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Internet Solutions for the Road

We swing by hotels, lots of restaurants and Starbucks.  We never do banking on the free Wi-Fi though.  If we need to do any banking or making purchases online we use the Jetpack because it is secure.” – Henry Huizenga, 2005 Chevy 2500 HD, 2004 Arctic Fox 860

“I use a Verizon mobile hot spot, plus a Wilson cell phone booster with an internal and external antenna.  Anywhere there is one bar of cell phone service I can use it.” – Carlyle Isner, 2012 Dodge 5500, 2012 Alaskan

“I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 which I purchased at Costco for $20 last June with a two year plan with AT&T.  I was formerly with Sprint, but they were not represented through the Costco I go to.  That was the reason for the switch.  Plus, I feel I have better coverage with AT&T.

The plan now runs between $78 and $82 per month.  I have to pay twenty cents to send texts and thirty cents to send photos.  I have a gmail account for sending emails which my wife and I both prefer.  I can read my home emails on my phone but I am unable to respond to them.  When we are traveling I tell everyone to contact us through the gmail account.

Of course we use Starbucks.  We can’t start the morning drive without my Americano.  We mostly stay in campgrounds with full hook-ups where you can get Wi-Fi with their code.  Walmarts and casino parking lots also seem to have connectivity.

It really doesn’t matter if I don’t have internet access.  We will find it somewhere.  We both prefer to read actual real books and newspapers.  I am not completely sold on a Kindle yet.  It’s fun to go to new towns and find used book stores and find something we just have to have, or even book sales put on by local libraries.

I do watch some cable television while we’re at campgrounds, because we don’t subscribe to cable at home.  Why pay for television?” – Roger Odahl, 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 2004 Eagle Cap 950

“We have a mobile hot spot, plus we both have an iPhone 5.  All of it is through Verizon.” – Peggy Sego, 2005 Dodge 3500, 2011 Lance 992

“I don’t have a smartphone, but I want access to the internet when I am on vacation.  So, with my Verizon Jetpack, as long as I have a cell phone signal, I can get internet.

I chose the 3GB plan for $60 and it was plenty for streaming video for some television and checking emails for a week or two of vacation.  I reactivate when I need it for the next vacation.  Thus I’m only paying for when I need it and not year round.

It’s $15 weekly for 250 MB, $60 monthly for 3GB, and $90 monthly for 10 GB.  I have never tried to pirate because I just didn’t want to take the time to find it.” – Kevin Presson, 1997 Dodge Ram 2500, no camper yet, using a Leer cap

“We use an iPad mini with a Verizon mobile hot spot.  My wife can use the iPad and I use the laptop.  We pay $30 a month for 2 GB.  We’ll use it all in ten to fourteen days, which is about all we’re out in the camper each month.

We used to use the Verizon MiFi with 10 GB when we were full-timing.  This suits our needs right now and we’ve been happy with Verizon for twenty years.  When we go to Canada and Alaska we use McDonalds and Tim Hortorns restaurants as Verizon’s international data charges and telephone charges are way out of line.” – Jim Cornwell, 2011 Chevy 3500 HD, 2012 Lance 1191

“Verizon is my service provider.  80% of the time it’s in 3G.  I have a droid Motorola razor.  We are waiting for a gadget that will work 95% of the time.  Camping off the grid most of the time I try to find a place to quietly stand to connect with the rest of the world!” – Sue Surateaux, 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500, 2008 Arctic Fox 811

“We use a Verizon Jetpack, 291LVW-41CE, with 14GB a month of data. It’s very expensive at $120 a month and that’s just for the shared data. Then add on the cost of two smart phones and we are talking big money!  It costs me more per month than I pay to heat or electrify my house.

We live out in the country where there is no DSL or cable internet service, so our only other choices were a very slow dial-up or satellite internet.  I hate the cost, but it works well.  The 4G is fairly fast, and it is our only internet service, whether at home or on the road.  We almost always use our Verizon Jetpack or our smart phone connections for our internet.” – Buzz Merchlewitz, 1998 Dodge Ram 2500, 2007 Four Wheel Grandby

“My wife has a smart phone that she uses to check email and navigate.  It’s with Verizon and we pay about $250 a month but that includes five or more phones.  I myself have a not-so smart phone and would prefer to leave it home.  But I take it just in case it’s needed.  I also take my tablet but it’s not hooked to wireless.  I use the tablet mostly to take pictures of places I have visited.

I have used free internet Wi-Fi at McDonalds or a cafe.  Some campgrounds I have stayed in have also have wireless.  Everyone have a happy safe holiday!” – Jeff Hagberg, 2002 Ford F250, 2006 Travel Lite 800SBX

“My wife and I use T-Mobile.  We use the phone as a hot spot to get computer access.  So far it has performed well for us.  Of course there are times that we are in a zone where we can’t get a signal, but that doesn’t happen often.

We used to have Verizon and, I have to say, we had better coverage in more areas, but we also had a much higher monthly bill.  I like the fact that T-Mobile does not have contracts any more.

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