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Things You Would Like Changed In Truck Camper Magazine

Maybe some DIY articles on repair and mods.

I’ve not found a lot of info about used truck campers like which to avoid and what to look for when shopping.  I tend to avoid dealers and buy from owners.  I am currently shopping for a good used truck camper.


Each edition should have state or federal, or private campground review and what to see in that area.

Comparison testing of equipment against each other.

Leave out camper dealers info.   I would not read TCM if I did not have a Lance camper.  Also would like to see info on repairing problems with campers.

I would like to see more tech articles about trucks and modifications.  This would include tire reviews, suspension upgrades.  I really enjoyed reading about the Torklift suspension upgrade and Lance cabover shocks.

Perhaps a little more in-depth on some of the articles. I  like to see good photographs and it’s nice to be able to click on the image to a larger version with good resolution.

Perhaps more coverage of camping in the southeast.

Harley the cat doesn’t contribute much, I would get a dog.

Include some fishing and hunting trips instead of all touring.

Add another story to each issue.

Found you by chance and never heard of you here in Canada so you need to be seen at shows north of the border.

More travel articles geared to the destination, not the type of rig employed.

Encourage writers to detail the costs of their travels and gear.

Maybe a few more technical articles (tips on troubleshooting, safety, operating advice for newbies once they purchase the truck camper, etc.)

More low cost used units.

I enjoy it the way it is; no changes needed in my opinion.

More weekly articles; a small how to section; a review of a gadget and ask readers if they use it for its off the shelf function or something else.  Include reviews of some lower level; no slide simple campers; without all the bells and whistles that make it go for $30K or more.  Cut down on the weight of a camper to a reasonable weight where you don’t have to make it fit on the truck (ie: upgrading tires for weights).  If the GVWR of your truck is 12,000 that’s what you weigh, maxiumum, without fiddling around.  Education on various systems.

More articles about actually using the truck camper on the inside like how different people approach cooking, bathing, etc.

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