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Pop-Up Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

Compressor refrigerator (12/110v), Bluetooth audio only (stereo without all the CD/FM etc.)

Gauges for all tanks, batteries, and propane, more storage for clean and dirty clothes

Off road ruggedized

Flatbed!  A flatbed allows for a more efficient truck camper layout, and a more practical truck for work.  Small in-line grey water tank that could support a day or two where totally self-contained is required, or be lined up to drain to a large exterior bucket. Hydronic/convection heat and hot water (Alde, Espar, AguaHot etc.).  Powered roof lifters, either electric or hydraulic.  Camper jacks that are out of the slip stream similar to the Tonke truck camper from Sweden.  An installed 1,000 watt true sine-wave inverter.  No Luan plywood.  Use something like Azdel in its place.  Azdel has two times the insulation in the same thickness of Luan, can’t absorb water, and is about same cost when considering ease of use.  I will consider either a pop-up with hard or soft sides.  It depends on who will make a flatbed truck camper with a side entrance.

Quality, ruggedness, four wheel drive, simplicity, and readily available replacement parts and equipment.

Be able to close the tailgate on a 6.5 bed.

Fiberglass outside she’ll with hollow composite frame and interior wall construction for strength and weight reduction.  Superior insulation.

I want a pop-up hard sided camper that is excellent in cold and warm weather.  No one makes this.  Both Alaskan and XP have models close to this idea, but both have significant short comings.

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