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Wet Bath Truck Camper Confessions

This week’s question of the week was, “Do you use the shower in your camper?”

With 186 responses to this question, we had to split up the entries into wet bath, dry bath, and no bath.  Today we’re publishing the wet bath confessions.  Next week we’ll have the dry bath and no bath responses.

Who would have known that such a taboo subject would be so popular?  Or that so many folks would want to confess their truck camper shower habits?

Wet Bath Truck Camper Confessions

“I have a wet bath.  We use the toilet, but usually shower at campground facility.  The shower is too small for me to stand up in and the granddaughters don’t like the shower curtain.” – Howard Bisco, 2007 Ford F150, 2012 Palomino 1251SB

“I have a wet bath.  Yes, I have shower and use it.  That is why I have one.
You should see what microscopic things that grow on public shower floors. No thanks.” – John S, 2012 Chevy 2500HD, 2012 Lance 855S

“I have a wet bath.  We bought this particular camper used for two reasons, to see if we liked this type of vacationing and because it had a bathroom with a shower.  We found that we love this type of vacationing and our camper, but the shower stall is also the floor space in front of the toilet, and is too small to shower.  We use it as a bathroom only and a closet for our jackets etc.  We have to use the public showers.” – Carol Anne, 2008 Ford F250, Alpenlite Cimmaron XL250

“I have a wet bath.  Yes I use my shower everywhere I go.  In my mind it’s what separates me from a fancy tent.  It allows me to go beach camping and to other areas and stay clean.  If I didn’t have a shower, I would most likely just stay home!” – Bryan Moffitt, 2013 Ram 1500, 2014 CampLite 6.8

“I have a wet bath.  I use my shower four mornings every week during the months of September through November and April through June in the New England area.  It is a God-send, and it makes the camper what I really need, a completely self-contained, yet cost-efficient and unobtrusive home on wheels.

I teach Physics in a high school that is a very long drive from my home.  On days when I have a lot of evening grading and lesson planning to do, I just boondock in the school parking lot for the night and gain about ninety minutes per day of productivity.  I also save lots of gas money that would have been spent commuting back and forth each day to home.  I sleep in the camper, eat all my meals in it, and shower and dress for work each morning, four days per week.

This Travel Lite carries thirty gallons of fresh water, plus the six gallons in the hot water tank.  That provides easily enough water for four to five carefully metered showers.  I’m 6′ 2” feet tall, and fortunately this old camper model came with a raised bathroom skylight that lets me comfortably stand while showering.  The ceiling fan in the shower quickly clears out the steam within just a few minutes after showering, so all the residual moisture is pretty much removed by the time I’m dressed and ready to step out and go to work.

The hot water heater is more than adequate for two showers in a row, which occurs when my wife and I travel together using the camper.

There are just two issues I have.  First, the grey water tank is far smaller than the fresh water supply, so I have to dump it mid-week and well before the black water sewage needs dumping.  This is an unnecessary nuisance.  More grey water capacity for folks like me who boondock a lot would be a real blessing.

Second, the wet bath in this camper contains what may appear to be a very nice counter and sink, but I never use them at all.  They take up a lot of room in what could be a larger and more comfortable shower stall, and the chip-board base on which the counter laminate is bonded has absorbed moisture from showers and is crumbling from underneath.

The in-bath sink and counter space may look nice in a dealer showroom, but they are a negative for my real world use.  I can brush my teeth and wash my hands in the kitchen sink!  Thoughts about upgrading to a newer camper model have been almost entirely dashed by the sad conclusion that newer three-quarter ton truck (and short bed) truck camper models don’t carry adequate fresh or grey water capacities for my daily showering requirements.  So, I’ll just make some repairs on some rotted wood roof damage that has occurred over the years in the bathroom ceiling to keep this reliable, comfortable, and versatile old camper going!” – Reed, 2007 GMC 2500 HD, 2000 Travel Lite

“I have a wet bath.  My wife has used it quite a few times.  I have just a couple of times.  I am like 6’1″ with broad shoulders and it is just tight in there for me with the shower curtain, short door, etc.  But, it works in a pinch.  Really, that is all that counts.  Our next truck camper will be a hard side and hopefully have a little more room in the bath bath with a full door.” – Mike and Dawn Shropshire, 2014 Ram 2500, 2014 Palomino SS-1251

“I have a wet bath.  Yes, absolutely!  It is convenient, efficient and I am often off the grid camping.  I would prefer it if it were a dry bath, but it was not available in this model (and we bought our camper used).  If given the choice, we would definitely purchase a camper with a dry bath (easier to give the grandkids a scrub in a tub than in a wet bath set-up).” – Rob, 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, 2010 Northern Lite 10-2 QC Special Edition

“I have a wet bath and use it occasionally.  It’s better than no shower.” – Hill Trekker, 2002 Dodge 2500, 2004 Lance 920

“I have a wet bath but I do not use the shower.  I never even unwrapped the shower curtain.  I’ve never used the shower inside, but use the outside shower every now and then.  We usually make it to a friend’s house every three or four days.  If we boondock for a long time, we use the outside shower, I promise.” – Rob Harris, 2007 Silverado 2500, 2012 Northern Lite Sportsman

“I have a wet bath.  Since we bought a new shower head and flexible hose to replace the factory one, we love it.  Now we don’t have to share our shower with the mosquitoes, spiders, and moths!  My only complaint is the small grey tank!” – Allan Riley, 2004 Dodge 2500, 2008 Northstar 8.5 Arrow

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