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2015 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Would Like Changed

With over 1,000 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling over fifty pages), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you want changed.  Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Would Like Changed” comments from the 2015 TCM Reader Survey:

More adventure/lifestyle stories.

Okay, two things.  Most web sites have contact us information listed.  I do not see this for your web site.  I needed to email you recently and was only able to do this by pulling up an older email where I had contacted you once before, that still had your email address.  Also, I had a need once to go back and read an article you had published in the past, but this article was no longer available through your Back Issues section.  I believe at one time you may have labeled this section as Archive.  I was disappointed because I believed that is what the Back Issues area should be able to do.

Maybe have articles about matching a truck and its options to the various sizes and weights of the campers.

Encourage campgrounds to offer information about their specific locations with points of interest; KOA’s, national forests, beaches, etc.

Get over this slavish (CYA) obsession about not exceeding the GVW sticker on the truck.  Ram clearly states in their owner’s manual that the GVW is set by the weakest link in the suspension.  And by the way, that is typically the wheel/tire combination.  The largest Ram dealer in the world had their parts department go over the difference between a 3/4 and a similar 1 ton truck and found one (unused) leaf spring as the only difference.  It has been widely published that all 3/4 and 1 ton pickups in America are made with 10,000 pound axles, and only the caps are different.  I am from western Montana where contractors hook a tandem axle dual wheel gooseneck trailer on a pickup and pull excavation equipment (over 30,000 lbs) around, and horse trailers gooseneck trailers that point the headlights at the sky are common.  The trucks are not falling apart.  The two primary safety issues are brakes and parts makers/publishers CYA.  The brake issue is largely addressed by auto makers using larger wheels specifically to fit larger brakes, and Cover Your Ass legal issues can be taken care of a little more intelligently.  As for the need for duallies, without a load on, they are highly dangerous on wet/snow/ice roads and easy to get stuck in loose dirt.  Better deep dish wheels and heavier duty tires, which is what we will do if we get that triple slide Eagle Cap we covet.  All told, this is my all time favorite RV publication.

More info on set up’s with the larger campers and what the dealers are not really telling people.

More mods.

Have a question and answer section so you could post reader’s questions and share other readers answers.

Talk more about gear and destinations, and ask questions on destination and gear.

I think a more active presence on Facebook and other social media might benefit you guys.  For example, I have had questions that I would have posted or asked on your Facebook page, but it didn’t appear that you used it for that and that made me self conscious about using it in such a fashion.

More off the beaten path camping throughout North and Central America.

More pictures.

More articles and pictures of modifications.

Make it easier to contact writers for more questions, and edit content for clarity.

More of the same!   Love the tech info and the mods people do to their rigs, both to the camper and the truck.  I’m very interested in boondocking.

Stay the course.

Independent reviews of gear, what works, what does not, and why.  More about folding solar panels, wattage, reliability, storage, and matching amp usage with solar panels.

More articles on your personal camper restoration.  Our 2004 Lance 1161 needs some TLC and you are showing me the way!

Please add more Canadian content.

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