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2013 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Like

I like reading about folks’ experiences with their camper, especially the pop-up truck camper stories.  And I love reading the cat stories.  Meow to Harley!

I really enjoyed it more when I was shopping for my first camper and looking for advice on how to use my camper to its full capacity.  You do a nice job promoting truck camping.

The owner modifications done and the good ideas so many owners have on how to use their camper or improve on it.

Off-road Stories, photo contests, mod contests, and the owners!

Keeping up with changes in the industry and travelogs.

Truck Camper Magazine does a good job keeping up with the latest RV/truck camper industry news.

There is so little truck camper information out there that it is great to have a magazine devoted entirely to our personal traveling lifestyle.

Everything.  Nothing wrong with that.

People’s trips for ideas on where to go, new gear for upgrading my stuff, tips on how to make things better in your rig.

I like all the articles.  I also like to send in things you all ask for.  I’m not retired yet, but reading articles on where other campers have been has opened me up to many places I’d love to travel to later on in life.

Short, frequent issues as opposed to longer, infrequent issues. The photos, the articles about camper maintenance, storage, add-ons, etc.

Articles by readers, relating camping experiences and adventures.

That it comes out weekly, gives up-to-date information on new products, it has personal stories and pictures, and links to manufacturers and dealers.

I like to see what is new in the truck camper industry.  I like to read about other people’s adventures.  I wouldn’t have known about the 1st Midwest Truck Camper Rally without Truck Camper Magazine.  I like the humor.

Instructional information.  I’m learning before I purchase.

Camper reviews.

Everything.  I love the accountability the manufacturers now have with the magazine!

Information about truck campers.  It’s the only place to go.

The information is about all truck camping.  The social connection it brings to truck camping, the education given to all readers, the entertainment of the articles and the style of writing utilized.

Everything.  Especially the fact that it has current and frequent updates.  I know it’s a lot of work but I’m sure it plays a large role in your loyal followers.

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