts right now.”

“A fold down step near the pass-through window on the front.  The ladder provided is too uncomfortable and wobbly.”

“Side steps so that my trike rack on extended hitch does not prevent the use of steps.”

“Ability to use toilet with roof down.”

“Better LED reading lights by bed and dinette (Boomers and older require brighter reading lights and the majority of RVers are over 50).”

“Built in levels on back and side, wireless rear awning; its greatest use is to prevent the camper from getting wet, but in a downpour its too difficult to lower.  Hate setting up the camper in the rain and then immediately having to deal with a sopping wet interior.”

“More dealers of pop-ups in central and eastern Canada.  Having to drive seven hours to your dealer with a problem is not fun.”

“I do not like the hanging cabinets from the ceiling.  Could these be replaced with option of hanging nylon mesh tube containers, say 36 inches long by 12 inches wide that would hang very close to the ceiling by a spaced hook system?  Two compartments per tube with loop closures along length of each compartment.  The two compartments would add strength to the unit.  The hanging portion and mesh bag would have to have reinforced straps to hang and support the bag.  No zippers please.  Nylon mesh closures could be used on other cabinet in unit.  This would save weight and allow one to see what was in the cabinet.  The faucets on the sinks need to be low profile or recessed to prevent them from being hit and allow covers to be used over the sink.  All interior and exterior lights need to be 12 volt LED fixtures; it saves power and last longer.  The light is better as well.”

“Satellite Radio (XM) needs to be standard in all pop-up campers.  Satellite radio signals are available no matter where you are.  Best to install while making up the unit.  Could be sold as a removable Radio, so the same unit could be used in truck when on the move.”

“More Solar Panel options, 150 watt panels, and extended battery space (4 batteries) needs to be built into the camper while being constructed.  There needs to be an effort to reduce the weight in slide-in pop-up campers.  It is not necessary to put all the heavy wood cabinets inside the small units.  It just adds weight and gives the feeling of being cramped-up.”

“Overhead cabinets have lift up full access doors.  All  drawers pull out full length.”

“Some sort of inside grab handle to assist entry and exit.”

“Storage compartment for the portable gas generator.”


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