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2013 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Like

Actually I think you do an excellent job with TCM.  Could you do it without Harley?  Love the animals that truck camp!

Like to see the new designs even though I have the camper I will use for the next ten years. Then I’ll buy the one I want for my retirement.  I like seeing the trends and finding what truck companies are doing to support truck campers.

I have really enjoyed the website and visit it at least three to four times a week always looking for a new article to come out.  You guys and gals are doing a great job.  Keep it up.

I would not change your magazine at all.  It’s better than magazines I pay for.  I currently have an 18 foot Fleetwood Pegasus travel trailer because we are a family of five.  I wish more manufactures would work to accommodate a half ton truck with a camper that could sleep more people.  That is something you have no control over, and they have to do what sells.  It’s more old people doing this stuff than the younger for some reason.  Anyway you have a great magazine and I would not change a thing.  Thanks again.

I really like the stories from folks that are out there camping and enjoying the country.   I also appreciate the articles about manufacturers, models and the points you make about what can be improved.  I also like to see what’s working and what folks are doing to their campers to make them more user friendly.

I think you both have done a great job and a service to the truck camping community.  Thanks and I look forward to reading it!

Just so you know, your magazine accomplished in a few articles what I was unable to do for two years.  It convinced my wife that a truck camper was the way to go (as opposed to a stress inducing trailer).

Everything, as we do not have a magazine here in England like Truck Camper Magazine.

Love your constant effort to keep us up on the latest news, announcements, but I especially like the lifestyle stories!

It’s free, informative and very easy to access from home or away.  We can get all of the information we need by smart phone, Ipad or notebook computer.

Interesting articles, new manufacturer information, and video tours of new campers.

It is a great way to communicate places, ideas, events, gear, etc.

It is all about truck campers.

The articles about campers, their features, and boondocking.

It’s free and it’s easy to find new articles.

Great magazine, it comes by way of email, and it’s well written through experience.

HONESTY!  You two tell it like it is.  You also offer the only place on the web for finding the smallest details about a truck camper.

Ideas for places to visit and reader suggestions on various topics.

News about innovations in truck camper design and gear.

Allowing my novice self to research and learn more about pop-up campers prior to buying one upon retirement in the next two to three years.

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