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A lot of my photos I take out the front window the truck.  If I stopped everywhere there is a good picture, I would never get anywhere.

Light houses, train topics, history.

Always on the lookout for the weird and wonderful, as well as the ghosts of homesteads past.

Two years ago we decided to change our pose for our “I was here” pictures. Instead of facing the camera, we now pose looking towards the interest point that would have been behind us – no more having to retake a photo because the eyes were closed.

Lighthouses, trains, sunsets, birds.

Always looking for that calendar contest shot!  Night time is the best!  I can usually tell before taking the photo if it’s going to be a contender. I take the pics and than write the blog around the them. I strongly believe in composition over expensive equipment.  I try to shoot everyday when we’re living in the truck camper. My Nikon has two SD cards.  I shoot one in raw and the other in lower quality JPEG for online blog uploads.  The other raw gets a closer look and possible Photoshop adjustments back home for enlargements.

All species of wildlife.

Just try to capture what I see.

North American landscapes, wildlife, and moving water.

My interest is very eclectic.  I try to compose my shots different than I have seen others do.  Although I have taken many pics of the camping experience, most of my pictures of camping are not in my online gallery.

Old mining town structures.


Nature and landscape in the Canadian north, often taken on remote, wilderness canoe trips.

Sailboats.  I am a boat builder so lots of boat pictures.  I also take a lot of pictures of my cat.

The rocks and canyons of Utah and AZ.

My Family!

Anything and everything from natural wonders to weird signs.

Reflective images on water and series on various tree deformities in new and old growth specimens.

ML and I specialize in camera transportation.  On most trips, the camera is one of the “must-pack” items.  We then usually travel the entire journey without ever getting the camera out once. But I’m sure the camera appreciates the chance to get out of the house for a while.  It says it’s looking forward to the next trip.  I think it finds them restful.

I use a dash cam to archive traveling on scenic highways and by-ways, National Park drives and special trips.

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