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2013 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Like

Articles that are written by truck camper people about their adventures.  Your write ups on new models, etc.

It covers a lot of areas.  Right now I’m not interested in new truck or camper, but in the future, I’ll want to use it for information when I am looking.

I was fascinated with the article about wind power generator.  I would like to see more of that type; wind, solar, that wouldn’t take up precious space!

I have loved it especially since we started using our truck camper and even before.  I have gotten so much help in getting it ready for traveling.

I like the profiles and lifestyles stories.  I also like the stories about legal weights.  I am enjoying the pop up camper stories.

I had been thinking of a small trailer behind my car, but on my way to a rock/gem show in New Hampshire I stopped in at Truck Camper Warehouse.  I was very impressed with idea of a camper.  The gentleman I spoke with gave me a brochure and a post card for TCM and I’ve been reading you since.  I have attended a couple of RV shows, but was disappointed that there were no campers.  All I see on the road are RVs and 5th Wheels.  When I mention truck campers people think i mean one of those pop-up tent trailers or just a cap on the back.
Your magazine incorporates so much info and the lifestyles feature excites me to look forward to when I can also be able to visit this great country and family and friends.

I did buy a Stable-Lift system after seeing one in TCM.  I’m very glad I did.  It works great for me.

Each issue is short. That’s kind of important because there are so many.

I like the ability to select topics, such as Tech or Gear Guide, at any time.  I enjoy reading about camping strategies, such as winter camping.

I really like all the email updates because I am always using my iPhone instead of a computer to go online and the links to the website and the website being easy to view on a mobile device really makes the difference to me in terms of looking at the site versus never looking at it by having to view it on a computer.

All the information and feeling great being part of a unique, exclusively broad group.

Gives me stories from others to aspire to/dream about for future. I like the pictures, editorials, and videos.

Info from real people.  One of these days we will attend a rally.

Learning what we might want on a truck camper.
We are planning on retiring in a few years and want to live in a truck camper and travel around the country for a couple of years.  So, reading people’s stories have helped us know what to look for and what to avoid.

Lots of information about everything from equipment to places to go.  It’s always a great resource, and fun to read what other people are doing.

All the information that is available has helped me out, especially about the purchase of your 3500 Chevy Silverado and weights that go along with a truck camper.  It’s good research for our homework we are doing before we get make a purchase.

Real articles, excellent reviews and stories.  It’s all good.

Everything.  Being able to read about others blazing trails to enjoy our planet and having someone who does it give us the true skinny as well as giving the us the opportunity to participate.  Keep up the fire.

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