Reader Surveys

Things You Would Like Changed In Truck Camper Magazine

With over 1100 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling over thirty-two pages), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you want changed.

Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Would Like Changed” comments from the 2014 TCM Reader Survey:

Add even more on back country destinations and boondocking.  You are doing a fine job.  TCM helped us select and buy our camper last year, and we told the manufacturer this.

Be everywhere at once.

More information about older truck campers.

Add more preventative maintenance articles.

More articles, in depth how-to on mods, links to other truck camper websites.

Allow comments after articles.

Make it free, oh yeah.  You already do that.  Well, that about makes it perfect, doesn’t it?

Tell us more about your camping adventures!

More off-road adventures.

More truck camper discussion of places to go and camp.

More lifestyle stories about hunting and fishing.

More stories about places to go and how to get there.  Have folks from every state give descriptions on places to visit and most of all, places to fish for trout, please.

You have done a good job.  You have done me good.  I have a truck that set up right, thanks to you.

I think you have all the bases covered!

Not so much off-roading.

You pretty much nailed it.  More camper reviews and mid range size and cost.

Maybe information on campgrounds.  I must be pretty satisfied because that was a stretch to come up with.

Review some camper companies that are not sponsors.

Keep on doing what you are doing.  It is important to guys like me who have not yet purchased a truck or camper yet.  I am still looking and have been for seven years.  I will commit soon.  I also went to Ogallala, Nebraska from Georgia.

Really not sure.  Maybe update some of the new technology that is going into truck campers and the RV industry as a whole.

Provide an easy means for subscribers to contact one another.  The purpose would be for them to ask more questions about their travels, mods they’ve made, or what they like or don’t about their particular truck or camper.

Fewer lifestyle and travelogue articles and more emphasis on camper models for long tours (comfortable recliners instead of dinettes; bigger showers).

The basics of truck camping.

Sometimes your articles are pretty male oriented.  Maybe try to seek out the female perspective.

Would like to see more tips, tricks, and ideas.

Perhaps an article once in awhile featuring a retro restored camper.

I would like to see a gadgets section added, similar to the gear guide but with more camping products and gadgets, reviews and reader input and submissions.

Expand the gear guide.  Once you have your truck and camper it’s time to add some and maintain some gear.  Thanks!

More info on how-to stories.  An example is how people store portable generators in small truck campers.

More user ideas on gear, mods and reviews on their rigs.

More coastal and saltwater oriented articles.

Add the question “Did you order a calendar?”  More tech and reader mods.

More articles on accessories.

The magazine seems to be advertising based and naturally gives preference to the industry that supports your site.  It would be nice however to have an occasional article on a Truck Camper of the Year Award that includes all campers including the ones that do not support your site. Perhaps an independent jury to choose the best product of the year.  This will give the industry a goal to strive to obtain.  That will continually improve the quality and options by all manufactures.  This will in turn raise the bar for the industry and benefit the consumer.

More stuff about destinations and itineraries east of the Mississippi and the northeast.

Maybe run Canadian content in the magazine.

Reviews of areas visited, parks, etc.

More travel stories and articles on how people have used and customizes their campers.

Maybe some DIY articles on repair and mods.

I’ve not found a lot of info about used truck campers like which to avoid and what to look for when shopping.  I tend to avoid dealers and buy from owners.  I am currently shopping for a good used truck camper.


Each edition should have state or federal, or private campground review and what to see in that area.

Comparison testing of equipment against each other.

Leave out camper dealers info.   I would not read TCM if I did not have a Lance camper.  Also would like to see info on repairing problems with campers.

I would like to see more tech articles about trucks and modifications.  This would include tire reviews, suspension upgrades.  I really enjoyed reading about the Torklift suspension upgrade and Lance cabover shocks.

Perhaps a little more in-depth on some of the articles. I  like to see good photographs and it’s nice to be able to click on the image to a larger version with good resolution.

Perhaps more coverage of camping in the southeast.

Harley the cat doesn’t contribute much, I would get a dog.

Include some fishing and hunting trips instead of all touring.

Add another story to each issue.

Found you by chance and never heard of you here in Canada so you need to be seen at shows north of the border.

More travel articles geared to the destination, not the type of rig employed.

Encourage writers to detail the costs of their travels and gear.

Maybe a few more technical articles (tips on troubleshooting, safety, operating advice for newbies once they purchase the truck camper, etc.)

More low cost used units.

I enjoy it the way it is; no changes needed in my opinion.

More weekly articles; a small how to section; a review of a gadget and ask readers if they use it for its off the shelf function or something else.  Include reviews of some lower level; no slide simple campers; without all the bells and whistles that make it go for $30K or more.  Cut down on the weight of a camper to a reasonable weight where you don’t have to make it fit on the truck (ie: upgrading tires for weights).  If the GVWR of your truck is 12,000 that’s what you weigh, maxiumum, without fiddling around.  Education on various systems.

More articles about actually using the truck camper on the inside like how different people approach cooking, bathing, etc.

More information on smaller manufacturers such as XPCamper.

A hard copy coming out monthly.

Give away a free truck camper each issue to the most clever reader.  Or to the person that made this helpful suggestion.  Sorry, other than that, I’m happy with it.

Cut out the jokes.

Don’t screw up a good thing.

You two have done a great job sharing information to all the truck campers.  I really don’t think you need to change anything.

Get into more detail and feedback on the equipment in the camper and drive discussion on what users are looking for to improve their experience.

General complaint about the RV industry: I have young children, and my wife is a CPST.  I am thinking about an RV.  However most RVs are severely lacking in kid-safety features, and also accommodations for young families.  Finding an RV that is friendly to young families (car seat-safe while underway, while being compact and affordable) has proved to be incredibly difficult. I’d love to see more coverage of this issue.  In the surface, a truck camper looks like a good match, except that finding one with a kid-friendly floor plan is harder than it looks.  I would consider a flatbed option.  The best option so far: R-Pod towed by my minivan, except that towing a trailer would be difficult at the homes of several relatives we visit frequently.  Also, looks are important.  I’m a nontraditional RV customer, and I’d like something that looks a little bit nontraditional.

Bigger pictures.

Have a wish list that when I see a feature I like on one model I can put it in and over time collect all the good features I’d like to see in a camper.  Then I can find the manufacturer who is closest.  Order of priority is important also.  I can’t decide if I want a pop up for more maneuverability or larger for more comfort.  I come from backpacking and tent camping.  I had a trailer an hated it.  I never used it and am still mad at my wife for letting her talk me into it.

I would like and would subscribe to a print magazine.

They could hire a person to write safety articles for them, and have this guy do presentations at rallies and truck camper regional dealership functions through out the United States.  I know a guy that could do that.

I’m sure improvement can be made, however I can’t think of anything at this time!

I think you already do this but including links two websites of gear you are writing about is very useful.

Much more content on the how-tos; how to pack/load a truck camper, how to set up the rig at the campsite, how to store a truck camper, how to cook a dinner with limited space, tips or info like that.  We are new at this.  We used to be backpackers and tent campers, so we are looking for advice in the form of helpful articles.

Hear some well informed information about what trucks can hold like payload, etc.  Everyone has an opinion and it becomes heated on the discussion boards!

Would like to see more ways other campers have updated their current camper.  Also I’m looking for a way to make portable stairs / heavy duty stairs.

We like rallies, so any info on any type of get togethers, with truck campers or others.  Maybe interesting happenings, festivals, local food picks, music events, anything that a trip can be planned around like a Cajun festival, etc.

I know you have to be middle of the road on a lot of opinions on trucks, truck campers, and gear, but being more specific would help a lot more people.  I remember you once told me personally not to put the Lance 855S on a 2500 Dodge Ram, which is what the Lance company says is all right.  It’s not all right.  It’s too heavy for that truck, and I’m glad I listened to you.  That advice properly saved me a lot of trouble.

Keep on truckin’!

I’ve been reading for a while now and have to tell you that any improvement will have to come from your mind and experience.  I, frankly, could not add anything!

Bigger print.

We need more truck campers in Florida.  I don’t understand why there’s a small following in Florida.

More technical info, and the opportunity to give feedback to the manufacturers.

You do an excellent job.  Keep up the good work.

Expand gear, and tips and tricks.

Nothing comes to mind; doing a real good job.

Cover more about overland travel, small trucks and pop-up campers.

Maybe some in depth inspecting and testing on the various ways that the current camper manufacturers use to build there truck campers.  Seems like there are a lot of problems out there with new campers that show up during the first year of ownership. (Just read the forums!)

Cover every state.  Not too many stories in southern states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Carolinas.

I like videos.  You could make video of an individual and their camper or videos of rallies and other events.

More gear and accessories.

Upgrades on existing equipment.

It’s all good.

Easier for certain and specific items, issues, etc on past issues of magazine.

More vintage campers.

Can you make it utilize the whole computer screen?

More features on you guys.

More nuts and bolts presentations about your new product presentations.

Traveling with pets info.

User interface and navigation of site has gone down.

Add a monthly truck camper trip planner.

More on smaller affordable campers and boon docking free camping etc.

An iOS app so we could read TCM while boondocking.

Have more variety of campers, showing the pros and cons of each.

Start telling TCM campers to save your money on air bags and put some springs and you still a smooth ride instead of a boom boom ride.  Been their done that!

Do write ups on every truck camper manufacturer.

More budget type articles.

Not much to improve on; a few more videos would be nice.

More reviews of more models.

Occasional upgrade and repair columns; possibly some campground reviews.  Survey on how others mount their campers to their trucks?  Easily accessible referenced explanations of different technologies being employed (example: wet vs dry bath; cassette vs porta-potti vs flushable toilets; etc).

More truck reviews, particularly diesels.

I would like to see your Question of the Week directed to and answered by a manufacturer.  Readers could submit the question.  You then pick the best question to be answered.  Also, how about a list of dealers that will rent a truck camper.  The wife wants to rent one for a weekend in order to make an informed purchase.

The blog section could be more about your personal experiences and thoughts.

More articles about campers and trucks that aren’t brand new.  Upgrades and mods for 10-20 year old rigs and the folks that still enjoy them.

Continue to provide reviews on truck accessories that should be added, with comparisons.

You are doing a great job.

More stories.

Don’t know of anything.

To me the presentation of your main landing page has become for lack of a better word junky and confusing.  Too many font styles, sizes and colors competing with each other for attention in- between the advertising which overwhelms even the content header of the magazine itself. An example is Truck Camper Marketplace.  This is a very informative section but the formatting with one vertical line down the middle and the three titles justified to the LH column orphans the RH Column.  To the uninitiated Northstar must be a dealer not a camper manufacturer.  The section would read and present better if the titles were centered and the separation bar was horizontal between the sections not vertical.

More truck info and accessories.

Bring back Bigfoot campers.  They are up and running again and we visited the factory in June on our way to Alaska.

Do a test of a hard side and a pop up to see if there are really and fuel milage advantages to the pop up.

More reviews on truck camper equipment and long term updates on the equipment so we know if it is worth the investment.

Matching campers to the trucks.  It is obvious some dealers are misleading.

Maybe a little more tech explanations.  For example just saying a refrigerator is six cubic feet is one thing, but to a newbie, will it hold a two liter Coke bottle upright?  How long will it last on a bottle of propane?  What does it run on while driving?  When it comes to newbies you can never over simplify.  Thanks for all your hard work!

More of same.

You seem to have a pretty good formula so far.

Like to see more on winter camping and what people do to keep from freezing up.  Do most people just not carry water in the tanks?

More information within Canada.

I enjoy the people’s journeys; have different truck camper articles to include the trucks which carry them and seeing those truck camper smiling faces.

Do reviews on campers whether they sponsor on your site or not.  It would make your camper reviews a little less bias and give buyers more options.

Looks good to me.

Make the banner (where the words, pictures, etc. are located) a little wider.  Sometimes I want to look at the pictures closer and on a larger screen and I can’t do that – does that make sense?

Can’t think of any.

More how-to stuff.

I know you probably don’t have the time it would take, but a for sale/trader type site.

Personal stories, of people and places they visit.

More travels in the northeast.

More technical tips.  More trip articles from travels to Canada and around USA.

An occasional article about boon docking opportunities would be very interesting and helpful in alternate traveling and camping.

Keep doing what you are doing.

Nothing, it’s great!

More technology.

Other trucks besides Ford and Chevy.

I would like to see some articles on camping in the Midwest.  The land between the lakes in Kentucky is definitely worth a write up.  Seeing some articles about places in the South would be cool too.  I enjoyed the off road section of the magazine.  How about four wheeling with a larger hard side camper instead of a popup?

More east coast information.

Your magazine is great, but if I were to recommend one thing I think I would like to see how most people set up their trucks to handle the weight of a camper (tires, suspension, etc).

More detailed reviews and product videos.

More modifications that people have made to their campers.

More frequent release.

More stories and info about shopping for a used truck camper, old truck camper restoration and renovation, and modifications, improvements, and upgrades people have made to older campers (10 or more years old).

I have seen interior photos of camper features with a person blocking the camper feature.  I have never seen that in Motorhome mag or any car mag or website.

Provide more insights into your personal experience with the different truck/power camper combinations to aid readers on future selections. Example: You have made multiple cross country trips with different truck and camper combinations. Tell us your impressions of gas versus diesel performance, economy, maintenance, etc.

More everyday folks stories.  You’re getting too many sponsor stories.

Less info on RV shows and factory inventory.

Comments after articles.

More on places to boondock.

More videos!  And maybe a Cooking Corner on the website with reader recipes.

Trucks tests and modifications for better hauling.

I would like to see more objective, in-depth video tours of truck campers and modifications.

Keep on trucking.

More videos!  It would’ve been nice to have a video of the Lance RV you had last year.

Easier navigation.

Maybe 2 articles a week instead of 1.

Incorporate the three main TC forums: Natcoa; RV-Net; into a single truck camper forum.

Increase boondocking items such as articles on places to stay, solar, other’s stories.  I love your interviews!  Keep up the good work.

Access to used campers for sale.

More boondocking stuff.  More features showing rigs, mods, and personal stories.

How to live comfortable using truck campers as a way of life.

More travel and video review videos, truck reviews new and used, and a forum.

Keep doing what you’re doing, we love it!

More homemade improvement.

I honestly cannot think of a single thing that would improve this already great magazine.  Perfect website for the everyday working man who loves to camp in his own pickup truck.

I would like to see more gear and tech.

Just keep up what you’re doing already.  Great job guys!

Reviews of national, state, and provincial parks and areas around them.

Tips on making the most out of seasonal camping.

I would like more articles and information on off road and boon docking.  Also include more technical information on truck setups.

Everything is great.

Make the next calendar with just North American pictures.  Most of us can’t travel internationally with our truck campers.

Repair section for older campers.

Have a readers rig section, where readers can post pictures of there rigs and cool gear.  I like looking at older rigs people have restored or kept in good condition and the the stories behind them.

More mods and destination info.

More end user stories.

When you are the best, it is hard to improve.

More maintenance articles.

Online magazines are so disorganized.  I think you should look at other online magazines.  Maybe something between Concealed Carry (which has both a off online version and print version sent to your home) and Lenswork (that has added bonus material to both a print and online version.)  From your photographers I would love to hear about their solutions of storing tripods, cables, lights, auxiliary power. Information on their workflow in using a truck camper. Videos showing them doing so.

I can’t think of anything.

More tech.

Do more video tours.

Nothing, just keep it coming.

Nothing I can think of right now.

More travel stories.

More how-to articles.

Nothing right now.  Just keep up the good work!

More lifestyle stories.

I can’t think of a thing, keep up the good work.

Stay with truck campers and don’t stray to other types of RVs.

How to and tech articles.

Expand what you do on the web site.  Make the surveys printable.

Maybe offer a way that local truck camper enthusiast could get together or contact one another.

Make it bigger, nine more articles.

You’re doing great.

More Newbie Corner articles on general maintenance and winterizing.  Pre-October 2012 back issues, information on bridges, etc. with potential clearance issues, and articles focusing on specific destinations.

Need to have more truck camper manufacturer sponsors and reviews.

Maybe more modification coverage or step by step how to.

You’re doing a great job.  Not sure what you could improve on.

Up to date info.

Make it more of a newsletter format such as

Don’t change.

Would like to see more trip reports of the East coast.

More news about improved battery technology.

More tech issue articles like the reviews on new units and gear.  Most of us have to face budget reality and have to take care of what we have.

There is no one near me who sells truck campers, so it’s hard to get a sense of their size and features.  As a potential new guy to truck campers I don’t quite understand some of the ins and outs of how they work.  I have read gear guide and newbie corner but I would love to see some videos on getting the camper on and off the truck, a tips and pointers type thing.  Plus storage when not in use.  Where do you put it and why?  How do you get it into a storage spot?  Can you put it on a rolling frame to make it easier to maneuver or are they too heavy to roll around?

Since I can’t see one in person I would love to see videos on the basics of how to get on truck, secure down, remove from truck, etc.  Sometimes I read the magazine and have a hard time with terms and figuring out why some topics are discussed so often.  I really appreciate any and all info but sometimes TCM articles and topics seem to forget some of us don’t have the experience or opportunity to join in the fun yet.  Modifications and stunning pictures of places people visits are fun but if, as a new guy, I can’t even visualize how one of these works on a very basic level.  I can’t justify spending the money on a camper.  Any chance of intermittent articles or videos on the basics and tips from the experienced bunch?

I like it the way it is and I suppose there is always room for improvement.  Sorry I don’t have any suggestions.

Possibly add some articles on different state and federal regulations affecting the segment.

More dealer tabs.

More camper and truck test reviews.

I would like to see more truck camper reviews, but not just new campers.  There are more people buying used campers than new and it would be more than helpful to have great intel on classic models.  Where are the reviews of what’s already available and what has turned out to be good and not so good?  It’s too big a job for you and Angela, so make up a section for owners reviews of their truck campers, the features they like and dislike, and of course the mods they’ve made to correct them.  Now I have to get busy and send in a review of my Starcraft, in a format that makes sense.  It’s the middle of winter and I haven’t even really used it more than three weeks yet.  Dan Wilson, Motorcycle rider at Inks Lake Truck Camper Rally.

Make it bigger.

Continue personal articles of uses and setups of truck camper.

More feedback on the rigs you test.  Like the Lance 855S, you used it for a year, how was it? What’s your thoughts on your new rig, do you wish you had the Duramax after toting the campers around for a couple of years?  Kind of a long term test section.

Keep listing the advantages for various campers, as well as the disadvantages.  You have great opinions.

I’d love to have a monthly printed magazine.

Be sure to include all information from the TCM Facebook and Twitter is included in the email alerts.  We do not use Facebook or Twitter.

Can’t think of anything.  You guys do a great job!

I wish sometimes the articles were a little longer with more info.

More about interesting places to go and how to articles for upgrades.

More articles on Tacoma sized campers.  Specifically, front dinettes.

Expand tech content.  Camper upgrades, dinghy and trailer towing equipment, how-to and truck prep.  Latest and greatest offerings in solar, wind and LED products.  Add a reader’s simple Winter Weekend Project in each issue, rather than a contest.

I think it be cool to send a printed edition out in the mail.

Continue to recognize the smaller, lighter, simpler options for truck camping and long distance, long term travel.

Answer queries and emails sent to you. Twice when we were traveling all over the US and Canada for twelve months I emailed you re-submitting articles for the mag, never even received the courtesy of a no thanks reply.

More photos.

Wish you would do article on Forest River HS1106 by Palomino.

More information on long-term ownership by folks who have had campers for a while.

More video reviews.  Unbiased reviews even if they are not your sponsors.

More info more often I go on TCM almost every day.  I met you at Truck Camper Warehouse last summer.

True miles per gallon of tow vehicles and comparative features and benefits of vehicles with regards to truck campers specifically.  I know, they’re all great!

Include more travel places and more camper truck gear.

Don’t know of anything pressing.  If I think of anything, I’ll let you know.  Keep up the good work!

As far as I can tell, you are already doing it.

More camper reviews.

Hire me to do truck camper ratings and tests!

Present more cost figures for various expenses.

I know you need advertising, but too much go here to buy your camper stories.

Enjoy it as it is.  Thanks so much for producing it.

Maintenance descriptions with pictures and videos.

Surprise me.

Refurbishing truck campers.

Present our ideas to the manufacturers of RV so maybe we can start to see more features in campers that we want.

Doing a great job.

Place some emphasis on overweight campers, not only dangers, but liability after a accident, and being sued.  Your insurance won’t cover it.

More unique experience stories.

I can’t really think of anything.

More suggestions on trips and campgrounds.

Maybe more trip reports from subscribers and a camping area rating system from truck campers.

I would like to see more information on Bigfoot campers and camper maintenance.

Rate camper quality and satisfaction into broad groups such as best, good, average, fair, poor. This would help when searching for a new unit when new to the hobby or been out of touch for a long time.  I think campers need to know which manufacturers put out poor quality with a lot of polish and shine.

More about people and their travel along with how well the equipment they use works.

Talk about problems.  I often feel you are too optimistic when reviewing units.

Can’t think of a thing.

Keep doing a great job.

Your magazine improves with each issue so keep looking toward the horizon.

Great as is.

More camper and gear reviews with video.

I would like to see personal ads for workamping, etc.

Great magazine.  It’s hard to absorb all the quality information you put out now.

Partnerships with other websites to promote rallies and/or more information regarding boondocking/out-of-the-way travel spots

You are doing a great job.  Maybe more used modification articles. solar,awnings, storage bumpers, etc.

I can’t at this time recommend any changes.

Happy with it all, except I live in Independence, Missouri.  None of the RV dealers carry truck campers and all the RV shows don’t have anything to check out.  Help!

You have improved the magazine a lot in the past 3 years.

More how-to articles and personal stories.

Include more stories of your personal travels.

More add on product info and/or reviews.

More lifestyle/adventure stories.

More tech reviews.

Be more careful who you endorse, get outside info on those you do endorse.  You recently endorsed a wind generator (Free Spirit Energy) which makes bogus claims for its product.

Not directly related to magazine, but through your contacts in the industry encourage more truck camper shows in the Orlando, Florida area.

It ain’t broke, so don’t try to fix it.

Press on!

A truck camper forum.

Get an owner’s review of a new model truck camper, after they have used it for a period of time, such as six months to a year.  We could write a review from owner’s perspective on new Lance 1172, given we have used one for one year or for a total of seven months.

I could read more about travel and expanding truck camping possibilities all day long.

Keep up good work!

Get more, faster.

More half ton camper matches.

Hard copy mail subscriptions.

Map of USA with each state and best places to visit.

More tech tips and mods (practical issues).

Cover equipment from non-supporter manufacturers.  The articles are nothing more than paid advertising.

More reviews on truck camper models and tips for modifying your rig, like what other owners have done to improve their campers.

Wish sometimes an event would occur nearer where we lived.  Truck campers are not real popular herein the Deep South, Mississippi.  Have not met many truck campers.


You are doing an incredible job.  Thank you.

Be more inclusive of manufacturers of truck campers and equipment that are not your sponsors.  Maybe by you mentioning or featuring them they will realize the benefit of sponsorship, though existing sponsors might take notice and complain.  Two-edged sword.

Have contests, say, for recipes, advice, etc.

I don’t have anything but I’m sure you’ll get an ear full.  Stay off bunny trails, and stay true to yourselves.

Bulletin board for subscribers looking to buy/sell or trade.  This would alleviate looking at other websites.

More coverage of Alaska.

More reviews on truck campers.

Sorry, cannot think of anything.  Just keep up the good work.

Put it in print and make it like Trailer Life, except truck campers.

More articles about truck camping expedition trips outside the U.S.

More objective reviews of products.  I know you can’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Showcase more campers.  I think a different camper, and trucks that can carry it should be in every issue.

More camper reviews.  I really like the reviews where you guys go out and use the gear and report on your opinion.

I don’t know that this would make an already great magazine any better but I am biased being from Canada and would like to see more articles on tour up here.  Like the USA, we have a lot of great spots to visit.

More articles on camper vehicles.

Keep on, keep on!  Love it!

Every time I open the magazine (on my e-mail) the computer goes into a freeze.  I turn off WIFI and wait, then it finally works okay after 5-10 minutes, then I turn the WIFI on again.

More reviews on Newbie campers; cheaper and smaller models and personally our interest, popup campers.

I would like to see more articles on single parents who have truck campers.  I would like to see a way to connect with other single parents or families to learn more about family vacations.

Maybe a low cost corner or something of the like.  Not all of us can afford fancy new truck camper and the related products.  So a low cost section or maybe a column on DIY improvements or modifications apart from the Mod contest.

Include Bigfoot Campers and add some Canadian Dealers.

I love it as it is!  How about a visit to Merchant Automotive to chat with some Duramax diesel and Allison transmission specialists?  This is a shameless plug for my husband’s employer and the great products they have for the Duramax/Allison trucks!  Make sure you ask to speak with Eric Merchant!

Make an iPad App.

More tips on driving safety when on the open road with a truck camper.  Keep up the good work.
Really can’t think of anything.

I cannot think of any.  You have a good mixture of content.  Possibly more on DIY modifications and problem solving.

Review products used in truck camping (not sponsor stuff) and a modification section.

Would like to hear more experiences on routine truck maintenance.  For example across US road trip.

Easy and simple mods.  We’re not all Tim the Tool Guy!

More videos.

I may have missed it but I would like to see an article with a check list that we could print for winterizing a camper and a checklist to get the unit ready to go in the spring, for those of us that store our campers during the winter in the cold Northeast.

More camper reviews and more new gear.

Can’t think of anything.  It is very good.

Articles on modifications and maintenance for new owners with little experience.  But really, you have a very good feel for what I like and want.  I love each issue.  Thank you so much!  We should try to rally at the Missile Park by Greeley, Colorado.  That was pretty cool.

More destination reports that are unique for truck campers.  More ideas for where to use a truck camper.

Have articles where people with like interests can meet and possibly travel together.

More critical reviews.

More shorter articles with recent travel tips focused on specific single destinations.  Create a survey similar to this one with detailed questions regarding a camper’s experience at one specific camp spot in a camping area.  Some examples time of year, level pad, best sites, trail rating, cost at the time etc.  Maybe a separate reader input section on Specific Best Boondocking experiences by state.

Provide real comparisons between truck campers.  I had difficulty learning the quality ranking of pop-ups (at least that Alaskan is really high quality and Hallmark is higher quality than Northstar).  These are obvious quality differences and it would be useful to have this type of information available.

Have a section of used campers for sale.

Slightly larger images in the articles.  Downsize the Ads and Ad links.

Really like the in depth spots people have found over the years all over the U.S. and photos that go along with them.  Keep it up.  I have a good one for next years calendar.

Have some fun contest like your calendar contest or question and answer, a joke of the week, or problem solving with question and answer.

Great magazine.  It’s the camper manufacturers that need to get their costs down. Palomino is the first to start being realistic in their camper costs.  Hats off to them.

Classified section.

Add a forum.

I understand TCM needs advertisers, but I have also noticed a marked increase in download time with the longer list of advertisers.

Do product testing on your camper while on/off trips and write about your experience.  Windmills, solar panels, etc and show if they work or not in the real world.

Want ads, more articles geared towards older camper upgrades.

Have a section where readers can ask a question about trucks, campers and gear.

Make it a little longer; maybe four articles every time.

Don’t cover popups so much, you might as well own a tent.

If there was a way to sell stuff to your subscribers, that might be nice, depending on how it was done. (Like my Bigfoot Camper) But I expect that this would conflict with your industry ties, so don’t spend a ton of time worrying about it.

Even more detail on the truck campers and products you review.

More articles with details on mods people make, not just the occasional contest.

Put the Newbie Corner within your articles of the moment.

Rig pricing and fuel economy, push the manufactures more so with energy efficient design.  We need more hard side pop ups with innovative light weights to follow truck trends.  The campers are evolutionary but we really need to catch up with a couple of hard side light weight pop ups that are less wind prone and more efficient from ground up.  If you help with a few articles on tech evolution or clear customer preferences that may assist manufacturing base to move a bit faster.  But we thank you for the push you do make in quality, value and weight consciousness and honesty.

More maps for off road adventures.

It’s fine as it is.  Tweaks here and there are always welcome as long as you don’t do anything major to upset the balance.  I would take a separate mod section.  Incentivize people to send in their mods, a freebie or whatever, just so you get a full section there.  Some might be crap but most will be great!

Offer classifieds to buy and sell from individuals.

I’d like to put a section in Spanish because we have to make an effort with English.

Reader reviews on campers.

I’d like to hear a little more about people who are minimalist instead of all the huge campers.

More explanations in newbie corner such as how electrical systems work, solar hookups, inverters for charging devices, plumbing info, products that should be used in septic, cleaning products that don’t harm surfaces, pipes, etc.

Less info about new campers and more about how and where to use and repair what we do have.

Provide a sounding board for truck camper owner concerns.  For example, discuss RV park rules that discriminate against truck campers.

Unclutter the Email Alert by replacing (hiding) the hyperlinks with brief article descriptions.

Include details from truck forums regarding issues with engines, transmissions, etc.  I drive Fords and would have been very interested in knowing issues and resolutions prior to purchasing a $60k vehicle.

More articles about everything.  Would be interested in your schedule, where you are, what you are doing, where you are headed next.
Include every truck camper manufacturer in your lists.

I would like to talk with people about TCM and safety.

Information on campers weight balance, from top to bottom.  How a basement model, weight balance changes top to bottom, over non basement models.

Review of campers that do not advertise.  We found and bought a camper from Outfitter, based on weight ,fiberglass, sides, fresh water capacity, and price, even though we did not find it on TCM.

I think the two of you are doing a fine job, just keep it up.

The west is great but perhaps a few more camping stories in the eastern USA and Canada.

I don’t know if it is possible, but maybe include a map with the places pinned where people have visited.  Kind of a started here and finished there, stopping at these spots kind of thing.

It really is a great resource, so no changes necessary.

Show more inside pictures of campers that people are already on the road with.  I know I’ll need mods and am extremely interested in what others have done, products they use, etc.

Truck tests and evaluations of newer models, and perhaps a discussion on installing various mods for truck camping.

Create an index based on question #9 topics and have links to those sections.

Most of the blogs I use are continually changing their format trying to put to cover to much information.  Your format is great, so I recommend that you should not change it.

Review BLM, Fish and Wildlife and less known National Parks, as well as Corps of Engineer facilities.

Link up more of your videos.

Provide technical data on trucks particularly for trucks suitable for large heavy campers.  You did a good job on documenting your purchase of a new truck.  Do the same thing for Ford and Dodge; you don’t need to buy the truck.

It’s good with me.

Somehow compile a list of boondock sites around the country.

Do more Canadian trips.  Check out Bigfoot campers.

More tech articles.

More photos in camper reviews.  Post past reviews for those of us considering a used camper, how to buy a used camper, and what to look for.  Update newbie corner and feature more newbie articles, more accessory reviews such as suspension parts or upgrade tie down, solar panels and replacement parts such as stoves, generators, etc.

Maybe more on new pickups and capacities, estimated mpg, etc.

Talk more about the cost of ownership of truck campers.  I had to discover that for myself that in my state.  I did not have to register a truck camper.  This went a long way towards our decision to purchase.  I still don’t know whether or not or if I can can.

Do more articles about things that can go wrong with campers, and how to fix (prep and on the road).  Create some way to have real-time interaction with other readers.

Do more test drives and tech reviews of truck campers.

The only thing I would say is more of it.  Although I know you’re probably swamped now, if you could produce more feature stories about people’s experiences and gear, that would be great.  However, I’m being picky!  Thanks again.

More aggressive use of TCM as a bully pulpit for communicating to manufacturers what your readers want in a camper.

More reviews.

I love all of the TCM content, but find the website a little hard to navigate.  I find that there are too many sections.

Keep emphasizing safety!

Get a shorter guy to test the bathrooms – just kidding.  Test a Bigfoot camper.

More southeast state visits.  Persuade more manufacturers / dealers from west coast to display in southeast.  Pop-up campers are my favorite yet seems I must go out west to visit at a show.

I enjoy the magazine as it is now.

Give more info on events in northeast.

Special section in each publication dealing with truck camper gear.

I will think about that one and get back to you. F or the time being, my truck camping needs are being met.  Keep up the goo work.

Show older truck campers and show how to up-date them (my truck camper is a 1978 Coachman 11.6).

You’re doing a great job now!  I look forward to each issue.  My wife actually likes it also.  She loves the calendar contest and purchases it each year.  Thank you for doing this for all of us enthusiasts.

Provide an index for articles on your website.  Provide a few more reviews of items that enhance the truck camper experience.  In your buyer’s guide, you do a nice job of listing dry and wet weights, but it would also be useful to indicate the class of truck the camper is designed for such as F150, F250, F350 or above.  Thanks for the magazine.  I do appreciate receiving it.

When an owner makes a modification, include a link to where it can be purchased and upgrades that can be made to a current camper by the owner.  I’d love to see an article (may have missed it) on full timers.

Just keep doing the great job that you are already.

More articles on mods, road trips and destinations.

More interesting articles; I can’t get enough. You are doing an excellent job.

Maybe review popular add-ons, appliances, devices, upgrades popular or beneficial to truck camping lifestyle.

Put out a monthly hard copy magazine.

A build it or modify it section.  Not sure but with the high price of campers I would like to build a user friendly version.

I would like to see more articles on how to make older half ton trucks into camping vehicles and what type of issues, safety or otherwise that one could come up against.  Not everyone can afford a new vehicle, so making due with what you have on a budget would be a great help.

More HD YouTube and construction of campers videos.

Visit more factories, like Host and Chalet.

More gear info hints.

As far as I am concerned, a little bit more international outlook on the world.

One to two more articles per issue.  More emphasis on the smaller and popup truck campers, especially in exotic, hard to get to places.  In the not to distant future, we plan on upgrading from a slide in popup to a flatbed with side entrance.  I read all your past articles on flatbeds, but would love to see more.

Help open the Louisville show to the public, Indiana has nowhere to view truck campers.

Include information on more campers.  The best camper I’ve found and own, Pastime, isn’t even listed on your site as a company.  I’d like you to include at least one page on all companies that build truck campers.

I would like to know if there is a store that you can purchase a television from and they will totally install it, DVD and all.

Find someone that makes good truck camper tee shirts, hats, etc.

Better tips section for how to do projects of ways people have improved their camper.  For example, installing a wire rack over the door storage or installing a pressure tank in water line to keep pump from having to come on each time water is turned on when dry camping.

Talk the manufacturers into using tankless hot water heaters.

More goodwill towards the industry.  Have a new story showing direct support to the Industry/Consumer.  Something like a sitcom of stories every quarter or so.  Have TCM hold a contest called “TCM Sponsors a Newbie”.  You have newbies who buy a truck camper submit their entry and the winner is chosen at random.  TCM then follows the first year of truck camping of that winner with stories and pictures (the good the bad the ugly and the magnificent).  The winner gets TCM stuff and is sponsored at a rally by TCM.

I really like it the way it is.  As a newbie I have found out a lot of information.

More stories on Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia truck camping adventures.

More photos of campers in action, in different locations around the US, maybe covering camp grounds and national parks.
More factory videos and more camper review videos.

Have feature stories about specific individuals, details on their trucks, their campers, their modifications, their equipment and their experiences.  Less coverage on trips and scenery photos.  That would be a separate story.

More tips on how to improve efficient use of space.

Talk about future trends, like natural gas, dual-fuel trucks.  I really like the coverage of flatbed campers.

No change necessary.

More how to maintenance on things like camper furnaces.

Make the back issues more searchable.  Fun to browse, but hard to find specific topics.  Have you considered starting a forum?

I love the issues dealing with mods and the calendar contest.  More information about the places of the winners would be super.

It’s fine just the way it is!

Nothing, don’t like constant changes.

Have an area for reporting good or bad repairs by RV service providers.

More about the technical aspect like readers modifications.

Keep doing the great job that you are doing.  This is an awesome resource for anyone looking to get a truck camper and to continue the adventure.

Side by side comparisons.

Just keep up the good work.

It is already top notch, keep it up!

User friendly navigation on the web page.

Reviews of camping equipment.  Technical articles.

Used campers for sale section.

Answer all your emails.  Unanswered e-mails make me think you are too busy or don’t interact with your readership.

You need some advertisers/sponsors from RV Shops/Retailers that will supply the overseas markets, eg, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Lots of US RV retailers could better supply overseas markets and obtain better overseas shipping rates and reduce their kickback commissions (UPS 40%) on shipping rates. Sometimes I think they make more on shipping thn on the part, Why? 2. Some older articles on parts could be done again. 3. I thoroughly enjoy reading Reports from Truck Camper Jamborees and pictures of what they do. Thank You, Great Magazine and Reports. Read every one.

Provide reviews on campers that do not advertise on your magazine, like Bigfoot, etc.

Have some kind if forum for or on ham radio!

More surveys from actual owners about which products (trucks and truck campers and supplies) have proven most reliable and negative points as well.  Your mag can be a stronger asset to potential new owners and current owners as well

More articles on taking toys, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, and ham radio applications.

Shorten the articles or break them up into headlined chunks that can be consumed.

I think you cover a wide spectrum of topics, stories product lines, factory innovations, etc.

More detailed reviews of camper.  Who rates better for extreme temperature and condition toughness?

Have a section for reader reviews of campers and gear.  It would be helpful to have a ratings system similar to

Make the back issues available as PDFs so we could easily load them onto tablets etc and read them offline or carry them with us. P DFs of the brochures and other online materials would be immensely useful as well.

Contest from information stated in TCM, more pictures less writing.  More of both of you.

Do a print version.

I can’t think of anything.  I like it as it is.

I am shopping and don’t have any local dealers so I get a lot of info from TCM.  I am not interested in overweight campers, just the basics.

More overall shots of interiors and exteriors of truck campers that are reviewed and/or video reviews.  This would include all storage compartments and cabinetry.  Some people (myself included) live in places where it is difficult (impossible) to view most brands of truck campers before purchasing them without driving great distances.  It seems most brands are geographically sold near the manufacturers location and limited everywhere else.  More photos would assist me with choosing a truck camper.

Doing a great job!  Please keep it up.

How about a series about buying a good used unit, like do’s and don’ts, what to look out for.  Not all of us have 30K+ to spend on a camper.

Actual ownership issues.  These issues are often discussed on NATCOA.  Loading and unloading the truck camper, driving issues (sway stopping etc.), weights, GVWR concerns, etc.  Real world type stuff.

Make downloadable PDFs of each article.

Smaller truck camper info and articles.

More boondocking camping ideas, especially out west, and resources that list these campsites.

More information on the trucks for hauling the campers.

Nothing on the magazine side.  The changes you made are fine to me.  This is my second TCM calendar to buy and I would like to know if you can add horizontal lines to divide the weeks? Also, any way to add the moon phases?  We love camping on full moon nights.

More video reviews.

I find the expert articles too dumbed down.  I understand most readers aren’t all that technical but I am and would like to see in-depth articles on how various systems work (solar systems, propane fridges, wind power, converters, etc).  How to articles on installation of accessories, etc. could be done by the vendors of the equipment.

Allow reader comments/discussion to be added to the articles.

Can’t think of a thing.  I’m addicted to your site!

Change the home page articles more often.  It seems like its the same all the time.

Articles and stories and repair info on older units like restoration.

Have more photo contests.

More technical articles on how systems work in a camper, ie 12V constant duty solenoid that shuts off power from truck to camper and how to wire it properly. That type of thing. Explain how things work for the ordinary joe.

Links to campgrounds website in articles.

Include stories about camping in truck caps (because that is what I have).  Example that I read about:  Truck camping in caps is great for those of us not yet ready to buy a more expensive one.  Or have a truck that is too small.

More road tests.

Continue to grow and prosper.

It is better; just continue.  Congratulations.

More in-depth info on pickup trucks, good and bad.

Nothing comes to mind, you do a great job!

I like travel videos.  TCM is the best.

More on camp sites that cost less.  I’m always looking for a cheap place to spend night that is safe.

More Canadian content.  Canada is a great place.  We don’t carry firearms unless we are hunting wildlife and most of us are friendly.

I think y’all do a great job and I’d have to say, “I’ll know when I see it”.

Add tabs for rallies and RV shows on the main page.

Print issues to look up old information on used campers.

None, you are doing a great job.

Stress to truck campers to stay within the GVR of their units.  From my observations, likely 75% of truck camper units are over their GVR.  Gear enhancements (shocks, air bags, extra springs, etc) may improve handling, but do not increase the Legal GVR of a truck!

I’m biased, but maybe a Northstar 850SC review.  Or anymore Northstar reviews.  What can I say it’s the best camper on the market.  I would actually like to hear an article about your experience with the cassette toilet. I n all honesty I think you do a great job and I look forward to reading the articles when they come in.

Just please keep it going.  This is great information all available in one location.

Be more knowledgeable about porpoising on concrete, segmented roads, and how to correct it.

Would like to see more personal stories about travel, places, campgrounds, etc..

More reviews of manufacturer’s products.

More development of reviews of trucks used for carrying campers, since they are just as important or more.  And the testing should be while carrying a camper maxing the truck GVW.

Remote off grid communication, GPS tracking, and map solutions out of cell phone range.

Given the limited market for truck campers, I think you are doing an excellent job.

Truck reviews.

More articles on a truck camper’s upkeep and technical articles.

More on old rigs and there up keep.

I will like whatever you do to the magazine.  I really enjoy getting the TCM Alerts in my email.

Perhaps you could encourage dealers to advertise used truck campers; trading up but not necessarily new would be good.  They only go back about one year and then they are new.  Lets get older used campers.

Make it longer.  More DIY articles.  More hints.

Interviews with other accessory fabricator companies.

Occasionally review RV and camping parks a little more.

Include more recipes and ideas for using cookware outdoors, e.g., cast iron skillets & Dutch ovens, grills (both fireplace & propane).  Show more about items/equipment campers have designed or made to simplify or improve the camping experience.

I’d like to see more on truck matching to truck camper.

Tell me exactly what popup truck camper to purchase or if I should purchase a Class B.

More the data on trucks.

Have some forum setup so that owners could discuss topics.

Provide information about hard side units for half ton pickups.

More stories on how to load the camper onto the truck!  True the more you do it the better you get, however I am still looking for that sure fire way of getting the thing loaded first time without a loud discussion with the Mrs.

More articles on individuals going on truck camper trips in blog type reports.  I’d like to here of more truck campers adventures.

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