Reader Surveys

2015 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Would Like Changed

With over 1,000 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling over fifty pages), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you want changed.  Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Would Like Changed” comments from the 2015 TCM Reader Survey:

More adventure/lifestyle stories.

Okay, two things.  Most web sites have contact us information listed.  I do not see this for your web site.  I needed to email you recently and was only able to do this by pulling up an older email where I had contacted you once before, that still had your email address.  Also, I had a need once to go back and read an article you had published in the past, but this article was no longer available through your Back Issues section.  I believe at one time you may have labeled this section as Archive.  I was disappointed because I believed that is what the Back Issues area should be able to do.

Maybe have articles about matching a truck and its options to the various sizes and weights of the campers.

Encourage campgrounds to offer information about their specific locations with points of interest; KOA’s, national forests, beaches, etc.

Get over this slavish (CYA) obsession about not exceeding the GVW sticker on the truck.  Ram clearly states in their owner’s manual that the GVW is set by the weakest link in the suspension.  And by the way, that is typically the wheel/tire combination.  The largest Ram dealer in the world had their parts department go over the difference between a 3/4 and a similar 1 ton truck and found one (unused) leaf spring as the only difference.  It has been widely published that all 3/4 and 1 ton pickups in America are made with 10,000 pound axles, and only the caps are different.  I am from western Montana where contractors hook a tandem axle dual wheel gooseneck trailer on a pickup and pull excavation equipment (over 30,000 lbs) around, and horse trailers gooseneck trailers that point the headlights at the sky are common.  The trucks are not falling apart.  The two primary safety issues are brakes and parts makers/publishers CYA.  The brake issue is largely addressed by auto makers using larger wheels specifically to fit larger brakes, and Cover Your Ass legal issues can be taken care of a little more intelligently.  As for the need for duallies, without a load on, they are highly dangerous on wet/snow/ice roads and easy to get stuck in loose dirt.  Better deep dish wheels and heavier duty tires, which is what we will do if we get that triple slide Eagle Cap we covet.  All told, this is my all time favorite RV publication.

More info on set up’s with the larger campers and what the dealers are not really telling people.

More mods.

Have a question and answer section so you could post reader’s questions and share other readers answers.

Talk more about gear and destinations, and ask questions on destination and gear.

I think a more active presence on Facebook and other social media might benefit you guys.  For example, I have had questions that I would have posted or asked on your Facebook page, but it didn’t appear that you used it for that and that made me self conscious about using it in such a fashion.

More off the beaten path camping throughout North and Central America.

More pictures.

More articles and pictures of modifications.

Make it easier to contact writers for more questions, and edit content for clarity.

More of the same!   Love the tech info and the mods people do to their rigs, both to the camper and the truck.  I’m very interested in boondocking.

Stay the course.

Independent reviews of gear, what works, what does not, and why.  More about folding solar panels, wattage, reliability, storage, and matching amp usage with solar panels.

More articles on your personal camper restoration.  Our 2004 Lance 1161 needs some TLC and you are showing me the way!

Please add more Canadian content.

Have the magazine in print, maybe quarterly.

Feature all of the truck campers available.

Can’t think of anything in particular.  You guys do a great job.  The cat helps also!

Make the links automatically open in a new tab.

TCM is great as it is.

Branch out and cover other types of RV’s usable in dry camping like 4X4 motorhomes, etc.  You guys are too good to limit yourselves to such a tiny segment of the industry.  And you could earn yourselves a much better living.  I have a feeling you are neither appreciated or paid enough by the slide-in camper industry.  You could change your focus to all types of dry camping and RV’s capabilities in this neglected but growing interest segment.  Just send me a 10% commission for my guidance each year, and I will be able to retire, and boondock to my hearts content. LOL!

More tech.

Remove that featured video its old and it’s driving me nuts.

More lifestyle stories.

More how to articles.

I’m guessing that you don’t like a lot of emails, as there is really no contact us feature on our website.

Nothing.  You are doing a good job at making it better each year.

Coupons or other money saving possibilities for campgrounds, travel, etc.

Please produce more video reviews of campers and gear.

Guarantee that you aren’t going to ever stop publishing.  Great work you two.

More truck camper reviews with your expertise pointing out good features, but also your opinion regarding long-term quality.

That I have more time to get in here more regularly.

We enjoy the magazine.

I’m surprised how well you do what you do.  I can’t think of any.

Just keep up the great magazine.

More information on the performance of truck campers over time.

More camper reviews.

I appreciate TCM the way it is.  I’m all for change, but your current layout and maneuverability is already tops.  Why change a great thing?

Update videos more often.


More about people using their truck campers.  More stories of modifications and updates people perform and how they work in the field.

Test and review truck campers that do not participate with TCM.

Less lifestyle stories already and more gear tests and reviews.

I think you have a good magazine here.  I like how I get emails twice a week and I hope it continues.

More gear reviews and travel articles.

More lifestyle stories.  I am trying to figure out the future with my truck camper and semi-retirement traveling.

More camper walk around videos.

More boondocking spots.

Times have changed, but I wish for paper copy I could hold in my hands.

You are doing a great job!

I don’t think you need to improve.  You cover everything that I like and want.

More travel articles.

I would like more mod articles.

Love to hear people’s adventures.

Can not think of a thing.

One area Truck Camper Magazine could improve on is used truck camper information and maintenance.

More camper reviews.

Broaden the reviews.  All I see is the same manufactures.  Why not do some reviews from the little guys?

Trip reports or destinations in the Southeast.

Its really great now.  A little bit of everything we can learn and dream about.

More do it yourself articles.

More videos of the various campers.

We all like to see and hear about the new, but many of us are mechanically inclined and do know how to use hand tools.  We need more hands on articles.  I’m still waiting to see a few pictures of Gordon in the middle of one of the projects.  Something like the “This Old House” series.  Angela, you do trust him with the glue, don’t you?

No real complaints.

The one thing I would like to see is an increased emphasis on articles that truly illustrate the uniqueness and strength of truck campers and their owners doing things other RVers can’t. These sort of articles may end up looking a bit like a travel guide to an area, but with the emphasis on what truck camping opens up compared to other sorts of travel really promotes truck camping.  Articles of trips to places you can take a land yacht aren’t what truck camping is about.  On a grand scale, truck camper articles on Alaska, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon (as in Tuweep) and other cool places.  Visiting the typical tourist places are interesting, but articles that narrow the focus and show the what, where, and how of getting to the remote and seldom visited spots in exotic regions are fascinating!  None of the articles in TCM are bad and I enjoy the reviews, how-to, lifestyle articles, and major trip articles.  But, instead of covering a whole trip, have them concentrate on their favorite and most interesting things that truck camping permitted them to do.  Tell us how they found it, got to it, what they did, and why truck camping made it possible.  I’m always looking of new places to go and finding others who took a truck camper beyond the asphalt and electrical hook-up.

Nothing that I can think of off hand.  I do enjoy it just as it is.

I constantly have trouble clicking on pictures in an article and then getting back to the article.

A step by step do it yourself section.

Nothing comes to mind.

Have a forum (password protected) so that fellow truck campers could contact each other to arrange meetings at campsites and mutual interest events.

Email address to direct questions.

I’d like more content about the truck side of Truck Camper Magazine.

More interviews with truck manufactures and why they need to pay attention more to truck campers when designing trucks.  The tail gate opening to be more specific. More after market products for your truck to improve performance horsepower and torque.

Hire me to test drive and review all new campers.

More videos!  And a cooking recipes section!

Conduct more critical reviews of campers and gear by users and pros, not simply listing options of the product.

More articles on improvements to remain off-grid.

I like it just fine the way it is.

Nothing.  You guys do a great job I so look forward to your articles.

Truck tests.

More stories on Alaska.

I would like to be able to order a print issue when I want to save an article versus printing on the computer.

I don’t think there is anything that I can think of.

An occasional outside writer for feature stories.

Not much, maybe some campground reviews and a classified section for readers to post items.
I think a favorite camping recipes section would be nice. I would also like to see a comment section at the end of each article.  Other than that, great job keep up the good work.

I think you both do an admiral job producing the magazine; thanks for your efforts in covering a niche market segment of the RV world.

Bring me on as a contributor!

Have more truck camper rallies in different states.  Example, Arizona.

More pictures of Harley.

I can’t think of anything.

I look forward to each issue.

Keep it the same.

I know we don’t like to badmouth construction, but my last newer camper was shoddy.  More attention needs to be given to build quality.

Expand how-to information.

Go beyond your sponsors for camper and gear reviews.

Anything you do that lets me know more about others’ experiences is a good thing in my book.  I like the technical stuff and love the camper reviews, but I most like reading about the where, what, and how of other folks’ truck camping lifestyles.

More ‘how-to’ camp in a truck camper; packing lists, recipes, places to visit.

I like everything about Truck Camper Magazine.  I look forward to it each week.  I read it all from beginning to end.  Wherever you are, you’re reporting makes me feel like I’m their too.

New equipment articles.

Review some refurbishing projects on older campers.

You’re doing a great job.

I can’t think of anything right now.

I would like to see more articles on truck use in the Northeast and off-grid camping combined with hunting and fishing.

A section to ask questions about a problem you are having with answers and/or ideas coming from you or other experienced campers.

Offer true interior measurements of campers.  An example would be the mattress to ceiling height of overhead sleeping areas (to determine how far an individual can sit up).

Have you contributors submit photographs that are clear and representative of the product that they are describing.  Basically well lit and in focus.

It is great the way it is!

I’m happy with it!

I seen an increase in your technical questions in interviews like weight and dimensions of products.  For a tech nut like me, more of that; amps, wattage, etc. of the products being showcased.

Keep it simple.

More articles on different camper truck combinations.

List all campers available.  You don’t have to publish stories about them, but they should be listed.

I would enjoy more adventuresome stories.  I know that requires more people to submit them.

More gear and modification reviews.

Continue to review older models and makes in articles.

Keep it up.  You’re doing a great job and it seems you’re always looking for ways to improve it.  Kudos to you both!

More objective reviews.

Very good as it is.  Possibly have more upgrades done by owners.

Get your sponsors to provide discounts.

What kind of camper storage and cover do most folks utilize?
Provide updates, product reviews, and news on all truck camper manufactures.

More stuff for those of us with a half ton.

More discussion of your new to you camper.  Maybe you could incorporate equipment from still active manufacturers into it as retro fit.  That could keep your sponsors happy as they might develop a new market.  I had a used Lance and, when I get another, it will also be used, but I might want to upgrade it.

More photos and perhaps a section similar to with readers trip reports with photos.  TCM is very good the way it is.  I would only add features, not remove any existing features.

More articles on the older campers.

I think you are currently at the top of your game and I have no ideas for improvement.  Please keep up the good work!

I’m really new to the site so perhaps I have not found it but, on, they have threads specific to regions.  Meaning I could be in contact with people local to me and plan campouts and what not with them.

It’s great the way it is.

More equipment evaluations and reviews.

More articles on truck campers and preparedness, a more critical look at products and manufacturers.

More frequent updates, more diy camper-builders, more content about older campers that people have fixed up.

Not much.  You’re doing a great job!  I’ve often wondered why you don’t have anything about Bigfoot truck campers.  I suspect this was Bigfoot’s decision and not yours.  I’ve been researching truck campers for about a year now and your website has been a tremendous help.  I hope to purchase a Northern Lite this year and if not next year for sure.  Have to upgrade my truck first.

Easier access to finding archived articles and possible cross-linking with forums like campers.

Can’t think of anything at this time.

Be a dog couple!

More truck camper manufacturers.

List more dealers in the North East.

I am satisfied with the magazine and thank you for your efforts.  If you could keep us updated with your truck’s performance, that would be helpful to me.  I am contemplating a new truck purchase and might be moving away from diesel in favor of a gas truck.

It’s a great magazine.  Please don’t change it!

More in-depth articles about new truck campers.

Clean up and freshen up the home page.  It looks like the same old thing every time.  I know the advertisements are what makes TCM possible, but it takes over the look of the page.

Nothing.  It has all the important articles and info you need to make purchasing decisions easier, when it comes to pickups, campers, gear, etc.  Great job, guys!

More travel articles from truck camper owners, trips, mods, and suggestions.

You do a great job.  I have a 2009 Toyota Tundra purchased new so, of course, I favor half-ton campers.  Keep up the great work.

Cant think of one!

Why mess with perfection?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Videos!  I would like an entire section dedicated to videos. Things like video reviews of truck campers, new gear, product reviews, trips, and factory tours.

More DIY mods.

Write more.

I would put a TCM decal in my camper window to let others know about your great magazine and start up conversations with other owners.

Let us make negative factual comments about poor quality manufacturing problems to alert other potential buyers even though they are sponsors of TCM.  It’s only fair play so interested buyers can investigate the problems.

Continuing to talk about what activities or adventures you can go on with a truck camper.  Look at different towing setups and how to ensure you’re towing safely with long hitch extensions (tongue weight, chains, power extensions, etc).

More info about how to maintain truck campers.

We don’t feel you can improve on it, since we really love it as it exists.  If you would include destinations with a musical theme, we’d love that, or State Fairs, etc.

Sometimes go a little more in-depth on construction and insulation packages (R factors) and encourage the manufacturers to start using tankless water heaters.

Your product is fine.  I like it as is.  But, I also appreciate your desire to improve it, solicit inputs, and update it as opportunities present.

Just keep those interviews and travel stories coming!  Very motivating and helpful when making future travel plans.

I really can’t think of anything at the moment.

I’m really impressed with TCM and I look forward to the emails from you.  I like the idea of going over repairs to older campers like you’re doing currently. I would like to see an article on hooking up a SPP6 capacitor on a Lance AC (i.e. 815) unit so it could run off a Honda EU2000i (my next project).  The propane regulator thing was good too.  Pricing on some things would be nice too.

More YouTube videos.

Information regarding non-American truck campers.

Dealers who could and actually understand that not everyone needs a slide-out and booth seating in their campers.  Better real life photos of campers in use, not just on a lot, but at a site other than a campground.

I have never been camping and I am fascinated with the idea of a truck camper.  I know this magazine is primarily for those who already have truck campers but if I could make one change it would be to remind the creators and writers that some of us who follow have no experience and don’t understand some of the technical terms and specifics.  I would like to see more about the very basics that most experienced campers take for granted.

It would be helpful to have some method of contacting fellow TCM members.  A private Facebook page perhaps?

A way to be able to find camp sites or trip/vacation ideas.

Healthy cooking, food storage in tight spaces. Ideas, recipes.

More articles on maintenance and customizing.  Individual camping experiences are also very interesting.

Maybe this already exists – I am not the most computer literate person – but a way to simply access information you have gleaned from surveys etc.

More how to and mods.

More info about eastern USA, and more boondocking spots on the east and west coast.

All camper manufacturers included.

Keep up the great work!

More tips on boondocking.  I think most truck campers camp in places other than RV parks.

Comparison test between similar camper types of different manufacturers, and pros and cons of each.

I think you do a great job.  No need to change anything.

Have more features on truck camper manufacturers.

Find out reasons behind not many truck campers have dry baths and slide-outs on the passenger side.

More repair articles.

Include ideas for recipes for meals to cook on the road.  What basic ingredients should be stocked?

Keep up the great work.  I really enjoy it.

I love your magazine as is.  You do a great job.

Hammer the truck manufactures to build vehicles that will safely haul the bigger campers.

More truck camper improvement by owners.  A couple of reader rig pictures per alert.  Update on your own camper rebuild.  A buy and sell section to help members find what they want or are no longer using.

More in-depth stories on state and provincial parks.

I wish articles were more frequent, but I understand that you’re probably at your limit at this point.  Thank you for so much efforts.

You are doing a good job.  Keep it up!

More technical instruction articles.

An occasional article on manufacturer’s construction techniques, material choices, etc.

Perhaps more reviews of pop-up truck campers over longer periods of time, such as a long term test to determine how these products hold up over time.

Something along the lines of setting up a truck camper for off-road use.

I would to see more readers adventures as well as their knowledge in their campers.

I think you guys are right on track.  You seem to me to cover all facets of truck camping that would please a very varied audience.  Thank you so much!

Make a tablet/mobile version.

More on the repair and upgrade of older units.

More product testing.

Ideas section for manufacturers.

Change the stories faster.

More articles about repairing your camper inside and outside.

More stories of people hauling their horse and horse trailers and their destinations.

I like it the way it is now.

More DIY repairs and updates to older units.

How about coming out on Monday so I can contemplate the question of the week earlier?

Try to get more of the Canadian market involved.

More videos of how a camper works from the inside; plumbing, electric, etc.

More info on maintenance of truck camper systems.

Personal travels with photos, map sketch of areas visited with recommendations for camping, fishing, photos, gear, recipes, sites, etc.

It would be great to have a reader generated question and answer forum.

Regular maintenance corner for every issue.

Article feedback.

More gear reviews.  More about safety on the road and at the campground. More how to, fix it articles.

Make it bigger!

More details on truck specifics, like frame thickness and integrity of product.

Have a view from overseas: I think Felix Agel and some friends would be able to help with reports from our German truck camper rallies called, Wohnkabinen-Treffen”.

In-depth videos of factory tours.

In-depth examination of cold weather capabilities of all the brands.

Simplify for women that are considering getting into truck camping.  I am not techie.  I am not versed in many of the trades, electrical, plumbing, gas or diesel engines and generators, but i would like to camp in a truck camper.  What are some of the basic truck camping units?  It seems that most of the truck camping manufacturers are turning their campers into hotel rooms with a gazillion amenities.  I want to see more of the simple units, and what works for them.

Your vision toward the future is online!  Things certainly have evolved in the last 60 years of truck camping.

A section in Spanish.

Expand on travel and its complexities beyond the United States.  Cover some activity into Central America.

I would like to see some information about Bigfoot campers on Truck Camper Magazine.

More modifications, more service related articles, more accessories.

It’s perfect now.

More in-depth analysis of subsystems such as the electrical systems in campers.  They tend to use converters, but do they provide true sine wave conversion?  What is available in better charging and power conversion systems?

Provide current prices when listing any gear or campsites, though I know you do often for certain items.

Like your 101s and adventure articles.

Encourage truck manufacturers to pay attention to payload considerations.  You are biased to the East Coast.  Need more West Coast attention.

If you have not already done so, rank the success that readers have had with products you discuss.

Would like to see a TCM reader forum or the ability for readers to add comments to the articles.

Exact locations and how to get there.  Stories from readers who post there travels: so one could find them if in that area when I travel.

More truck camper reviews regarding positive and negative issues experienced with various brands and models of truck campers.

More reviews of campers suited to mid-size trucks.

Make how to repair or replacements from the manufacturers available.  I have a 2003 camper without the operators manual and sometimes have a difficult time getting information.

More in-depth articles (stories from actual owners) on their choice of pick-up truck and the dos and don’ts on suspension mods or other related truck camper truck mods.

More how to do anything.  Mods, additions of gear, and how well it works.

Difficult to find new and current articles.  You need something like the ‘back issues’ tab for current ‘issue’ articles.

Not all people can afford to buy new campers.  Maybe some ideas off what to look for and how to maintain or fix issues.

It’s great just the way it is.

As I love the western mountains, try to get GPS locations to boondocking pictures.  I might not get to all of them, but I can dream!

I especially enjoyed the review of your new Ram truck. More truck reviews and comparisons among brands.  As gas motors are becoming bigger and stronger, could this be a new trend as diesel engines and fuel are so expensive?

I believe it is well written.  Pretty good all in all!!

Nothing I can think of, but I would like to know if there is anyone out there that has figured out a way to carry a motorcycle on a hitch carrier but has fabricated a swivel (of sorts) that makes it possible to pivot the motorcycle out of the way of the Torklift steps so they can be unfolded. Thank you!

Nothing really.  Except, has Alaskan Campers fallen off the grid?  You had brought them to the forefront a couple of years ago.  I lost track of them.  I like their camper.

Feel free to solicit outside authors.

Would like to see more stories covering the East Coast.

Nothing.  Your hard work is appreciated.  Thank You!

I can’t think of a thing.  Keep on keeping on!

Can’t think of an improvement.

More pictures and close up pictures of the interior of campers.  I also like the upgrades that owners do to their interiors.

Links to different campers travel blogs.

More articles on stupid stuff that people have done, no names need to be used, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

I would like for you to ask the readers, “If you could influence the manufacturer of your camper to make one improvement what would it be?”

Please stop calling emails Alerts.  I think something is terribly wrong each time.

More articles on Canada and Mexico.

More details on the cost of travel; fuel, local food/restaurant prices, and experiences.

More reviews.

I would like to see road tests of trucks with truck campers on them.  The major publications, like Truck Trend, always have tests towing, but never with a truck camper in them!  How do the new suspension systems (air and coil) from Ram work with a camper?  How do they ride empty? Does the new Ram 3500 with air suspension ride nice enough empty to be a daily driver and still handle a truck camper?  Does the 2500 Ram with air suspension work better than the coil spring Ram?  How do these compare with Ford and GM trucks?  I’m in the market for a bigger truck and camper, but I can’t afford to make a $50,000 mistake.  Maybe you can get Chrysler, Ford, and GM to help out on this with some loaned trucks.  I’m sure others are interested in this as well!

I know it may not be cost effective, but a real print edition would be nice.

How about design and sell T-shirts and sweatshirts?  How about designing and selling a Truck Camper Magazine Outlaws flag?

More stories by/about owners please.  With each story, more truck camper interior shots please. Not all of us have seen the interiors of all campers so when you read their travel story it’s nice to see what they are traveling in.  More culturally diverse content would also be welcomed.

We are still new at camping and are having trouble finding ideal places to camp.

Want ads.

I would like to see a forum with users able to post about campgrounds or destinations.

Factual comparisons from all manufacturers and the ability to compare posted unit prices and options cost per manufacturer.

Include criticism.  You are doing more advertising than critical assessments.

Perhaps a few more lifestyle and adventure pieces.  Gear is gear, but it’s the adventure and exploring new places that I like about the truck camper world.

Feature each issue a new spot to visit.  This could be a local day trip or longer trip.  Ask readers for places, events, historic events, cities, etc where they have been.  Feature could be condensed into a few paragraphs with website links. Would be great short feature of new ideas and places to go across the USA and beyond.

More detailed evaluations of new products, getting manufacturers to offer their wares for week or two week use by Angela, Gordon, and Harley.

Sorry, I’m not much of a critic.  I like what you are doing and have no ideas at this time.  But then I am new to truck camping.  Keep up the good work!

Publish daily.

More info on used campers and how well they hold up over the years.

More information on fuel consumption by truck and camper type.  For example, specific pop-up versus non-slide camper on a F250, etc.

Food for thought; have a reader assistance corner.  An area wherein a reader can ask a question and give their contact info so that other readers can respond to assist.  You can manage the questions, of course.

Search engine for past camper reviews.

More truck camper modding ideas for prepping for an emergency and boondocking for longer periods of time.

List the problems people are having with their campers and problems with the dealers to get them fixed.

More videos. Videos are fast, but accurate.

I was pleasantly surprised to get today’s alert in the morning on Friday instead of late in the day on Saturday.  I know producing your magazine is a big job, and so the times it takes a few more hours or days past Monday or Friday, I miss my most anticipated email of the week until it arrives.  If I can think of an improvement in the future, I will email Angela.  So, keep Harley in charge, Gordon’s jokes under control, and Angela’s email box open.  I also love seeing your video out takes, the good, the bad and Harley’s cuddley!

Possibly link to truck camper forums or blogs.

More places to take our camper.  Ask for suggestions on special places for us to take our truck campers.  At some point increase staff so you can publish more content.  Charge a membership or subscription fee to fund the ability to publish more.  That would make you more independent.  I know you have integrity and try not let your reliance on your advertisers sway any criticisms you may have.  My life experience tells me that this is extremely difficult to achieve.

More interviews with industry leaders.

Maybe more info on BLM land and other free camping locations.

Would love to see more articles on the midwest states.

I enjoy it the way it is.  I am looking forward to seeing more improvements on your new to you camper.

Ask the Lord Jesus to guide you.

Add more pictures and videos.

Perhaps a short videolog on a particular place you visited and found most unusual or just very interesting.

More information on trucks that carry campers.

More “newbie” and “how-to” articles.

More technical “how to” articles, for example, “Decreasing wind noise and turbulence caused by the camper roof overhang”.

More and better DIY articles such as installing a complete solar system, and how to better maintain a truck camper.

Wonderful magazine, I can’t think of a thing.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Perhaps some articles on older units and restoration etc.

Don’t be so silly when writing reviews.  The last Arctic Fox 990 review was really stupid.

I am located in Indiana. It would be nice to see more included in the magazine from Indiana and bordering states.  There really isn’t a rally within driving distance of central Indiana for a working family to attend.

You asked for one thing, but I’ll offer two.  One, publish a “Readers Comments” section, where people can write “Letters to the Editor” type comments.  You wouldn’t need to respond to these unless you felt a need to.  Two, camper and gear reviews should more freely express any negative or bad observations.  Sometimes I feel that reviews tend to accentuate the positive so as to promote good will with the vendor supplying the test article.

Give away money – ha ha!  Nothing comes to mind.  You all do a good job.

I think you are doing a great job.  Being truck campers yourselves, you know what is important and interesting to other truck campers.  Maybe more stories on how people have upgraded or customized their campers to suit individual needs or circumstances.

I haven’t seen a place where I can contact you by email.  That would be very helpful to me.

Your magazine is very good and I look forward to its arrival.  Keep up the good work.

You are doing an excellent job of sharing a wealth of information.  Perhaps some more Canadian content.  Your dollar is soaring at the moment .20 cents on the dollar and gaining.  Go North.  There’s an abundance of fresh water and friendly people.

Make it easier to find past questions of the week (and answers) on the website.  Also, while I like that you have your new content front and center, I have a hard time finding things in archives.

Change the front page more often.  The video on the cover has been up forever.

Make Harley the CEO.

If you expanded the advertising a little, it might provide you with an opportunity to expand content.  I think you could also publish a guide to truck camper maintenance with different chapters covering different aspects of maintenance.  I’d also like to see you address how buyers can assess whether truck camper sales personnel are knowledgeable about their products.  In my experience, many aren’t and will sell campers too big for trucks or may not know how to properly seat a truck camper on a pickup.

Greater focus on suitable trucks for truck camper use, especially HD trucks that are needed for the trending towards large truck camper use.

I would like to see more maintenance and repair articles.

I like it the way it is, but I like small changes. Large web site changes can be very confusing, then I don’t seem to visit.  Thanks for a great informative site.

Have a section on addressing problems/potential problems and fixes, i.e., just like your recommendation of the Oxygenic shower head.  We have just installed one and are anxious to use it.

Suggestion for question of the week:  When traveling on the road, how often and under what circumstances do you unload your truck camper and drive the empty truck?

More camper reviews for Tacoma’s that aren’t Four Wheel Campers.  I know there must be some.  I don’t like the over cab bed system.  I’d also like to see more front dinettes.

I really don’t care about reading about people who ride ATVs off-road, pull boats and the like. But that’s my preference; others may enjoy those articles.

I like technical articles and would like to see more about trucks and camper upgrades and repairs.

More coverage of truck camper rallies might be interesting. I know you are not able to cover very many of them yourselves, but maybe you could have a roving reporter that could cover some of them for you.  That might create more problems for you than you want to deal with.  Just an idea.

Like it as is.  Information in the magazine helped me decide on the truck camper I purchased this week; a 2014 Lance 1050S!  I can’t wait to hit the road!

An annual listing by website of truck camper accessories.

I can’t think of a thing.  You do a fantastic job and the friendly and humorous writing style makes the articles a joy to read and learn from.

Start a movement for minimal service, simple, and cheap campsites, perhaps utilizing small town fairgrounds.

Give kudos to Walmart and McDonalds for their free parking.

Introduce van camping.

I would like to see a mod section where people can up vote a mod.  Similar to what you would see in forums.  That way the ones people find most useful would be at the top.  The mods can be something that was purchased or custom.

More articles combining camping with hunting or fishing.

I know this is probably not very helpful, but keep up the good work!  I can’t think of something I would do different.

Your picture enlargement capability is awful, when tapped to enlarge they actually come out smaller!

I like the do it yourself mods.

It’s great.  Maybe more input from subscribers.

Make it last longer!  I know you publish things twice a week, but it reads too quickly and then I have to wait for more!

I am excited about the repairs and articles about your own used camper purchase.  Get on with it!

You are doing it!  Thank you for your efforts and information gained.

More articles about people’s experiences and places to camp.  Also, more videos, if possible. This is one of the most useful and informative websites I access. Again, keep up the good work.

I recently sold my FWC Hawk but have ordered a new FWC Hawk.  Keep doing what you do, and THANKS!  Pet Harley for me.

More information on repairs and/or preventative maintenance.  We all can use pointers and learn more efficient ways.

The only thing I can think of to improve – and it is really minor because you guys do a good job as it is – would be more reviews on campers and gear.  I know it’s not always easy to get real world reviews, but I do find them very helpful.

More human interest stories.

Would a solar system be a truck camper item?  I would like to buy one of thoise this year.

More articles on RV battery systems like AGM vs lead acid, and solar charging systems.

More on overland travel and trucks set up for it.  I have a overland camper.

The questions of the week are very helpful, especially those on how folks handle different problems.  Keep the questions coming.  The answers really are informative.

More articles from individuals about a trip to a certain place and the things to do at that location.

Not sure, I really love the real life adventures you cover and the rigs they do it in.  More of that. Would love to start a rally here in Rhode Island.  I feel so isolated here from most truck camping.  You’re lucky to see one other guy at a sold out campground in the summer here. Keep up the good work.

I like to see more truck campers expeditions and routes they take.  I never miss you articles! Gordon, you’re the best.

More on maintenance for camper and truck.

I am happy as it is.

You guys rock.

Just keeping doing the great job that you do because it is great and it seems that you always find ways to make it better.  Thanks for all that you do.

Can’t think of anything.

I suggest exploring the idea of partnering with more regional reporters.  The thought would be to get more local, 2nd tier event information out there, that you and Angela just don’t have the time/milage to cover.


You need to do more videos!

Not that it’s a bad thing!  But, it seems there is a lot of boondocking on the West Coast.  Here in the Midwest, we drive on paved roads.  Many of the truck campers I see are towing ATVs , boats, Harleys, show cars/tractors. Maybe visit the upper central Midwest more?

More basic, newbie corner information.

More info on pop-up campers.

More Harley!  Seriously more in-depth factory tours showing actual construction details, like NATCOA did a few years ago.

Have the dealers you are advertising put a price on their product online.

A funny section cartoon style and a store section where we could order gadgets seen on the site.

More reader camping trips!

I think readers are very interested in camper projects.

More factory tours.  Also, it would be nice to devise a way to contact people who own a specific truck camper so  you can pick their brain to find out the real life experience of that model/brand.

Unless you have an agreement with your advertisers, I think it would be great if you had a link for classified ads.  For example, campers and or accessories for sale.  Maybe even for a small fee.

More articles on repairing truck campers, interiors and exteriors plus mechanicals. Generator, solar, inverters, and other equipment repairs are important to campers.

More stories, pictures, and truck camper vacation adventures.

I’d like to see more on dry camping and destinations.

More off-the-grid lifestyle stories.

I would love to see more stories about adventures, places to see and go in the Americas and Europe.

I really love your adventure stories and pictures.

I can’t think of anything big, but maybe an index of reviews to make it easier to find a specific truck or camper review.

Cater to the less wealthy truck campers as much as those with unlimited funds.  Feature some people using older, not just vintage specialty, campers.

More articles on out of the way places to camp.

Be more critical of new products.

In your truck camper manufacturer interviews, you place a caption under a picture then ask a question and the caption is repeated by the person being interviewed.

TCM is great, I don’t see a need for a change.

A huge improvement would be a search engine by manufacturer and model of new and used truck campers in stock by your sponsors.

Possibly some content on older models from time to time (not everyone who loves truck campers has a new one).

Wheel and tire options, steel rims and tire widths and capacities.

Maybe a bit more about camping away from RV parks.

More Canadian content and information about RV shows (truck campers) in Saskatchewan.

More about roof and wall insulation, details of wiring and plumbing, and some close-ups.

Where to boondock or camp.  Review interesting places to visit.

Full disclosure regarding influence of sponsors in your reviews.

Focus more attention on home builds.

Campground review section?

I would like to see more articles about the mid-west; it is really neat to see places in the west, east, north and south, but there are plenty of things to see in the mid-west also.

It’s perfect.  I can’t think of anything at the moment!

I would like to see more in-depth tech articles.

Get Bigfoot campers on board.

Share more about the trucks that carry our campers, such as how to improve mpg, braking, tires, suspensions, etc.

Maybe how to thoroughly check out used campers prior to purchase and how to restore them if needed to good condition for years of use.

Add a camper improvement section.

I hope to hear and see more about your personal truck camper and how you modify, maintain, and use it.

Review more destinations.

Excellent already.  It’s hard to improve perfection!

More stories from truck campers about their experiences.

I like the support on knowing that there are many others who are living full time in their RVs.

Great content, interesting perspectives, and enlightening commentary.  Don’t change a thing.

An article about people who use their truck campers to attend motorcycle rallies.

More maintenance/repair articles with video on specific models.

I like it as it is. I want it to maintain it’s functionality while being a quick read during a busy day – which I look forward to.

It probably isn’t worth the bother, but a classified ad section would be nice, as it would be a more targeted audience than the other venues.  Just an idea, I like it fine just as it is!

Maybe talk about the trucks and mods for them a little more often.

I wish you would include all brands of truck campers.

I would like to see more stories about those who enjoy truck camping with vintage units.

Lets us pick our own pictures for the calendar.

More articles and less ads, but I realize that sponsors pay the bills.

I like the reviews. I visit TCM a few times a week to see what’s new.  Although it’s been completely played out, forums would be cool too.

More coverage on mechanical systems, DIY, older campers repairs and refurbish.

Be careful how you change.  It is really good as is!

Handyman projects.

Expand on more boondocking sites in all states.  Rate different campgrounds and list what type of outdoor activities are available.

It is very good as it is. I can’t think of anything for improvement at this time.  If I get an idea, I’ll email.  Keep it coming!

I liked the old format better.  Easier to find the new articles.  But that’s just me.  I can find what I am looking for, it just takes longer.

How about a nationwide listing of the best places to by trucks?  I am thinking of buying a new Ford diesel dually and have heard from other TCM readers of a dealership in Texas that has the best deals.  Are there others?

More video reviews.  On a personal note, I wonder if there are other TCM readers based outside the USA that would like more detailed information about buying a truck and camper in America and touring for an extended period.  Information on registration, insurance, etc. as a visitor.  I have found this information impossible to obtain.

Can’t think of anything.  Still great after all these years.

As a owner now of a used camper, I would like a place to find previous instructions on how to repair something such as our roof.

I like it as it is.  I am not sure you could improve it.

Pictures of truck camper events.

More on how to pack a new truck camper, and the things you need and don’t need.

Don’t quit now!

Instructive DIY projects on the trucks and campers.

I think you have everything covered, so just more of the same.  I very much enjoyed your articles from those who are on long-term travel adventures using a truck/camper combination.

Okay, breaking the rules here with second thing; reviews on camping gear.

Organization of the website!  You need a running blog or similar to highlight new content.  Even a running list of the email subscription content would work.

You’ve got it all!

I think it is pretty good as it is.

More back country adventures, and I don’t mean on graded dirt roads.

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