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Truck Camper Battery Survey Results

This week we surveyed our readers about the camper batteries they have now, and the camper batteries readers want.  Here are the camper battery survey results.  All of the following graphs click to expand.

Batteries You Have


Clearly the flooded cell/lead acid batteries and absorbed glass mat/AGM battery types make up the majority of what truck campers are using.  No surprises there.


Deep cycle batteries are, by far, the most popular.  They’re also the most appropriate for a truck camper house battery.


We were actually interested to see that 19-percent of the readers report having 6-volt/golf cart batteries and will look further into the pros and cons of 6-volt battery banks for a future story.


Most truck campers either ship with Group 24 or Group 27 12-volt batteries, or are supplied with one of these two battery sizes by the selling dealers.  Group 31 and 6-volt batteries are almost always an upgrade made by the owner.


Most truck campers come with one or two batteries, and have a battery compartment for one or two batteries.  This is reflected in the data.  Having more than two batteries is almost always an owner upgrade.

Evidently 1.47% of our readers has more than six batteries.  If you ever need to do any off-grid arc-welding, we suggest finding these folks ahead of time.

Batteries Wanted


We’re now looking at the battery type readers want.  Where the “battery type have” response showed 54-percent with flooded cell/lead-acid batteries, this graph shows that most readers want to upgrade to absorbed glass mat/AGM batteries.


The responses to the battery class question shows that we have, and want, deep cycle batteries.  This is the most appropriate battery type for truck campers.


Comparing the battery category “want” graph to its “have” counterpart, we can see a clear trend from 12-volt batteries to 6-volt batteries.  That stated, the majority of readers still want 12-volt battery bank systems.


The headline for this survey, “We Like Big Batteries and We Cannot Lie”.  Well, it turns out my slighty humorous reference to Sir-Mix-A-Lot is true.

Comparing the “have” to the “want” responses to this question, the trend to larger batteries could not be more clear.  The Group 24 responses went from 16.3% (have) down to 4.65% (want).  At the other end, Group 31 went from 22.22% (have) up to 38.76% (want).


From this graph we can see that most folks are satisfied with two batteries, or want more batteries.  Looking at the have and want responses the trend is from one to two batteries, staying at two batteries, or moving up to four batteries.

From the survey, most of us have two flooded cell/lead-acid, deep cycle, Group 27 batteries.

From the survey, most of us want two absorbed glass mat/AGM, deep cycle, 12-volt, Group 31 batteries.

That’s exactly what we have, and highly recommend, if you have the payload capacity and space for Group 31 batteries.

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