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2022 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey

TCM’s Ultimate Truck Camper Survey gives you a direct line to the industry’s designers and decision-makers shaping future floor plans, materials, features, and options.  What will the next generation of truck campers be like?  Take the survey and make an impact.

Ultimate Camper Survey 2022

We were shocked at how impactful the first Ultimate Truck Camper Survey was back in 2010.  In the year that followed, several industry design teams publicly credited the survey with helping to make key decisions (and confirm others) for new truck camper models and updates.

The truck camper industry was responding to something they never really had before, at least not in the quantity our survey provided; quantifiable and objective consumer feedback on a wide range of specific truck camper product design decisions.

We have updated, refined, and conducted the Ultimate Camper Survey every other year since 2010.  The results and trends have pushed the industry forward while confirming the tried and true design elements that need to stay.  That’s how we get a better camper tomorrow without throwing away yesterday’s wisdom.

The truck camper industry still trusts their own experience and internal research, but the Ultimate Truck Camper Survey is now a major source.  When the survey data is published, there will be industry meetings and changes will be made.

Important Survey Changes for 2022

Truck camper developments over the past two years required a number of question and answer changes for the semi-annual survey.  For example, we have added more options between built-in and portable features.  We have also added additional construction materials, toilet options and integrated the concept of portable power stations into the mix.  Truck campers are changing!

Two Surveys: Hard-Side and Pop-Up

Start by selecting the survey that best represents the type of truck camper you prefer; hard-side or pop-up.

Please only take both surveys if you’re interested in both camper types.  The results will be published separately.  Thank you for taking the 2022 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey!


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