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Hot Dog Caption Contest Winner

“Patriotic wiener on the move!” – Kevin Squires
1.  “I’m looking for a barking lot.”
2.  “Looks like the neighborhood is going to the dogs.” – Pat LaVenture

1. “Guinness book of world records… here we come!”
2. “Here’s the beef!”
3. “Only in America!” – Garret Lewush

“And here I thought they were staring at my truck camper down the road.” – Paul Braun

“Delivery for Coney Island hot dog eating contest” – Ron Richardson

1. “Wife: Honey, there is yellow stuff leaking through the roof air conditioner.  It kind of looks like mustard.  Husband: Well taste it and let me know sweetie…”
2. “We should take off the top level of relish if we want to clear the bridge.”
3. “Finally we are  on our way to the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.  We are sure to win it this year.” – Doug Colfer

1. “Ah, Houston this is tranquility base.  We have one small step for man, one giant hot dog for mankind!”
2. “Honey, did you say to microwave these hot dogs for one minute or one hour because they really plump when you cook them?” – Fran Colfer

“Truly, America’s Top Dog!” – Neil Steirer

“We sure need a hot dog this big, so that we have something to eat while we are waiting to for a tow truck for the Dodge.  Now what do we do for a drink?” – A H Crawford

“Hot Dogs…. Get Hot Dogs!” – Robert Williams

1. “Honey, looks like a politician is on top of our camper.”
2. ”Oh my word!  I think a politician has climbed up our fat latter and is campaigning on top of our camper.” – Kevin Pinassi

From the TCM Facebook page:

“Those with big truck campers… haul around big weiners!”
“Knock… and receive a free weiner.” – James Thomas

“If the weiner is a-rockin’, don’t bother knockin’” – Jerry Klinken

“Boy, That is one big hotdog!” – Franklin Long

“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner, that is what I’d truly like to be.” – Joe Stundal

“The Ram can handle it!” – Scott West

“Hot dog for president!” – Jennifer Keeler

“Have hot dog, will travel…” – Pamela Saul Maulding

“Fine House of Weiner” – Kim Sprandle

“Got mustard?” – Sherry Greene-Walker

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