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Hard Side Comments From 2014 Ultimate Camper Survey

Over thirty pages of comments were submitted for the final question of the 2014 Ultimate Hard Side Truck Camper Survey, “Is there anything you would like to add to your next truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

Here are the comments:

“Manufactures should be studying the technologies used in the building corporate and experimental aircraft.  It would be an expensive camper but it would last longer and be more aerodynamic (saving fuel).”

“Storage for fishing rods, hiking/climbing gear (ceiling mounted fly rod holders), external storage for tools/toolbox, roof mounted storage container for small BBQ/stuff, wet waders, rear bumper mount for beer/wine ice-chest, re-enforced rear wall with external bicycle carrier, and rear awning should be full width.”

“TV/DVD/BluRay sound system should have options for levels of quality from the manufacturer.  I would hate to take a new $50k camper to an installer to have quality components installed and hope they get it right.”

“Thank you for this opportunity.  We are currently researching for the purchase of the last camper we will ever own and need to get it right.  Your online magazine has been a wonderful source of information.  The enormous amount of work you put into this is greatly appreciated.”

“Television seen from bedroom and kitchen via rotating arm.  Easy winterizing valves (not hidden to touch and feel only), interior LED lighting, full floor-to-ceiling fiberglass wet-bath enclosure, maximize storage space, wheel-well access doors both interior and exterior, under sink storage, minimize wasted space around stereo systems, under dinette seat storage, upper and lower cabinets in over cab bedroom area, drawer storage.”

“Anything to make it more self contained and lighter weight and more energy efficient.”

“Better hold downs like the Lance front strut system, more streamlining in the front of the camper, better fit to the cab of the truck and camper, maybe some kind of skirt, custom made outdoor covers, blue LED accent lighting inside, real nice cabinets like the big boys, good financing offered, no basements; need to get into the camper without  climbing a bunch of stairs.”

“Options on exterior graphics, elimination of the huge/ugly manufacturer and model names.”

“Powder coating on all steel parts, all fasteners should be stainless steel, spray on (line-X) on step surfaces (bumper and steps), roofing that can be walked on that will look good when it gets old, easy to maintain, non-slip (not rubber, maybe fiberglass with white Line-X on walking surface, carbon fiber materials used through-out.”

“Black exterior trim accents around doors, windows, etc., warm-tone exterior graphics like Adventurer campers.  The design very similar to Adventurer 80RB, but with more storage cabinets/drawers and full fiberglass bath.”

“Inverter, battery monitor, satellite receiver, the fantastic vent in the bathroom and range hood exhaust fan the only exhaust fans, and the side window in the cabover to be an emergency exit with no other hole in the roof of the cabover.”

“Rear back-up camera, light weight rigid foam bumper or rub strip to protect rear wall from minor impacts.  Traditional steel bumpers seem to be overkill and add weight.  The weakest link is the camper structure that they’re bolted to.”

“Proper placement of interior lighting over the sink, dinette and bed so shadows aren’t created on subject by normal seating, standing or reading positions.  Rear plug 12 volt wire connection (not pickup box mounted), wastebasket cabinet, battery disconnect switch, and basement slide-out tray(s) for long items.”

“I would like to see better quality control in the manufacturing process so as to eliminate many of the common issues and cosmetic issues that seem to exist in new campers.  I would prefer more accountability from the manufacturers when issues arise in the truck campers they manufacture.  In simple terms, less finger pointing when a problem exists.  Thank you, Angela and Gordon, for the hard work and dedication that you provide to the truck camping world.  I like the fact that you actually live what you write about.”

“No carpet anywhere!  U-shape dinette rectangular rather than rounded (more space, more comfortable).  I would like 12v and 110/120v outlets in cabover, kitchen, and dinette.  A true four-season build, including insulated compartment covers and extra insulation in bottom of cabover.  Some way for air to circulate under mattress (prevent condensation).  Day/night shades and no fabric curtains.  No mirrors on the cabinets in the cabover (whose bright idea was that, anyway?)  Wardrobe with several pull-out drawers and shelves rather than clothes rod for hanging.  Several hooks securely attached at entry for wet coats, dog leashes, etc.”

“Outside speakers located near the bottom (close to the lawn chair I would be sitting in) instead of up high.  Laser light attached to the front of camper to help align the camper when loading into the truck.   A bike rack and ladder combination.”

“100 plus solar panel plus booster.”

“We’re looking at a new truck camper.  We filled out a sheet what we wanted with four dealers and got one email back!  We have own seven truck campers.  I’m tired of spending 45k and never getting a call.  Maybe one or two weeks later ask how our camper is, how it’s working, and how we like it!  Hmmm!”

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