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I.D. animals for grandchildren, and pics of where we go.

When ever we travel, I have the camera ready to go on the seat or on the dash.  I’ve gotten some great shots of wildlife and other interesting subjects while going down the road.

The old abandoned mines and ranches and homesteads around the West, especially in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

I enjoy photographing flowers.

See question number five above; all the above.

The Grand Canyon always offers opportunity for unique photographs, especially if one hikes to the ranch at the bottom.  Also, Utah never disappoints.

We’ve gotten some fantastic wildlife shots over the years.  And food!

I will shoot anything of interest.

Bigfoot, water, mountains, trees.  I also use medium and large format film cameras.

Canadian landscapes.  We do a combination of truck camping and “fly to” destinations.  We have almost rented a camper at our destination a couple of times, but the time required for pick up and drop off made it too inconvenient.

Treasure hunting.

We like being out in the boondocks, which gives us more early and late light photo opportunities other than flat mid-day lighting conditions.  That is why we decided on a four-wheel drive diesel truck and a single rear wheel chassis so we are better equipped for off-road opportunities.  The Bigfoot has everything it takes to live off the grid for several days.

Rarely-seen close-ups of flora and fauna, e.g., American Pronghorn in Montana.

My wife an I love to take nature/landscape photographs of the different geography across the nation.  We love anything to do with water so the beaches, rivers, and waterfalls of Oregon have been our latest target.

I like to turn my photographs into quilt designs.

Nature, sunsets, sunrises. stars.  Old buildings and country churches.  Northern Saskatchewan forrest and rivers on canoe trips

Grizzly fishing close to us, in Alaska.  A buffalo waiting his turn in a Yellowstone traffic jam.  Standing in the Arctic Ocean.  Everywhere in the Four Corners area creates an awesome photo.  Landscapes are always special, especially when including a great sunset.

Sunrises and sunsets especially when we are already at a special location.

I tend to photograph anything and everything.  If I think it is interesting, unusual, common, or different I will photograph it.

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