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Truck Campers Ride With Water

This week’s Question of the Week was a short survey on how much water readers travel with in their fresh water holding tanks.  So, do truck campers ride with water?

Here are the results.  The charts click to expand:


The above chart shows that 74 percent of us travel with full fresh water tanks “always” or “sometimes”.  This result underscores the importance of including full fresh water tank weight in published wet weight calculations.

This question asked how much water truck campers travel with.  The main problem with this question is that it can be challenging to know how much water is in a fresh water tank.  Standard RV tank monitors are not accurate.

Ideally, truck campers would all have SeeLevel tank monitoring systems and a device that measures the amount of water going into the fresh tank.  Truck Camper Magazine plans to investigate the SeeLevel system in the future and has a lead on a solution to measure water entering the fresh tank.


In the introduction to this survey, I confessed, “I’m a bit of a water worry wart, so I’m more inclined to fill the tank than not.”  Evidently, I’m not the only water worry wart in this community.  82.23% of us answered that we “always” or “sometimes” travel with water even if the place we’re going has fresh water.

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