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Hard Side Comments From 2014 Ultimate Camper Survey

Over thirty pages of comments were submitted for the final question of the 2014 Ultimate Hard Side Truck Camper Survey, “Is there anything you would like to add to your next truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

Here are the comments:

“Manufactures should be studying the technologies used in the building corporate and experimental aircraft.  It would be an expensive camper but it would last longer and be more aerodynamic (saving fuel).”

“Storage for fishing rods, hiking/climbing gear (ceiling mounted fly rod holders), external storage for tools/toolbox, roof mounted storage container for small BBQ/stuff, wet waders, rear bumper mount for beer/wine ice-chest, re-enforced rear wall with external bicycle carrier, and rear awning should be full width.”

“TV/DVD/BluRay sound system should have options for levels of quality from the manufacturer.  I would hate to take a new $50k camper to an installer to have quality components installed and hope they get it right.”

“Thank you for this opportunity.  We are currently researching for the purchase of the last camper we will ever own and need to get it right.  Your online magazine has been a wonderful source of information.  The enormous amount of work you put into this is greatly appreciated.”

“Television seen from bedroom and kitchen via rotating arm.  Easy winterizing valves (not hidden to touch and feel only), interior LED lighting, full floor-to-ceiling fiberglass wet-bath enclosure, maximize storage space, wheel-well access doors both interior and exterior, under sink storage, minimize wasted space around stereo systems, under dinette seat storage, upper and lower cabinets in over cab bedroom area, drawer storage.”

“Anything to make it more self contained and lighter weight and more energy efficient.”

“Better hold downs like the Lance front strut system, more streamlining in the front of the camper, better fit to the cab of the truck and camper, maybe some kind of skirt, custom made outdoor covers, blue LED accent lighting inside, real nice cabinets like the big boys, good financing offered, no basements; need to get into the camper without  climbing a bunch of stairs.”

“Options on exterior graphics, elimination of the huge/ugly manufacturer and model names.”

“Powder coating on all steel parts, all fasteners should be stainless steel, spray on (line-X) on step surfaces (bumper and steps), roofing that can be walked on that will look good when it gets old, easy to maintain, non-slip (not rubber, maybe fiberglass with white Line-X on walking surface, carbon fiber materials used through-out.”

“Black exterior trim accents around doors, windows, etc., warm-tone exterior graphics like Adventurer campers.  The design very similar to Adventurer 80RB, but with more storage cabinets/drawers and full fiberglass bath.”

“Inverter, battery monitor, satellite receiver, the fantastic vent in the bathroom and range hood exhaust fan the only exhaust fans, and the side window in the cabover to be an emergency exit with no other hole in the roof of the cabover.”

“Rear back-up camera, light weight rigid foam bumper or rub strip to protect rear wall from minor impacts.  Traditional steel bumpers seem to be overkill and add weight.  The weakest link is the camper structure that they’re bolted to.”

“Proper placement of interior lighting over the sink, dinette and bed so shadows aren’t created on subject by normal seating, standing or reading positions.  Rear plug 12 volt wire connection (not pickup box mounted), wastebasket cabinet, battery disconnect switch, and basement slide-out tray(s) for long items.”

“I would like to see better quality control in the manufacturing process so as to eliminate many of the common issues and cosmetic issues that seem to exist in new campers.  I would prefer more accountability from the manufacturers when issues arise in the truck campers they manufacture.  In simple terms, less finger pointing when a problem exists.  Thank you, Angela and Gordon, for the hard work and dedication that you provide to the truck camping world.  I like the fact that you actually live what you write about.”

“No carpet anywhere!  U-shape dinette rectangular rather than rounded (more space, more comfortable).  I would like 12v and 110/120v outlets in cabover, kitchen, and dinette.  A true four-season build, including insulated compartment covers and extra insulation in bottom of cabover.  Some way for air to circulate under mattress (prevent condensation).  Day/night shades and no fabric curtains.  No mirrors on the cabinets in the cabover (whose bright idea was that, anyway?)  Wardrobe with several pull-out drawers and shelves rather than clothes rod for hanging.  Several hooks securely attached at entry for wet coats, dog leashes, etc.”

“Outside speakers located near the bottom (close to the lawn chair I would be sitting in) instead of up high.  Laser light attached to the front of camper to help align the camper when loading into the truck.   A bike rack and ladder combination.”

“100 plus solar panel plus booster.”

“We’re looking at a new truck camper.  We filled out a sheet what we wanted with four dealers and got one email back!  We have own seven truck campers.  I’m tired of spending 45k and never getting a call.  Maybe one or two weeks later ask how our camper is, how it’s working, and how we like it!  Hmmm!”

“110v plugs all around and 12v also.  Maybe a built in inverter to transfer 12v to 110 throughout.  A built in camera on the rear and make the camera a standard feature.”

“12v recirculating toilet solves water problem both in and out.”

“Stable-Lift system for jacks.”

“12 volt outlets adjacent to a shelf for recharging cell phones and notebooks.”

“12 volt plugs in the cabover, kitchen, and dining area.”

“More and easily accessible outlets with USB plugs built in.”

“Interior lighting is all LED.”

“LED reading lights in the slide-outs and overhead bunk.”

“Add a pull out food pantry.”

“Lots of cabinets above the sofa area, above overhead bunk, extra cabinets in overhead bunk, magazine racks in dinette and sofa slide-outs, and an extra cabinet in the bathroom.”

“In most campers I find so much wasted space that a cabinet could have been installed easier when built that after buying.”

“Usually a drawer can be put under the stove, refrigerator, and closet.  I would like to see a drawer here and there.”

“If the dinette is a step up into dinette, make a storage area under the dinette, drawer possibly.”

“Inside battery cut off, all LED lighting, combination satellite television and over the air television antenna, and an easy to store power cable.  Our 2012 Lance 1191 weighs 4,185 pounds empty but well over 5,000 pounds full with everything including food and clothes for a two month Alaska trip.  I had to modify my 2011 Chevy HD dually to carry it safely.”

“120v power inverter, with enough power to run a microwave for three minutes, from multi-battery source that is solar and wind re-generated.”

“A variety of custom storage rack designs for inside the kitchen shelves.  Stainless steel ball bearing drawer slides, LED interior lighting, optional cloth covered cabinets versus hard doors, 200 lumen flashlight at door base.  I would like a blueprint of interior attach points inside walls for owner installations.  Weather station with outdoors instruments, clip down, rotate flat screen TV mount at foot of bed, and drawers under the dinette table, capacitance tank level meters, and a burglar alarm.”

“Two fire extinguishers, one inside and one outside, just in case one is needed for outside cooking.  I’ve never needed to use one, but it’s nice to have one in and out of the camper.”

“A two shirt closet, upper cabinet over dinette, no window to access truck.  Thank you Angela and Gordon.”

“2000 watt (or more) inverter, and outside storage.”

“Three bunks for the kids, a wet bath and a north-south queen bed in the cabover.”

“Outside shower and outside hookups for outdoor cooking would be great as well.”

“32 to 44 inch television located to be viewed from the recliners.  An AM/FM/CD/DVD player with a satellite dish with two coax cables for Direct TV with a digital antenna for local stations.  Unit well insulated for extreme weather.”

“Four season camper with foam insulation to make air tight and freeze protected water and sewer system.”

“Six cubic foot refrigerator and slide out pantry.”

“A 2k inverter for times when you want to make coffee and other uses and not disturb the neighbors.  Heavy duty wiring for 12V and 120 Volt.  Better insulation and roofs that don’t leak!”

“A fiberglass or Rhino-Lining roof.”

“A good inverter to go with the solar/multiple batteries system.  Also I would like to see large fresh water and black tanks with a smaller gray tank.  Most places I go we can get rid of the gray water, but have to move to dump the black tank or get water.”

“A large enough sewer hose storage for a large diameter hose and fittings.  A beefier door stop, gas door stop cylinder with steel ends.  Louver adjustments on the ducted heater outlets to shut off/on each duct, for better heating control.  Toilet base that allows men to stand closer to the toilet without having to hold wall and lean forward, possibly put indentations on the floor base to allow standing closer to the toilet.  An awning mounted over the rear push out tent, to reduce heat and rain onto tent.”

“A larger bumper in rear that one could sit on.  The electric panel has to be seen from the bed to monitor at night.”

“Place to install a Honda eu2000i.”

“Porcelain full size toilet.”

“A pump and filter to use grey water to flush the toilet.”

“A system that would support the camper better when it is taken off the truck and being lived in.”

“Tankless hot water heater.  Minimum 3-4 GPM.”

“A truck camper would be absolutely perfect if the sleeping area were to have a pop-up ceiling so that you could have a taller bed and be able to stand in the sleeping area.  A Trunk Monkey.  I’ve seen the ads and it seems he would be useful in a variety of situations!”

“A USA map on the dinette table like my old Six Pack had!”

“Wardrobe closet downstairs.”

“Access for a disabled grandma, easy to use steps, and maybe some hand rails.”

“All LED lighting.”

“Access to the space around wheel wells front and back.”

“Add a Fold Down rear porch.”

“Better storage in kitchen.”

“Add netting on the wall below oven to hold shoes, etc.”

“Additional batteries, two solar panels and 12v to 220v inverter.”

“Additional exterior storage, additional storage cabinets that can be added where space permits, whole window in dinette that opens, systems monitor controls at eye level, range light that is bright enough to see what is being cooked, pass through window with a screen, adequate counter space for the kitchen area, only have sleeping capacity for two people; don’t clutter up the camper by providing extra sleeping.  Utilize the entire space when providing drawers.  Don’t provide a divider curtain for the cabover bed.  There are only two people sleeping here.  Air conditioning should also be ducted.”

“Macerator for black tank.”

“Better sound systems, like Meridian or Mark Levinson or Bose.  Think Lexus or other high end automobiles.  Quit putting crap in a camper you want us to pay $40,000 for.  All connections to the camper (water, electric, cable, flush) should be located on an outside surface, not hidden behind the wings or under the sides of the camper.  Trying to access a/o connect to fittings hidden behind the wings or under the sides is a royal pain in the behind, especially for us older folks.”

“All lighting to be LED.  Awning to be on same side as entry door.”

“All windows should be able to be opened.”

“An inverter generator option.”

“Water pump/hot water heater switches in the outside shower recess.”

“An ability to turn on/off outside lights from the truck cab.”

“Ability to turn on/off the water pump from the bathroom.”

“Better engineering of the structure around slide-outs.”

“An option to charge the camper batteries while the truck engine is idling.  Have the outside 120v electric hookup with a heavy duty long cable, standard solar panels on roof, single color muted outside of camper, no more outrageous decals and silly paint schemes.  Perhaps they should come in the two to five most popular pickup colors.”

“Anything to make it more off grid/expedition capable.  I drive a Toyota Tacoma 4×4 and spend much time off grid.  The hard side I have now somewhat limits where I go; a full size truck would be too big.”

“Automatic satellite dome on roof with secondary input port for portable satellite receiver for when the roof dome is blocked by trees. 24′ to 32′ 12/115V LED TV in living area with swing arm.  Port and mounting bracket for hanging TV outside of camper under awning.  Outside TV could be stored/used in overhead cab while traveling.  Slide-out refrigerated drawer or 12V refrigerator on outside of camper for sodas, water, and beer. Slide-out tray for propane tanks and batteries.  Here’s a challenge, how about a space to store a folding table and a storage bin deep enough for folding camp chairs?  Last but not least, how about a keyless entry system and a more substantial lock for the entry door.”

“Back up camera and alarm; made to plug into truck as an added option.”

“Backup camera.”

“Backup camera, radio with interior and exterior speakers, satellite receiver.”

“Better jacks for heavy campers, some sort of camper docking assist like laser guides, an upturned rear end where it hangs off the truck (like many RVs) to make off road dips more runnable.”

“Better access to the bed with a step/platform.”

“Better and thicker ceiling and wall insulation for less condensation during cold/humid weather use.  High quality insulated windows.”

“Better burners on the propane stove.

“Better method of caulking on the outside of camper.  The stuff they use turns black and comes apart.  Stainless bolts everywhere.”

“Better outside storage, small grill stair storage.”

“Better television antennas, cell phone boosters, and built-in satellite dish.”

“Designers need to consider producing more models with side doors.  They work very well when pulling trailers and in campgrounds as your door is positioned like all the other RVs.”

“Bicycle racks and more outdoor storage boxes.”

“Big windows that you can leave open wend it rain, no slider.”

“I love to read your magazine.  You were a great help for me to choose and buy my new
camper this past August.”

“Both 120V and 12V exterior outlets on either side of camper.”

“Exterior speakers on the passenger’s side.”

“Built in Honda or Yamaha generator inverter type.”

“Built in place to carry bikes on rear wall or on top of unit.”

“Built in stereo with USB, mp3, and iPod connections.”

“By using improved lightweight materials in the future perhaps the weight of double slide hard sided campers could be reduced sufficiently so that a dually would not be necessary.  Perhaps in ten to fifteen years we will have carbon-fiber mass market truck campers.  BMW is coming out this year with a mass market carbon fiber electric car (the BMW i3) so maybe this technology will eventually spread to the RV industry and no where is weight efficiency more of a concern than in the truck camper segment.”

“Cad heater in camper for snow camping.”

“Camper should be able to boondock for one week with three people.”

“The jack system needs to be heavier than what is on our Lance 1181.”

“Camper to truck hookup cable coming out of rear of camper as per Bill Penney. (very good idea)”

“Catalytic heater and on demand propane hot water heater.  Looking for a hard side
pop-up like Alaskans, with fold in loop steps on the back wall.”

“Catalytic heat with internal propane bib.  Allow wet clothes to be hung in bath and dried.”

“Catalytic heater.”

“Exterior AC power plug-ins.”

“Separate power connector for camper and trailer (my 2002 10-2 Northern Lite power connector uses my seven way Ford F350 trailer connection).”

“CD/DVD Stereo with MP3 input, tv antenna.”

“Chance to customize paint scheme.”

“Charge wizard, auto fill for batteries, Maxx air vent covers, wind sewer vent caps, and wireless backup camera.”

“Closed cell foam insulation in case it got wet.”

“Colored fiberglass on the exterior.”

“Combination stereo and DVD player.”

“DC to AC inverter.”

“Compartmentalized cabinets to keep canned goods and other things from sliding and bouncing around when traveling.”

“Counter space in the kitchen.”

“I am currently restoring an American Road Camper.  If it got hit by a meteor I would get an Arctic Fox.”

“Diesel generator.”

“Diesel generator and appliances.”

“Diesel-fired water heater, cookstove, and furnace with a 12V compressor fridge in place of propane system.”

“Direct sight lines out back of camper from cab inside mirror.”

“Do not put the dining area directly across from the bathroom door.”

“Do you want the air conditioner to be controlled by a wall mounted thermostat?  The less expensive air conditioner units have a unit mounted dial to control the temperature, but the unit runs constantly which is very annoying.”

“Door opening of 25 inches to facilitate replacement of the refrigerator.”

“Dual recliner seating should swivel.  Television viewing should not be at an angle to seating.”

“Dual Recliners where the footrest and back recline with leather upholstery.”

“Dual wall-mount television brackets; one for each area.  A lot better stereo and Blu-ray options.  Built-in weather radio feature, radio and alarm clock remote controls for the bed area.”

“Ducted heat in bathroom.”

“DVD Blu ray player with the TV.”

“DVD player should be located in the TV, not in the AM/FM/CD player.  More shelf space and less hanging locker space for folded cloths, linen storage.”

“Eject button for persons barking like a dog!”

“Electric awning(s), our model now comes with this and 90 watt solar panel as standard items; one year too late for us unfortunately.”

“End windows on dinette slide-out as on Lance 1161.  Access to all interior main facilities with slide/slides in and standard counter height at 36 versus 38 inches.”

“Foam mattress as in newer latex/foam styles.  Hinged space in floor area for hunting/fishing gear.  Bracket/attachment option on side for porta-bote, etc.  Hinged fuel access.
Attachment points on rear for securing misc table/chairs including bead strip weather protection cover(for side entry campers).”

“100-200 watt solar panel option for sleep apnea campers, including outlets for hooking up additional gel batteries in front wheel well spaces.  Many campers have sleep apnea and this would be a wonderful option for boondockers and wilderness type travels.  Include both 12V/110 switched outlets in both night side storage units for quick access.
Concealed weapon/lockable vault for valuables.”

“Entertainment center on the outside.”

“Ergonomic thought put into the design with lots of storage.”

“European sink and stovetop.  Coffin style storage next to bed.  Shelves instead of hangers in closets.”

“Exterior bubble levelers.”

“Exterior color choices, different decal styles.”

“Exterior power outlet and interior led lighting.  If Northern Lite builds this camper I will be glad to give take it on the ultimate road test.”

“External storage lockers.”

“Extra 120 volt outlet(s).  Tinted escape hatch instead of white.  Roof ladder that is strong enough to climb on instead of just decorative.”

“Extra shelves in the closet and a spot near the door for dirty shoes.”
“Extra storage space.”

“Factory installed drip awnings over windows and other openings.”

“Factory installed solar power system.”

“Flatbed models please!  Hot water floor heat using domestic combination electric/propane hot water heater as heat source with twelve volt circulation pump.  Better television placement so both people at sofa in slide-out can see television; also can be seen from cabover bed.  More curve in roof front to back; less flat area.  Driver’s side slide allows for more use of passenger’s side awning.  Double gear drive on slide-out. Two fold away chairs for seating four at sofa with removable dinning table up, or when table is folded down and stowed you have seating for four.”

“Flexible storage built in.  I’m thinking the idea of workbench pegboard.  It’s factory sturdy, but I can make it whatever I want.  Thinking about shelves in closets and pantry setups.  Our current rig will require us to customize this ourselves when we get around to it.  If we had options for these storage areas similar to refrigerator shelves and options for small moveable dividers we’d be in business already.”

“Full side-to-side storage for longer items with access on both ends.”

“Good secure entry.  Choice of locks or latches on out side hatches.  Use cassette toilet to increase fresh water and gray water tank size.”

“I look for sufficient water, propane, waste tank, and battery capacity to boondock for two to three days with two adults in reasonably cold weather.  I have that now; a 2000 model hard side, short bed, Travel Lite, but it’s getting old and will need repair or replacement soon.  It’s only 2,000 pounds dry, and I can’t find anything with these sorts of capacities in new campers in my weight class.  I now have approximately thirty gallons water, twenty gallons grey, ten gallons black, dual Group 27 batteries, dual twenty pound propane tanks, and an air conditioner, all at under 2,500 pounds loaded.  My unit is three season, and I’d prefer a full four season unit (although that might push my weight over limit)!”

“Good sound system.”

“I have a 2012, so I am not planning on another in near future.”

“Have the maximum solar capacity and wind generated power to charge multiple batteries.”

“Heated holding tanks, electric jacks that work with the wireless remote.”

“Heated tanks.”

“Heated tanks compartment for freezing weather conditions.”

“Hidden safe for valuables, hidden safe for rifles, reinforced door and locks, ham radio cabinet with electrical outlets and battery connections, periscope for internal viewing, outside cameras with night vision capability, internal canine kennel, security system with remote alert capability, internal window access to cab of truck through rear window slide door, and a bar to go across door from the inside.”

“How about a fishing package?  Roof rack would have kayak braces/brackets installed. There would be fishing rod storage (long tube storage accessible from outside), outside shower of course, built in tackle draws (like that on a fishing boat), built in cooler storage to store your catch without bringing it inside the rig.  Small swing out fiberglass fish cleaning table.  I would buy that rig in a heartbeat.  This is how I use my truck camper.  Kayak and wade fishing is huge here in Texas as more and more people turn away from the hassle and expense of powerboats and seek the quiet and simple back country.”

“How many people should it sleep?”

“I am looking for a dry bath short bed camper with decent size tanks for extended dry camping but cannot find one, except for one Host model, but they won’t return my inquiries.”

“I don’t like busy graphics on the outside of the campers, motorhomes, fifth wheels or trailers.  I also would like to see a return to fabrics on the inside of the campers that are calming and not busy.  Get away from earth tones fabrics.  Bot all of us like dark colors.  I want a place for everything and everything in its place.  Also I would like to know why a camper cost more than trailers.  It just doesn’t make sense.”

“I hope the next camper will have more storage for larger items such as barbecue and chairs than the current camper.”

“I like the front bedroom window.  I like a rear dinette window.  I like a window in the door.  I recommend a universal truck camper electrical connector.”

“I like the Livin Lite concept.  While I prefer lighter colors for cabinetry wood, I prefer brighter fabric colors than I see in a lot of new campers today.  Medium to dark greens, burgundy, larger or southwest patterns, etc.  For example, I liked the Lance interiors of a few years ago much better than many of the more neutral color schemes I see currently.”

“I’d really like to see cassette toilets available in larger campers with larger fresh and gray water capacities.  I want a solid, not a folding door on the bathroom.”

“I live in Chicago and the exterior metal takes a beating from the salt.  I know not many people use there campers in the winter, but I do for tailgating football, snow sledding etc.”

“More of a system on the outside with less seams.  I have a camper that is very bad about leaking because of too many seams.  I am going to rebuild with aluminum diamond plate until I can afford a new one.”

“I really want to go back down to an under 5000 pound camper so I truly am within all the GVW and axle rating of my dually truck.  I want to see more lightweight stuff in the 9.5 to 10 foot length of trucks with a large slide.  Also I am wanting to see how short they could make a side door entry camper; maybe 10.5 instead of a full 11.5 but still have a side door. “

“I use my truck camper full time (Livin Lite CampLite 8.6) and I love the simplicity of it but there are a lot of little things I would change on it.  The biggest thing not mentioned here is a monitoring system for water battery and tanks.  This is indispensable to me yet mine does not have it.  Also, all lighting should be LED at this point, on everything!  I am tired of replacing cap bulbs that should last eternity on my RV.”

“I want a camper that does not leak anywhere; a two piece molded fiberglass shell if the weight is not excessive.  More is better on outside storage.  Storage access to the basement should be included.  Weight is a major problem.  Use light, strong components.”

“I was more explanatory in the popup thread only because even though I currently have a hard side camper, I only went that route since I couldn’t get the popup with a north to south bed and without fabric sides.   I like the new popup fiberglass roof and lower profile.  If Palomino made one with that roof, a basement with larger grey and black tanks, and hard sides that slid inside itself when collapsed, plus some of the other nice features of the hard side, I would definitely consider trading my 1806 in on a new popup!”

“I would actually prefer a tankless or on demand hot water heater; rather than the standard 6-10 gallon tank with electric or propane heater.”

“I would also like a roof top storage bin i.e.(car top carrier), a black tank rinser, vent covers, and inside cabinet lighting that comes on when the door is opened.”

“I would like a built in ice maker.”

“I would like a cutting board cover for the top of the stove burners that sits like a five sided box over the top of the burners to give more counter space for making sandwiches/food.  If it were hinged, it could flip back against the back wall when the burners are in use.”

“I would like a ramp or stairs to the cabover bed area for my dogs; possibly retractable aluminum or a removable carpeted stairs or ramp.  I would also prefer a tankless water heater.”

“I would like an air conditioner unit that would work from my 2,000 watt Honda generator.”

“I would like curtains and blinds that lift up, an inside outside table, and a winter cover for the camper from the factory.”

“I would like the lightest truck camper constructed with the most durable materials possible. I like the CampLite brand but am turned off by the sterile feel of the interior.”

“I would like the sofa to also be a dual recliner/jackknife bed.  Make sure the bathroom, refrigerator, and dinette are accessible when the slides are in and a door egress.”

“I would like to see a composting toilet like the Nature’s Head toilet.”

“I would like to see a dinette table that allows for someone over six feet to sleep comfortably with a pillow.”

“I would like to see Lance produce more non-slide campers in the nine to ten foot range. Bring back the 1050!”

“I would like to see LED lighting throughout camper.  Also more than one exterior 110V outlet.  Also downlighting under the sides so you could see tie downs in dark without flashlight.”

“I would like to see out the back door with a fresnel lens or a back up camera.  Put the air conditioner offset to one side so a canoe can fit on the roof.”

“I would like to see over dinette bunk/cabinet a standard item, period.  Preferably it would be a fourteen inch width when closed (double that when open).”

“I would like to see the seven pin connector at the rear of the camper and group your water, power and dump connections together in one area like some companies are doing.  We carry our bikes in a rack behind our camper so what I would really like to see is a long box nine to nine and a half foot camper with the door at a forty-five degree angle on the rear passenger’s side.”

“I would like water tanks inside of the camper; with cassette toilet without black water tank (want to use it in extreme cold environment).  You did not mention anything about wall and ceiling insulation (again for cold environment).”

“I would like the shore power cord to be fifty feet in length, an air conditioning unit but not mounted on the roof, kayak racks with racks on each side of the rear door holding the kayaks vertical with tie-down points, three twelve volt batteries located in the basement on a slide-out try, twelve volt outlets on each side of the bed for a mattress warmer, in the kitchen and on both sides of the face to face dinette, a 110V and 12v (weather protected) outlets on the exterior of the truck camper, the radio placed in a thoughtful position for ease of use, a switch to turn on the water in or near the outside shower, lights that automatically come on in all outside storage compartments and the large indoor closets, a gauge inside the camper for propane levels, the outside shower hose long enough to step away from the camper and/or down to the ground to wash the dogs/kids, and solid surface kitchen and bath counters.”

“I would like the acrylic windows as long as they don’t scratch easily and I can open and close them without having to open the screens which let in the bugs that I have been trying to keep out and a shower door instead of a curtain.”

“I want to keep the sliding window under the bed (that matches up with the truck rear window, I’ve seen some some that are inoperable).”

“Both propane and electric furnaces built in and the ability to run the fan only (on the propane unit) when heat is not needed but circulation to camper and basement are desired.”

“I would look for the best layout to give you the most room considering I am talking about a camper small enough to fit in a five and a half foot truck bed, similar to the Travel Lite 770RSL.”

“I would prefer a four slide truck camper with a wardrobe slide in the upper bedroom.”

“I own a 2011 Lance model 865 truck camper.  One of the most disappointing features of this model was the dinette table.  In the old days, the table top would be used to complete the bed platform and fill in the opening in the rectangular booth box.  In some models, the table leg was collapsible and would be adjusted in length to provide support under the bottom of the table section when it was being used as a bed.  However, in the 865, Lance chose to not allow the sturdier table top to serve as a dual purpose item for this purpose.  Instead they provided a cheap piece of plywood that has an embarrassingly puny metal leg on its underside.  This piece of flimsy plywood is supposed to rest upon two equally flimsy and very narrow little wooden supports that are attached to the dining booth seat with screws that are able to bite perhaps a quarter inch of plaster-board wood, which is what the dining booth appears to made of.   This arrangement collapsed and ripped the short wood screws and the wooden brace that they were screwed into the first time I sat down on the bed.  In other words, they could not support the weight of an adult male, rendering the dining booth unsuitable for use as a bed.  I was forced to come up with a solution to this problem and now I use a three-quarter foot piece of very sturdy plywood, cut to fit over the U-shaped dining booth, with a very sturdy and thick wooden peg-leg that attaches via a bolt and wing nut assembly thru a pre-drilled hole in the center of the three-quarter foot piece of plywood.  I place the dining booth seat cushions on top of this and now the dining area can be used as a very sturdy bed, and is able to support the weight of an adult male.  Thus, in the future, I will be paying extra close attention to the design, security, and supportability of the dining area to make sure it can be used for an adult sleeping area.”

“An instruction manual should be available that integrates all of the components.  Our camper instructions are meager and do not help for all of the systems (e.g. TV, satellite connections, automatic refrigerator operation modes etc).”

“I would prefer a rear living area with lots of windows to see out of the back.”

“I would prefer all interior and exterior lighting to be LED, fold down cover over cook top, step system for access of overcab bed, sliding window opening between cab and camper that lines up with cab window slide opening, door access to the box fore and aft of the wheel well, and a storage cabinet in bathroom.”

“I would prefer the outside material of the camper be made of .40 flat sheet aluminum.  I had a trailer using this type of siding.  It is easier to take care of, lightweight and looks better then fiberglass or using the .28 aluminum that some manufacturers still use.  I also think that using the aluminum on the roof is better than using the rubber material that doesn’t always last as long as it should.  There is no maintenance involved with aluminum.”

“I would want in my next truck camper a easier way to get down from the bed, maybe lights in the steps, so when I go to the bathroom at night I can see the step, maybe make two steps up instead of one tall one.  I have a 2007 Northstar Igloo long bed that we love.  But, let’s put some women’s touches to these truck campers.  All the men would buy one but women want more luxury.  Like bright updated fabrics for curtains and the couch, an easier way to make the bed, a better jack system so I don’t have to hear my husband curse when the jacks don’t go down all at the same time.  Put in a built in barbecue/table to put food on; maybe on the side with a drop down platform to stand with steps to get up on so you can cook outside.  A built in rack with lock for fishing poles and surf poles.  I have more ideas, but I must go fishing now.”

“If available, a combination propane and glass top electric stovetop.”

“If I was to design a truck camper I would have a wet bath without a sink or medicine cabinet.  The sink is worthless and most medicine cabinets will not stay shut while traveling.  Every truck camper needs more storage so more effort should be made to utilize all of the available space.”

“I would like to see a camper built to work on standard service truck beds instead of having to buy a custom service type bed.  This would add a lot of outside storage for all the extra stuff that you don’t want or need in the camper or back seat of the truck.”

“I would like to see a refrigerator with a built-in ice maker that stores the ice outside of the freezer so it doesn’t take up room.”

“In the 110 volt electrical outlets, put a couple of USB power slots to recharge my electrical devices (phone, hot spot, nook, etc.).”

“Interior LED lights, stationary bottle opener, and an electrical switch to turn off all the energy thieves while the camper is in a storage.”

“Inside water filter at the sink.”

“Interior LED lighting and sliding battery trays.”

“Interior LED lighting.”

“Interior LED lighting, stereo, CD, and tank monitor station.”

“Interior LED lights, Fantastic fan near toilet/bath, locking cupboards, adjustable shelves in cupboards.”

“I want a basic camper.  I just want to get away in the summer and winter.  I do not need to take everything with me.”

“LED lighting and lightweight.”

“Lance needs to bring back the 1050.  In general, I would like to see more non-slide options in the bigger campers for long bed (nine to eleven foot range).”

“Large 3000 watt converter (DC to AC) with requisite limiter that ensures battery power for starting generator and is accessible throughout the camper for use of 115 volt systems that is independent of the 115 AC converter (AC to DC) that charges the batteries when shore power/generator is used.”

“Large side window that opens above dinette to look out when sitting.”

“Larger bathroom.”

“Larger refrigerator, efficient solar, and no dead space.  Use all the little areas for storage.”

“Laser pointers attached to basement of camper at the front to ease the alignment of the camper with the pickup bed when loading.”

“Lean toward one fuel system, diesel, for heating, water, cooking, etc.”

“Larger better interior design.”

“LED interior lighting and tri-metric battery monitoring.”

“LED interior lights and good sound system.”

“LED interior lights, bathroom to fit real Americans, head room at least 6’4” throughout the entire camper’s standing areas including bathroom.  The ability to add options easily if not in original purchase.  For example have prewiring or be able to easily add without major modifications.  Fantastic fans, two windows in rear door pass through window on front of the camper.  Prices to be lower for truck campers.  They cost the same as 30′ plus pull behinds.  I prefer smooth sides of campers which is mostly industry standard now.  More options or custom graphics options for outside of campers.  Some kind of hard floor with option for removable carpet.  Flexibility on battery tray for multiple six or twelve volt batteries.  An electric/propane heater.  Do they even make these?  Better and easier winterization system.”

“LED lighting and I prefer a closet downstairs.”

“LED lights in the awning and LED lights in the basement.”

“LED lights, full width rear awning, wide back bumper/storage (12′ to 18′).”

“Leveling bubbles and an outside propane grill.”

“Lighter is better, smaller quieter air conditioner, and generator but still propane.”

“Lockable metal racking on back of camper to hold deer dolly and other items.”

“Lots of insulation.”

“Lots of storage space.”

“Louvered cover for sliding windows to keep out rain when running fan when it is raining also covers for roof fans.”

“Lower prices; they are way out of line compared to tagalongs!”

“Main item:  A little larger area where the toilet is so that your cheeks do not touch a wall on both sides.  Having a sink in the bathroom is nice, but not necessary, if you can get a little larger area for the toilet.  I also like the idea of a U shaped dinette, so that you can remove the table and have a space to sit and talk.”

“Make campers to fit Step-side truck bed.  Step-side bed width is 49 inches for the whole bed.”

“Make door big enough to get large ice chests in for hunting and fishing.”

“Make one for 5.5′ short bed trucks.”

“Make these things lighter.  They are too heavy.  I know you can make these things lighter.  A lot of people don’t buy campers because they are too heavy.  We also need heavy towing capacities.”

“Making triple slides lighter.”

“Manufacturers need to step up their quality control program.”

“Marked side entry but if all brands came out with the Fox Landing that would be perfect for rear entry.”

“Maximize R-value insulation rating to be able to use the unit in temps into at least single digits.”

“Maybe a fiberglass or aluminum roof option.  An outside area, security lighting with motion sensor.”

“Meters, gauges, indicator lights and valves that you have to look at or get at should be easily accessible.”

“Manufacturers should offer options on the charging systems available.  We all have different power needs.  We would opt for a high-end three stage charger/converter.”

“More twelve volt outlets for using and charging electronics, direct unregulated propane connection so grill won’t have to be modified, no side or front windows in overcab sleeping area, better insulated camper, and at least 200 watts of solar.”

“More accurate tank level monitoring.  Someway to flush the sensors in the grey and black tanks!”

“More aerodynamic styling for wind resistance.”

“More insulation, furnace in the basement (more quiet), large windows, and a quiet air conditioner.”

“More solar panels that a person could hook up themselves.”

“More storage space.”

“My biggest complaint is the lack of comfortable places to sit when confined to the camper by circumstances beyond our control.”

“My camper is already here, the Lance 992 is still my all time favorite.”

“My current truck camper is a 1971 Amerigo with Snap-Nap.  Amerigo is no longer in business, and I have yet been unable to find a similar design on any of today’s campers.  It is so much easier and faster to work than today’s pull-outs or push-out tent beds.”

“My current truck is very tall so normal steps don’t work.  I have to use a ladder to get in.  Options for taller steps would be nice.”

“My next hard side camper will be a budget friendly camper designed to work well for two to three people to dry camp for two to three days. I use a camper as a base camp for other outdoor activities.  Easy clean up and ease of access to the bathroom and other amenities without setting up camp is very important to me.”

“No bunk bed, bubble levels on exterior back and side, and an extra exterior electrical outlet.”

“No windows that slide open, just crank out ones so that you can open them when it’s raining outside.  I will not buy a new one until they change the windows.”

“I don’t see a meteor strike in my future so I am gonna live with my ol’ 2002 Lance 1121 and Duramax 3500 DRW for a while.  And really that ain’t so bad.”

“Not enough cassette toilets found in truck campers.  I would like stronger construction methods and expedition style campers at a fair price.”

“Not to cheap out on things.  I am not looking for a camper by price but by quality.”

“On demand hot water.”

“On-demand hot water heater, it does not have tank weight and gives more storage space.  I would like an air-conditioner with built-in heater.”

“One piece upper molded fiberglass exterior.  No seams on roof.”

“Option to add satellite TV dome or antenna with pre-installed wiring.”

“Option for inverter installation for 120VAC.”

“Optional racks for rifles for hunters, optional wiring with 12v and external grommets covering holes to run antenna and power wiring through the wall or ceiling for amateur radio hobbyists, rack attachment points on truck for trail motorcycles or bicycles.”

“Our current camper is lovely, a Northern Lite.  It is a great rig.  They put a luggage rack on it and specifically state that it isn’t to be used.  How crazy is that?  I carry a canoe and would prefer a stout rack, factory installed.  Also I would like LED lights throughout, outside AC plugin, and prewire for solar or solar installed.”

“Our truck camper is not accommodating to clothing on hangers.  I would love to have a closet that was deep enough and long enough to hang clothing.  Also to have a raised mattress that was easier to make the bed would be awesome!  I saw that Arctic Fox is making a four inch higher ceiling.  I think this is a great idea.  A separate shower from the toilet may provide space enough to actually have a shower!  I know space is limited in these wonderful campers, but it would be so nice to shower in my own space and not have to walk through a park with campfires burning all around me after I shower.   Just a thought.  We love our camper!”

“Outside 120 volt outlets on both sides, auxiliary hose bib on outside for wash down, auxiliary LED back up lights and side LED lighting for backing up.”

“Outside access storage for a gas generator like a Honda 2000.”

“Outside LED lights and 110 outlet under the side awning.”

“Outside roof storage.”

“Pass thru storage.”

“Less wood because it rots.  Easier to maintain jacks.  I have Happijacs and I like them, but I need to disassemble the tops to properly oil them.  I’m very happy with our Northstar Freedom and all the added parts like Happijacs, Dometic three way refrigerator, Fantastic fan, etc.”

“Pass-thru access to truck cab.  Combination AM/FM/CD stereo radio with Weather Band.”

“Passenger side rear dinette floorplan, dual-glazed awning style glass windows with screens, higher ceiling R-value, reversible Fantastic Fan in bath, integrated campground power line tester and whole-camper surge protection at breaker panel, 2k watt+ Pure Sine Wave inverter and shore AC or inverter A/B switch, cabin to roof more than one foot of wiring chase for owner add-on roof accessories, reinforced mounting points and locations for solar panels in manual, interior battery box for two or three AGM (sealed) batteries, LED Lighting in all exterior compartments, 1000+ lumen LED Scare lights (flood) on both camper sidewalls, below any awning, brighter LED docking lights above rear door, an all-aluminum roof, closable, dust-proof exterior cooktop vent outlet, exterior 12VDC outlet at bottom of passenger sidewall under awning.”

“Perhaps a place for laundry.  It is sometimes difficult to find a place for it.”

“Place for satellite receiver, automatic satellite antenna, interior 12V outlets, interior fresh water fill valve when hooked up, and electric side awning.”

“Please add some protective rails on the front/leading edge and top of camper to protect it from low limbs, trees, etc.  Also front mounted off-road lights or at least a bar for mounting lights.  The lights are needed for driving on trails, logging roads, or just to aid in seeing the low hanging trees, limbs, poles and such.”

“Please consider the Tundra when designing future truck campers. Thank you.”

“Plenty of drawers in the kitchen area.”

“Plenty of outside and kitchen storage.”

“Plenty of overhead cabinets.”

“Storage on both sides of the bed.”

“Optional shelving in closets.”

“Plugin to truck should be in back underneath so it can plug into trailer plug or my goose neck connection; not a special one hard to get to in front bed side.”

“Power inverter from DC to AC.”

“Power outlets on curb side and swing out table/shelf also curb side outside for coffeepot and or electric griddle.”

“Power step up and down, same for bed area.”

“Pre solar panel six gauge wiring with mc4 connectors.”

“Quality surround sound system with multiple auxiliary inputs.”

“The strongest most durable material would be my best choice.  There may be/are materials that are not used now that are superior to current offerings.”

“I would like jack control to be either remote or wired at my discretion.”

“Slide out steps like the Snowriver has.  I have a 2008 10’8 D/S Snowriver.”
“Should have included a 12v/110v compressor type refrigerator.  I have one and will never go back to propane.”

“I prefer a swing-out television to be on the wall in the cabin area, not bedroom.  Add a satellite dish and receiver, DVD player, integrated along with am/fm/cd radio with built-in premium sound system.”

“You didn’t included 12Vdc compressor refrigerator as a possibility.  Many truck campers have gone this route due to the poor performance of absorption unit, as I’ve done.  Why not do an article on truck campers who have gone this route?”

“Quick attach front camper jacks with horizontal storage for less wind resistance on the road.  Cell phone booster built in, a weather station, and clearance cameras.”

“I would like a quieter air conditioner, extra basement storage, lift-up skirt storage (like Lance 11xx series), tank maintenance station, ergonomically designed dinette seating, above wheel-well floor width, simplified utility access.”

“Radiant heat that does not need a fan.”

“Why not have the best of two worlds?  How about a skylight that is also an escape hatch with a day/night shade?”

“Real weights, wet.  Storage, storage, storage.  Big storage.”

“Rear door that stays in open position when required.  I think one manufacturer offers this, better insulation option against cold.”

“Rear storage cabinet.”

“Rear view camera, outdoor speakers and television jack, satellite antenna.

“Rear wall air conditioner unit instead of roof unit, built-in power strip for recharging phones, ipads, etc. and counter space for food prep.”

“Regarding the generator, a built-in would be fine as long as it wasn’t the same old rattler we currently have.  If it is a portable, then it should also be runnable in its storage niche.  Many times a quick lunch stop calls for the microwave.  Having the convenience of quickly starting the built-in generator can’t be ignored.  Then for longer camps, being able to remove the generator to a remote location is ideal.”

“Regarding batteries, two would be sufficient if the battery compartment would hold something larger than a group 27.  200-300 AH of true deep cycle would be a nice upgrade.”

“Require dry bath, maximum storage, set up for dry camping!”

“Retractable shore power cord, no outside shower, satellite and over the air television antenna, gauges on both propane tanks, better slides on drawers, and overall lighter structures.  The units are just too heavy from the factory.”

“Right now, my ideal unit is an Eagle Cap 995.  I will never buy an Onan generator.  It’s way too loud.  I would install a Yamaha LPG 2500 remote start option.  Also when affordable, Lithium Ion batteries and Fuel cell for energy independence, dry camping.  Also, would like to see faux fireplace (remember Okanagan), only vented catalytic heater instead of electric. And a 12V DC 7 – 8 ft refrigerator bottom freezer like Nova Kool.”

“Roof deck with railings.”

“Roof rack handles, especially with ladder.  Two or three 12 volt plugs throughout unit, perhaps an exterior 12 volt plug.  A radio, side by side propane tank compartment, LED reading lamp but not just the LED puck lights (that came with Adventurer 89RB).  Blackout night shades, the Heki to also be be true escape hatch, and a screened hatch door to wheel well (for extra storage and air ventilation).”

“Rounded or vee roof to prevent standing water on roof.  It does not have to be much, only enough to prevent standing water, particularly under the air conditioner.  My 2000 Lance 835 always has water under the edges of the air conditioner unless I raise the front at least four inches, which is no good for refrigerator.  Regarding the refrigerator, I want a high efficiency 12 volt compressor type refrigerator.”

“I would like a satellite TV and radio antenna, swing out mounts for flat screen TV, a mounting system on the roof for kayaks, LED interior lighting, a monitor for state of charge and voltage of batteries, as few seams requiring caulk as possible, a built in propane convection heater, and AGM batteries fitted.”

“Secure enough storage for fishing poles, extra outside storage for sewer hose and the accessories, taller head room in the bed area, no television, just a swivel mount to add our own choice of television.  All campers should come with solar battery charging.  I am open to the idea of a flat bed and extra storage that would come with that.  My wife would like to be able to get in the camper when the slide-outs are in.  We are truck campers by choice, we have had the rest and still come back to campers.”

“Self positioning satellite dish.”

“Shoe storage and a pantry.”

“Shore power cord that extends and retracts and permanently plugged into the camper.”

“Side windows in the slide-out.”

“Since I am 6’4” tall I would really appreciate more interior head room.  When I first read your write-up on the 2014 Adventurer 116DS that comes with the California king size bed (that is 84” long), I was very interested.  But after reading that it only has an interior height of 76” I lost interest.  It made me wonder what the point of the longer bed was,  other than to be the first in the industry.”

“Sink drains should be in the center of the sinks and care should be taken to assure that drains are really at the lowest part of the sink.  You shouldn’t need to push any water down the drain.”

“Skip the uncomfortable dinette and give me a good sofa and free standing, storable table.”

“Sleeping capacity for four adults and under 1500 pounds.”

“Slide-out battery tray and adequate shore power cord storage.”

“Solar controller panel that gives good battery information, single bowl kitchen sink that is big enough for pots, stairs like the folding kind on our Chalet (not scissor), more 12 volt outlets by dinette and bed (too many electronic devices!).”

“Solar Controller/Pure Sine Wave Inverter.”

“Solar panel.”

“Solar tape on the roof and a drop-in icebox, like Lance had in the 1980s and a rectangular skylight in the kitchen area with cover.”

“Solid one piece fiberglass roof, anything material that’s has no maintenance requirements like a rubber roof, basically durable and leak proof.”

“Some sort of aid to get propane tanks up into their compartment, a better step system for entry, and standard height steps with one hand rail.”

“Space for extra large capacity batteries.”

“Stable-Lift jacks, fold down rear storage platform or rear patio, hitch extension, backup camera, camper mounted wide mirrors, extra height in overcab area.”

“Stainless screws everywhere.”

“Standard vent above the bed, Hekis and skylights get too hot/let too much heat in.”

“Stereo surround sound with Blu-ray and a small subwoofer that can be hooked up to television, Rhino liner type rubber roof coating, and exterior shower on back of camper.”

“Storage area for a portable gas generator and a gas can.”

“Storage box on roof no higher than air conditioner but square enough for folding chairs, fire tools, outdoor lights and strong enough to strap a canoe on top of the box and clear air conditioning unit.”

“Storage for folding chairs, folding tables, and a compartment for litter box, that can be accessed from inside and cleaned from the outside.  We have one with our current truck camper and Simba loves it!”

“Storage for long items like fishing poles or cross country skis.”

“Storage in the outside side skirts.”

“Storage is always a problem.  I have found adding a extension from truck towing receiver to back of camper with a receiver there.  I can now tow or put an aluminum carry all box from TSC on back of camper.  I also use it as a cooking table.  Works great.”

“Storage and thermostat on the air conditioner.”

“Straight walkway from back to front with the kitchen on the left (driver side) and two recliners in a slide-out on the right (passenger side).”

“Submarine foam mattresses are really great!”

“Tankless hot water heater, wireless cell phone booster, Bluetooth stereo (no more CDs), and built in 12 volt inverter. I hate the television antennas on the roof.  Curb side slide is very important and easy access to the bathroom when slide is in.  One piece bathroom with a dry towel storage area and USB charging ports.  I strongly dislike Faux wood vinyl and no fake leather or plastic seats.  Please label all valves!  LED lighting is a must.  Motion sensor outdoor lighting, on back and both sides.”

“Tankless hot water system, 2000 watt inverter, Wave 6 heater, Trimetric battery monitor, and 300w or better solar system.”

“Tankless water heater – propane.”

“The bathroom has to be big enough to sit on the toilet!   We are both tall and our knees hit the wall.”

“The jack system I prefer is Stable Lift.  Since you didn’t show this option I am no emotionally scared for life and will have to go buy a 44′ two bedroom Teton fifth wheel and a medium duty truck to tow with.  Please make the check to afford this payable to Smartass Reader.”

“The lighter the better when it comes to interior materials, while maintaining strength and rigidity.  I suspect that is every manufacturer’s goal!”

“The more storage the better.”

“The shower not to fill up the black water tank.”

“The sink, stove and refrigerator should be on the same side, with the table and center bathroom on the other side for ease of preparation and serving food.”

“Three items to be considered not mentioned: solar panel, small inverter for television, satellite receiver, DVR or computer, non regulated propane outlet that will allow for usage on a typical regulated grill like a baby Weber.”

“Through cab thermal pane window that slides open, also thermal pane windows in the door to prevent condensation, insulated exterior compartment doors.”

“Tie downs, insulated tanks, remote wireless jacks with mechanical backup, screen room off side awning, and all LED lighting.”

“Top of the line attachment system and safe extended trailer hitch.  Also would like an enclosure under the passenger’s side awning.”

“Truck bed access/storage and a step up to bed. No more than 6 to 7 inch rise in step height for camper entrance. 12 volt outlets next to bed.  Battery converter/charger that will not boil batteries if left on.  Back up camera with portable monitor.  Better TV antenna with booster.  Separate TV cable for external satellite connections.”

“True battery monitoring system, not just dummy lights.  Built in vacuum system.”

“TV should be in main space, not in bedroom.”

“TV with built-in DVD player, USB port beside 12V outlet, wine rack in pantry, tap in outside shower compartment to be used in conjunction with an outside kitchen.  Outside kitchen could be an option with storage compartment for it.”

“Two exterior bicycle mounts, shovel, axe, and fuel storage.”

“Ultra heating pad option.  Thus far we have ways to keep the water from freezing by using the heater but this is not good when driving from point A to point B.  Heating pads with AC and DC would be the way to go en route.”

“Umbilical Cord that plugs into existing rear bumper outlet.”

“Units under $15,000 new, ideally around $10,000 that aren’t pop tops.  Having just finished school and starting a career, there is not a chance I can afford anything in the market right now and am forced into used.”

“USB charging ports, 120V and 12V outlets in the dinette, four speaker sound system with MP3 player capabilities.”

“Very good television antenna.”

“Walk-on roof, cabinet doors that are hinged at the top rather than at the sides, outside-access storage compartment, and a magazine rack.”

“Wall mounted mirror outside bathroom.  I don’t like mirror doors on wardrobe cabinets, especially in the overhead cab.”

“Water filtration at least, water purification even better, in both the kitchen and bathroom. Provision for solar panels on roof as well as room and built-in attachment points for storage box or canoe.  Would like to see more flat-bed models available, especially with aluminum or fiberglass construction.”

“We do not want the RV to look cheap as they are not.  I would rather pay a little more for an RV that looks like I am getting my money’s worth.  My father-in-law replaced the silver pole that held up our dining table and replaced it with a nice stained wood leg that matched the cabinet.  We have a 2009 981 Lance and love it.”

“We need a large luxury flatbed camper to be developed and marketed that has sleeping accommodations on the ground floor (high quality sofa bed in slide-out) with storage in the overhead area.  This would revolutionize the camper industry as many now could have a highly maneuverable RV while utilizing one vehicle, have as much or more storage than towables and an easy access sleeping space for two, great!”

“We would like a light weight eight and a half to nine foot camper that can be carried on our F150 long box (with heavy payload option).  We currently have an eight foot camper that is light enough to be legal, and our truck handles really well with it, but a bit more room would be nice.”

“We would want removable screened wheel well openings on the lower side walls to get to the truck bed or for ventilation.”

“We’re in the market for a new camper now.  Looking for something with a bathroom, north-south bed, and with a little more storage than what we have now.”

When providing exterior satellite connector (in addition to the park cable) it should be accompanied by a 12v (+ and -) connector so that roof mounted dishes can be utilized without additional holes in the camper.  These outlets should be properly marked (seems like this attention to detail is sometimes lost).”

“Window to enter the cab through a boot.  I like your idea of a light switch mounted low at the entry door to turn the lights on before climbing in.  Also, I would like to see a low mounted light switch in the bathroom so the kids can reach the light switch.”

“Wireless rear camera, underside lighting defining camper perimeters, 110 volt power inverter 850 watt, tankless hot water heater, more outside storage access, better basement construction materials.”

“Would like to see higher end products used inside and out better roofing and better quality sealants used around windows, doors, roof vents, etc.”

“Would like to see improvement in camper jack system; all four jacks integrated so they lift and (especially) lower at same rates.”

“Would prefer window type air conditioner that would run on one Honda 2000 watt generator.”

“Yes dedicated bunk beds even if it is a pull out tent on the side with storage for kids clothes near the bunk bed.”

“Yes to LED interior lights, AM/FM/CD radio, roll top doors on cabinets (like an old fashioned roll top desk front), exterior lights to assist on parking at night, exterior 110 volt outlets and music speaker jacks, small rear deck between door and steps, come to mind real quick.”

“While I checked moulded campers like Northern Lite or Bigfoot, I also would be very interested if somebody made a camper incorporating the Airstream concept.  Aluminum frame, aluminum outer siding and aluminum inner shell.  Perhaps the inner shell could be covered with a fabric.  I think this would be the ultimate truck camper, last forever almost, no filon delam on the sides, no rubber roof, and a design that is timeless.”

“Large refrigerator and interior height requirement, coat closet, mirrors on doors/refrigerators, option for on-demand water heater, pet friendly access, exterior water supply attachments.”

“A tankless water heater. Many of your customers are older, blue collar workers like me. Years of hard work has left me arthritic, stiff, and sore.  I need a long, hot shower in the morning to loosen up and relieve some of the pain.  Many of us hard working men are in the same boat.  This option would sell like hot cakes.”

“You covered the options very thoroughly.”

“Just a small detail but put an auxiliary switch in the bathroom to turn on the water pump.  So many times I forget to turn on the pump before going to use the facilities.  Window to truck cab, the Adventurer 89RB does not have one.   Have a 12 volt to 110 volt inverter for those who dry camp but still have small 110 volt electronics.”

“110 volt outside outlets, an outside switch for rear lights, a fantastic fan in the rear if the escape hatch is over the beds, and a stovetop cover.”

“A no noise water pump, single bowl rectangular sink mounted under the counter, and an escape hatch with fan in over the cabover bedroom.”

“All electric camper rather than using propane.”

“All fiberglass walls and ceiling like Roamer has.”

“Back window on the truck camper with side door entry.”

“Backup camera and a pet net or gate.”

“We have a truck camper and installed a roof mounted air conditioner unit last year.  It works great and does the job.  However, it is huge in size on the roof and creates a wind drag.  We have noticed in our travels that some travel trailers now have a side mount or wall mounted air conditioner unit.  Are truck campers soon to have wall mounted air conditioner units in lieu of roof mounted units?”

“A dog access door.  I can build a fenced in area and have a dog door he can access when open.”

“I would like a camper that doesn’t go past the rear bumper, and the overhang over the cab as short as posable.  I just need a camper for 1 to 2 people.”

“I think it would wise to have a water purifier system and a lockable water fill port.”

“I will delete the front pass through window.”

“If possible, I would want camper to have separate toilet room from shower like the new Livin Lite, but in a four season camper.”

“Interior LED lighting and a Fantastic fan in bathroom.”

“Lots and lots of storage.”

“Memory foam mattress.”

“More 12v outlets.”

“More and better insulation to withstand -20 comfortably!”

“More cabinets. fluorescent light as a reading light over bed in camper, additional window on slide-out area.”

“More drawer space in bedroom area instead of closets.”

“Next camper in no way, shape or form shall have the Dometic insulated windows nor Heki skylight.  These products are absolute junk.”

“No maintenance, rubber or heavy gauge aluminum roof, perhaps like my 2007 Mountain Star.”

“Place the slide out on the driver side of the vehicle (rear left side).”

“Solar power wired and gas heater or diesel, and thermal window covers.”

“The dinette bed must be more than 73 inches in length.”

“The dinette should be in the rear, so you have a side and rear window.”

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