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I enjoy photography with an oceanic theme; beaches, piers, meshes, etc.  And the wildlife around them.

I especially enjoy photographing landscapes when the weather is less than ideal.  Most people hide inside when its raining, snowing, or foggy, but these conditions add a special element that most people enjoy, but aren’t willing to go out and get.

It depends on the purpose for our trip, whether we take the DSLR.  Many of our trips are to music jams/festivals and fairs.  For the former, we take the good camera.  For the latter, we do not.

The one thing I photograph that is a bit different is rock climbing.


Abstract forms and patterns in nature.

I am sorry to say that I don’t use the SLR as much as I used to because the camera phones have become so much better.  Don’t get me wrong, they still won’t compete with my Nikon SLR. I used to walk through the Sand Dune Trails at Sandy Neck Beach and shoot animals, birds, vegetation, etc.  Due to a back injury, walking has become almost impossible so I have been shooting ocean life that passes by our campsite on the beach.

Any wildlife and wildflowers.

I look for photograph opportunities that can become wall designs for home decor.  Photographs at night using alternative light sources.

Fall colors and wildlife!

I don’t have a predetermined theme or subject when I travel.  I find that discovery is the best part of photography.

We like to document our trip and send a daily email to more than 100 people who follow us.  Anything unique is the subject of our photos.

Living near Great Smokey Mountain National Park, there is always a photo opportunity.  I also hike and ride a motorcycle.  I always have a camera with me.

Gorgeous scenes or objects that would make a good print for wall art.

It’s always fun to capture pictures of old things we encounter along the way.  Abandoned buildings, vehicles, etc.  Wildlife, wild flowers, anything scenic.  Definitely an amateur here.  But one things for certain, it’s always a good time.

Our four babies that travel with us — the dogs.

I really enjoy filming birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

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