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Recommended LED Lights for Truck Campers

“I replaced most all of the interior incandescent lights with LED and I’m happy so far.  It definitely helps lower power consumption.  I used Amazon and got a variety for the different bulb types.  I remember it being confusing, but they all work.  I pulled the existing ones and sat with the computer and sorted it out.  They are a harsher light, but are great on the batteries.  I have a custom solar system with two panels.” – Bruce Ostermann, 2006 Chevy 3500, 2008 Arctic Fox 990

“I bought them from China.  They are direct stick-on 24 LEDs and plug into the existing 1056 socket.  It’s cheaper by the dozen.  I replaced them all for about $60.” – Jim, 2010 GMC 3500, 2005 Okanagan

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