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Truck and Camper Insurance Reports

“My camper is insured with the truck through State Farm.” – Alston Hammons, 2007 Chevy 3500, 2007 Arctic Fox 1140

“The first couple of years I insured my camper along with my truck. However I wasn’t comfortable.  One reason was my agent didn’t seem to be concerned about the make, model, or year of the camper, let alone the contents.  He kept saying, “if it is attached to your truck, then you’re covered”.  My camper is on the ground when I store it and quite often when I’m camping.  So, what happens then?  Finally I was told, “well, you’re on your own”.  So I shopped around and contacted USAA insurance.  Out of all the companies I contacted, they were the only one who knew what a truck camper was.  Even the insurance company through Good Sam had some difficulty comprehending what a truck camper is.  Now USAA doesn’t insure RVs directly, they sub it out to Progressive.  If you are a USSA member, you get a nice discount with Progressive.  My annual policy is $190.

Just for information, in order to be a USAA member, you or your spouse must be active duty or prior military.  Now I have peace of mind knowing I’m covered when the camper is on the ground.  Anything could happen; fire, theft, vandalism.  My camper costs too much not to be insured.” – Dr. Dee, 2008 Ford F-350, 2008 Lance 1191

“I used to insure them together, but didn’t like the coverage for it.  Now I cover it separately.  I use National General Insurance (formally known as Good Sam’s).  It is covered just like an RV, but without the liability part.”
Jeff Lewis, 2001 Ford F-350, 2011 Lance 1181

“I just insured it last week as part of my truck insurance.  Apparently you have to notify your truck insurance even if you’re using a separate insurer for the camper.  Carrying the camper changes the coverage of the truck. At least that is what my broker said.  My broker at first said she did not expect Dominion to cover it, and to send her photos.  She phoned right back and said they did cover campers, only she had never seen one before.  The company itself was experienced with them.  I do not know how much it will cost extra as I have not been home to open my mail.  I am on the last day of my first big trip since becoming a truck camper.” – Michele, 2013 F150, 2002 Northstar TC800

“We have separate policies although we wanted all on one.  Our agent said it couldn’t be done.  Now we know why.  We had an accident and the insurance company charged us a $4,000 deductible; $2000 for the truck, and $2,000 for the camper.  We are not happy with their service.” – Randy Andres, 2009 Ford 350, 2003 Bigfoot

“I insure the truck and camper separately, with different companies.  We have used Aviva for many years now, with no problems.  But again, we’ve never submitted a claim either, so who knows how good they really are.” – Maaja, 2012 GMC Sierra 2500, 2014 Northstar 850SC

“No, it is cargo.  I have to store it with the truck, because the truck is insured.” – Ron Richardson, 2000 GMC Sierra 1500, 2012 Wolf Creek 850

“I insure the camper as part of my truck insurance, but with a value on each part.  Although we are in Scotland the insurance company is in England.  It is called Campton and specializes in American RV trucks and truck campers.” – Allan Huntly, 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 2014 Chalet TS116

“I ran into the same thing followed by long discussions and confusion about what insurance might cover it when.  Frankly, I think the agents were making it up as they went since as soon as I asked for it in writing, I started getting a run around.  When I called Pemco they knew exactly what I was talking about and their computer had truck campers as a specific option.  I have the policy in writing, it doesn’t cost much, and I know I am covered.” – Brad Holt, 2013 Ford F350, 2013 Arctic Fox 1150

“Our insurance is through Hartford.  Three vehicles are on the auto policy, the sailboat has a separate policy, and so does the house.  When I called to add the truck and camper they asked if this was a fifth wheel or travel trailer.  I explained it was a slide-in camper that fits on a truck.  I had the distinct impression the agent did not have a clue what a camper on a truck was.  So after a brief spell of putting me on hold she said they don’t have a separate policy and that it would be covered under my homeowners policy.  So every year when renewal time comes I call to verify that my camper is still covered under homeowners insurance.  My policy runs $350 a year so that’s not so bad to cover our second home.” – Roger Odahl, 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 2004 Eagle Cap 950

“The camper is insured as part of our truck on a Personal Lines Automobile policy.  The contents of the camper (household goods) are covered automatically under our Homeowners policy.  Both policies are written by the same insurance company which should avoid any of the nasty finger pointing between policies.” – Debi Long, 2013 GMC 2500HD, 2014 Lance 855

“Our truck camper was insured under the truck insurance.  However, it was not listed on the policy, which made the claim process tricky when we had our accident.  Our insurance company is USAA.  They now advertise that they insure truck campers separately.” – Greg Gaskill, 2000 Ford F250, Was a 2007 Travel Lite 890RX

“We insure ours separately through Farm Bureau Insurance.  The only complaint I have is when I purchased the insurance I was told it was about $70 for the year, and when the insurance renewed the next spring it was $140.  I think what happened was that we bought our camper in August of the previous year, so it was for a partial year.” – Marvin, 1997 Dodge 2500, 2000 S&S 9.5SB

“No, we do not insure the camper at all.  The truck insurance will insure it for $275 a year with a $500 deductible.  I only paid $2000 for my camper in 1990.  Why insure it?” – Rag, 2003 Chev Silverado, 1989 Sportsman 8ft

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