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Poll Results: Truck Camping Into The Future

On Sunday, April 1st we posted what many of you thought was an April Fools joke, a picture of our new method for staying clean on the road:

Boondock Washing Machine

Okay, that really was an April Fools joke.  We came across that monster washing machine in a laundromat this past month and couldn’t help ourselves.  Besides, it got us so squeaky clean – for just a buck!

But seriously folks, Monday’s feature story was about a walking truck camper and the implications of self-driving technology on the future truck camping.

Walking Truck Camper

Many readers thought Xiao’s creation had to be an April Fools joke, but both Xiao and her remarkable walking truck camper sculpture are very real.  If you missed the article about Xiao, or thought you were dodging an April Fool’s jab by not reading it, please take a minute to check out her incredible project; The Walking Truck Camper.

To compliment our admittedly unusual feature story this week, we had an equally unusual reader poll; Truck Camping Into The Future.  I thought it would be interesting to see where Truck Camper Magazine readers stood on the possibilities of all-electric trucks, self-driving trucks, all-electric truck campers, and (due to a family situation explained in the intro) internet-enabled refrigerators.

Are we ready for an all-electric self-driving truck hauling an all-electric camper?  Without future ado, here are the poll results:

Future Electric RV Camper 1

Future Electric RV Camper 2

Future Electric RV Camper 3

Future Electric RV Camper 4


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