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Readers Level on Leveling A Truck Camper

115 truck camper owners share their techniques, products and attitudes for leveling a camper. Suggested tricks go far beyond blocks and bubble levels. Introducing wife-rolling!

Truck Camper Level Or Not

Once again the enthusiasm for a Question of the Week went totally and completely gonzo. In total, we received a mind-boggling 21-pages of level-headed to slightly off-kilter feedback. After reading each and every response, a few zingers stick out:

1. Being off-level is evidently a proven technique to ensure the wife gets – ahem – closer at night. More than one reader actually admits to this. Don’t tell Angela, but I will be testing this strategy in the near future.

2. Alternative approaches to using a simple bubble level include placing a can on its side to see if it rolls, placing water in a frying pans to see if it runs, and staring at glasses of water. And we wonder why the motorhome and towable crowd think we’re special.

3. Many of us believe we are blessed with the ability to “see” a level spot in a parking lot, open field or campsite – myself included. Even better, some among us apparently have a natural intuition to know exactly how many leveling blocks are required under which tire to become level. Is this some kind of divine in-tire-vention?

In all seriousness, the percentage of truck camper owners who attempt to perfectly level their rig versus those who level by eye, make dinner and grab a beer is about fifty-fifty.

About half of us can’t be bothered to level our rigs perfectly. Life is too short, and we’re hungry. The other half aren’t comfortable if the camper isn’t level; wife-rolling be damned.

The Question of the Week was, “Do you level your truck camper rig every time you park?

Level Bubbles On Camper Hagan

“We have bubble levels on the front and side of the camper. We use them when we camp for the night, and it’s mainly for sleeping. We don’t like the bed to be off level. The bubble doesn’t have to be perfectly centered. Half a bubble will do.

Level Blocks Palomino Camper Hagan

We level the truck with orange stacking blocks. They work fine.” – Brian and Chris Hagen, 2004 Ram 2500, 2014 Palomino SS-1251 pop-up

“We use an Android app called Laser Level, but there are many to choose from. We just lay the phone on the truck’s console, and move back and forth until we’re hungry (oops, I mean level). Then we make dinner.” – John Cook, 2017 Ford F350, 2018 Northstar Laredo SC

Siesta Camper Level

“When we’re out camping we look for as level a spot as we can find. Once I find a good spot I will check the level of the rear floor of the camper with my level app on my phone. I use level blocks and a shovel to get pretty close to level and call it a day.

Normally this takes less then five-minutes. I have a compressor refrigerator so I am not worried about hurting it by being off-level. It just bugs me when I’m cooking pancakes if they are all running to one side. And then there’s trying to sleep.” – Neal Haymore, 1990 Ford F-250, 1968 Siesta

“We always go for double-bubble. We have used Lynx Levelers for 25-years, and touch up with the Happijacs. Level equals good sleep. We live and travel in the mountains where there is no horizon line.” – Keith Benefiel, 2016 Ford F-150, 2001 Hallmark Guanella

Level Mate Pro for Campers

“Being level is important for sleeping. Having the refrigerator level enough is also important. I have a simple two-sided bubble that allows for a quick glance. When I’m getting ready to sleep I have the LevelMate Pro. It allows me to be spot on or very close before ever getting out of the truck. If I need to adjust something I know which tire needs to go up or down. It makes for very easy traveling.” – Kent Phyfe, 2001 Ford F350, 2019 Arctic Fox 865

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