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Things You Like About Truck Camper Magazine

With over 1100 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling well over thirty-seven pages), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you like about TCM.

Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Like” comments from the 2014 Truck Camper Magazine Reader Survey:

You live what you preach.  You travel in a camper.  I particularly like the camper reviews.

Love everything.  I’ve learned so much about truck campers without ever owning one.  It’s made me much more knowledgeable and sure that the camper we buy in 2014 will be the best one for our needs.

Great useful articles which are candid and objective, plus we love you guys!

You have a close relationship with your readers.  Discovery of new ideas related to truck camping.

It’s a magazine devoted to truck campers!  It is also weekly with a vast amount of info, or links to.

That it is web based.  No subscription fees!  Nice articles that ask good questions.

I like the camper reviews and pictures, and the tech articles.

Truck Camper Magazine is the closest thing to a truck camper encyclopedia, making it easy to compare different makes, and models.

We love your lifestyle adventure stories that you publish.  You are our go to website when we need any truck camper information.

You two are real pros, with a passion for what you do.  Your matching a truck to a camper was an instant classic.  Even though I’m a veteran truck camper, there’s still much to learn!

Good variety in articles.  No apparent bias toward brands.

Gordon and Angela do a wonderful job.  I just wish I had the time and money to visit places like they do.  I like the articles about tech, places to travel out west and interviews with other truck campers.

My dream is to live full-time in a truck camper, traveling to remote sites mainly in the American west and southwest.  I also hope to travel to all parts of the country and parts of Canada, all on back roads and boondocking as much as possible.  Due to a family situation, I am not able to do this now, but hope to within a few years.  Truck Camper Magazine inspires me and allows me to keep my dream alive.  I look forward to the twice-weekly articles.  I enjoy the photography of interesting areas.  I also enjoy the articles about gear and boondocking.  I learn something new every time I visit the site.  Thanks for providing such great information.  I hope to see you all some day at a rally in my new camper and truck, which will be my home.

I’ve met the publishers at an RV show and Truck Camper Rally; you made yourself immediately available and passionately answered several questions, all while letting just gotten lunch languish in the background.  You put me first, handled my needs almost overwhelmingly, and then after making sure I was satisfied, left me with a smile on my face that leads to more truck camper addiction, my favorite affliction.  TCM puts me first.  All of TCM is always available online everywhere on every device; I can’t lose or misplace it and it’s always neat and organized!  That is very important for an organizationally challenged male.  TCM makes me feel good.  Now excuse me while I go out to the neat and organized truck camper and sit in my cake!

Interesting stuff, seeing what others are doing.

Besides everything I clicked on, TCM is free and just keeps giving!

Good resource towards long-term plan to purchase truck camper.  I am currently traveling full-time in a fifth-wheel trailer.

I like most of the interviews with the manufacturers of campers and gear.  Like some of the personal articles of individuals.  I like the announcements of rallies.

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