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Things You Would Like Changed In Truck Camper Magazine

With over 1100 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling over thirty-two pages), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you want changed.

Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Would Like Changed” comments from the 2014 TCM Reader Survey:

Add even more on back country destinations and boondocking.  You are doing a fine job.  TCM helped us select and buy our camper last year, and we told the manufacturer this.

Be everywhere at once.

More information about older truck campers.

Add more preventative maintenance articles.

More articles, in depth how-to on mods, links to other truck camper websites.

Allow comments after articles.

Make it free, oh yeah.  You already do that.  Well, that about makes it perfect, doesn’t it?

Tell us more about your camping adventures!

More off-road adventures.

More truck camper discussion of places to go and camp.

More lifestyle stories about hunting and fishing.

More stories about places to go and how to get there.  Have folks from every state give descriptions on places to visit and most of all, places to fish for trout, please.

You have done a good job.  You have done me good.  I have a truck that set up right, thanks to you.

I think you have all the bases covered!

Not so much off-roading.

You pretty much nailed it.  More camper reviews and mid range size and cost.

Maybe information on campgrounds.  I must be pretty satisfied because that was a stretch to come up with.

Review some camper companies that are not sponsors.

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