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The Truck Camper Power Source Survey Results Are In

This week we polled TCM readers about what truck camper power sources they have and what power sources they want.  241 folks gave us their electrifying feedback.

1. Do you want a solar panel system?


YES: 53.78%

NO: 11.76%

I already have a solar panel system: 34.45%

2. Do you want a portable gas generator?  Example: Honda EU2000i


YES: 26.81%

NO: 40%

I already have a portable gas generator: 33.19%

3. Do you want a built-in propane generator?  Example: Cummins Onan 2500


YES: 18.14%

NO: 54.01%

I already have a built-in propane generator: 27.85%

4. Do you want a wind generator?  Example: Free Spirit Energy Windwalker


YES: 46.41%

NO: 52.32%

I already have a wind generator: 1.27%

5. Do you want a fuel cell?  Example: EFOY COMFORT 140


YES: 30.97%

NO: 68.58%

I already have a fuel cell: 0%

6. Do you have or want any other sources that generate power on your truck camper that are not mentioned above?  26 people responded with power sources other than what was included in the survey.

One comment I would make in regards to truck camper power supply is that all manufacturers should offer a quality charger/converter as standard or at least as an upgrade.  It seems everyone ends up replacing the cheap ones that come standard.

The truck alternator charges the camper battery when the truck is running.

I have a 1500 watt inverter.

I had the original batteries die on me and ran the truck engine to supply 12V power to the camper so I could raise the jacks and retract the slide-out.

#6 charge wires from main truck batteries routed back to camper plug so alternator can charge house batteries (including two extra house batteries).

I wish my Onan generator ran on gasoline instead of propane.

I have a long pair of heavy gauge jumper cables from the truck to the camper batteries.  It’s not very efficient or easy, but it works as a last resort when other methods fail.

I have a 225 AH high output alternator that is driven off my 7.3 diesel engine.  This high output alternator is completely isolated from the factory Ford electrical system.  The high output alternator is dedicated to a pair of 300 AH deep cycle batteries.

Does methane gas qualify?

I use shore power at the local campgrounds.

I’m curious about the engine generator that Roadtrek offers.

90% of our time is dispersed camping and we only use our truck’s electrical system, but we would like to run our Coleman Mach air with a Honda EU2000i.

DC to DC charger

A big bank of batteries with inverters.

My excursions tend to be short and my power usage limited enough that a single house battery is, more often than not, enough.  Still, aren’t gadgets part of the truck camper mantra?

A converter from 12 VDC to 115 VAC.  Works great!

Anything to help mileage on diesel truck/break down on solar hook-up.

I have EU3000 generator for outside and I save the portable generator Cummins Onan 2500 for emergencies.

I want a built in generator that will run off my engine or gas tank.

My wife riding a bicycle.

My mouse, “mickey” in his plastic round cage that spins a small gearbox 12v generator.  It’s good for one small led light.

Multiple ways to get power for my camper are important to me so that I can function in more off road and dry camping situations, not to mention that the more prepared you are to be off the grid, the better off you will be in an emergency.

I don’t know if a fuel cell is something I want or not?  I need more information.

I want a portable solar system.

A rat in a wheel.

No, but would like larger battery capacity than two Group 27s.

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