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Top 10 Wished For Camper Options

This week we asked. “If you could go back in time, how would you change the options you selected for your camper order?”

Here are the top 10 factory camper options folks would add if they could go back in time.

Here is the complete list of camper options:

1. Solar panel system – 53.42%
2. LED interior lighting – 50.00%
3. USB outlets – 50.00%
4. Back-up camera – 46.58%
5. 12-volt outlets – 40.41%
6. Thermal pane windows – 36.99%
7. Gas and electric water heater – 36.30%
8. Digital thermostat – 30.14%
9. Fantastic roof vent – 29.45%
10. Air conditioner – high-efficiency – 29.45%
11. Awning – side awning – 28.77%
12. Exterior battery charging port – 28.77%
13. Battery disconnect – 26.71%
14. Awning – rear awning – 26.03%
15. Extended storage bumper – 26.03%
16. AM/FM CD/DVD bluetooth stereo – 25.34%
17. Remote control electric jacks – 25.34%
18. Swing-out entry assist handle – 24.66%
19. Fresh water filtration system – 23.29%
20. Larger refrigerator – 21.92%
21. Winterizing bypass valve – 21.92%
22. Heki skylight – 21.23%
23. Exterior propane connection – 21.23%
24. Frameless windows – 21.23%
25. Roof rack system – 19.86%
26. Microwave convection oven – 19.18%
27. Satellite dish television system – 17.81%
28. HDTV television – 16.44%
29. Keyless entry system – 16.44%
30. Built-in propane oven – 15.07%
31. Built-in propane generator – 14.38%
32. Roof TV antenna – 13.70%
33. Front pass-through window – 12.33%
34. Slide-out awning toppers – 12.33%
35. Exterior shower – 11.64%
36. Expandable shower rod – 10.96%
37. Stainless steel appliances – 10.96%
38. Air conditioner – standard – 8.22%
39. Removable carpet kit – 8.22%
40. Microwave oven – 6.85%
41. Child bunk bed over dinette – 6.16%
42. Cabover nose window – 5.48%

As a bonus, we also asked, “Which camper options do you have on your current truck camper that you would definitely get again?”

Here are the top 10 factory camper options folks would definitely get again.

Here is the complete list of camper options:

1. Fantastic roof vent – 77.55%
2. 12-volt outlets – 70.75%
3. LED interior lighting – 58.50%
4. Battery disconnect – 55.78%
5. Remote control electric jacks – 55.10%
6. Exterior shower – 51.02%
7. Winterizing bypass valve – 51.02%
8. Roof TV antenna – 44.90%
9. Awning – rear awning – 42.86%
10. AM/FM CD/DVD bluetooth stereo – 42.18%
11. Awning – side awning – 41.50%
12. Microwave oven – 39.46%
13. Built-in propane oven – 38.78%
14. HDTV television – 37.41%
15. Solar panel system – 35.37%
16. Thermal pane windows – 35.37%
17. Gas and electric water heater – 34.01%
18. Larger refrigerator – 33.33%
19. Roof rack system – 32.65%
20. Air conditioner – high-efficiency – 31.97%
21. Built-in propane generator – 30.61%
22. USB outlets – 29.93%
23. Front pass-through window – 27.89%
24. Heki skylight – 25.85%
25. Air conditioner – standard – 25.17%
26. Exterior propane connection – 25.17%
27. Swing-out entry assist handle – 24.49%
28. Slide-out awning toppers – 21.77%
29. Digital thermostat – 20.41%
30. Back-up camera – 18.37%
31. Expandable shower rod – 16.33%
32. Removable carpet kit – 14.97%
33. Child bunk bed over dinette – 13.61%
34. Extended storage bumper – 12.24%
35. Frameless windows – 11.56%
36. Microwave convection oven – 11.56%
37. Exterior battery charging port – 10.20%
38. Satellite dish television system – 10.20%
39. Cabover nose window – 9.52%
40. Fresh water filtration system – 8.16%
41. Stainless steel appliances – 8.16%
42. Keyless entry system – 3.40%

Here are the reader comments to the open ended question, “Are there any other camper options you would have added if you were able to go back in time?”

I would have added an extra side window in cabover.  Our camper only has one window in the bedroom.

Hydronic heat.

I would have added a vent/escape hatch in the cabover that’s at least 20 square inches.  Thereby, making the right side window with a sliding screen for ventilation.  I would have also requested a two burner stove top with a burner in back and front and making at least 40% more counter space, as well as deleting the oven!  Also, I would have added a 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter with a battery box space for two group 31 AGMs.

A two burner stove instead of three burner stove because I would get more counter space.

A compressor refrigerator and electric auxiliary heat.

I would delete the propane generator!

A fresnel window in door.

Electric awning.

A couch instead of a dinette.

I’d add a tracking device if my camper was stolen.

Just a new Lance 1030l.

Pop a light type lights in all exterior hatches.

A bigger bathroom/shower!  I would have added a smaller Heki vent.  I do not like my big one.l

One item I would have chosen is a toilet/shower with no sink which would make more room to shower.

A compartment sized to fit a Honda 2000 watt generator and a removable power cable with exterior plug.

The sub zero package.

A cassette toilet.

Even better batteries and charging.

A quick release tie down system.

A stainless steel double basin sink.

Dual Group 27 Batteries.

A dry bath.

110 volt plug, larger battery, and built-in propane stove.

An inverter, wireless electric jacks, wet bath, the Marantz 7t preamp to go with your 8 t tube amp.

Although these were not options at the time of purchase, I would have loved to have the full size one piece door, and the electric roof lift that Palomino came out with after my purchase.

Two recliner chairs.

Four burner stove top.

A curtain that you can close off an area in front of the bathroom for a little bit more room getting dressed after a shower.

More solar panels and batteries.

A propane lite like my parents Franklin had.

Remove the stupid window decorations.  I want functional curtains.

Side door entry.

Two or more slide-outs.

A slide-out with a fold out bed and interior lighting.

A propane ext.  I would want one that will work for standard applications.
Jealousie windows (crank out).  I don’t like sliders.

I don’t know if it was available, but because the camper is on a four wheel drive, on ton truck, the drop down bottom step is often about 6″ too high in some conditions.  My short legs are the problem.

I wish I could have ordered a wife who liked camping as much as I do.  It would have made life a lot easier.

I would love to have a flat top over all the extremities on the roof.  This would be ideal for roof top sun bathing parties and night time sky watching!

An additional solar panel.

East-west cabover.

Dual batteries and a furnace.

Delete the rear ladder.

Holding tank gauges that actually work for more than a week!

Enclosed weatherproof roof storage.

A wired-in full outlet high wattage inverter that was wired to cut out the converter charger when used.

Storm windows,

City plumbing hookup, an inside shower, and a north-south facing bed with cabinets.

Delete the front window, and add fiberglass nose cap.

High pressure propane outlet for gas grill.  A standard grill cannot be used without modifications.

I would have asked for an east/west bed, which would give me a shorter cabover.  I would have also deleted the front window and air conditioner.

Interior propane connection, AM/FM, DVD, and Bluetooth.

Indoor shower.

Theater seating instead of a couch.

A quiet propane forced air heater.
Another (I have two) solar panel and Torklift hanging batteries.

External speakers and better entry steps.

I would’ve waited a year to buy because of the design changes made on our model camper makes it more user friendly.

Grey water holding tank, a larger fresh water tank, and battery system.

Easier access to the storage cabover bed area.

AGM batteries.

Delete generator and propane oven.

Thermal curtains for pop-up.

Flush Potty!  Please note above was not available in 1971.

Go aluminum, and not wood.  The cost of the repair was $1,000.

Dual heavy duty batteries.

SeeLevel tank monitoring system.

I would have deleted the built-in generator in order to use my Honda 2000.

2000 watt pure sine inverter

Dry Shower.

I have a Four Wheel Camper with an air conditioner unit where a window could be located.  I would like to have a window where I could take out the air conditioner when it is not needed and put in the window.  That would result in more visibility and less weight to haul around when the air conditioner is not needed.

I might have deleted the dinette (did not know that was an option at the time I ordered) so I could substitute a desk with file/office storage.

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