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RAM Truck SiriusXM Satellite Radio Solutions

Truck Camper Magazine polled its readers for SiriusXM solutions for RAM trucks.  The following responses are sorted by year starting with the most recent trucks.

2018 RAM Trucks

“I made the purchase of the camper and drove about four hours to get back home.  The radio and navigation feature worked just fine, but this was because I was heading west and then south which allowed for the line of sight (LOS) between the truck antenna and satellite to be clear and unobstructed.

When I got home, I started having problems.  Facing south and west were not a problem, but facing east and north the LOS became obstructed by the cabover portion of the camper.

After several weeks of consulting with the folks at both SiriusXM and uConnect, I came up with manufactures extended puck style antennas that’ll plug into the back of the radio.  The hard part is routing the antenna through the firewall to the front of the truck.” – Terry Long, 2018 RAM 2500, 2017 Palomino HS-8801

2017 RAM Trucks

Sirius Mobile Radio Kit 2017 Ram 3500

“I bought a SiriusXM mobile radio kit (shown above).  It comes with a magnet-based low-profile antenna with a long lead wire.  I position the antenna on the front of the hood with the wire threaded under the hood down the right side into the cab (see below).

2017 Ram 3500 Sirius Magnetic Antenna

I have driven in strong head winds and the antenna did not move.  Just remember to leave a little slack in the antenna lead so you can raise you hood without having to remove it all the time.

The other benefit to the mobile kit is you can add a car kit and move you radio from vehicle to vehicle.  You can have SiriusXM in all your vehicles and only pay for one account.” – Donald Henderson, 2017 RAM 3500, 2015 Lance 1172

SiriusXM Puck on Ram truck

“My solution was to put a temporary antenna attached magnetically to my hood when needed.  I purchased the following Mopar parts: (1) satellite uConnect radio antenna base and cable, (2) uConnect radio cables, and (3) uConnect access jumper cable.

I used YouTube instructions to remove my uConnect radio.  I unplugged the antenna wires from the back of my radio (there are two of them).  I plugged in the wires from my original antenna into one of the radio cables I purchased.

Sirius XM Wiring In Ram Truck

Then, I plugged in the jumper cable to the back of the radio.  I ran these two cables under the dash ending near the brake release.

Connector Through Truck Door

I attached my purchased antenna to a wood base with magnets (see below).  I attached the other radio cable to it and ran it under the hood to the dash.

Magnets Under SiriusXM Shark Fin Mount

I plug whichever antenna I want to use to the jumper cable.” – John Harvey, 2017 RAM 3500, 2017 Northstar 12STC

2016 RAM Trucks

“I used an Infotainment Sirius dual antenna kit on my RAM truck.” – Chris Tiefenbrunn, 2016 RAM 3500, 2016 Northstar Arrow U

2015 RAM Trucks

“I had a 2011 Chevy that I fixed the blocked SiriusXM antenna problem using your very helpful article, Blocked Sirius XM Radio Antenna Quick Fix.  I took it off the truck when I traded it in this spring on a 2015 RAM 2500.  I thought I could easily put the antenna on the RAM just as I had on the Chevy, but I could not find that same box that was behind the glove box on the Chevy.

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