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Hot Dog Caption Contest Winner

This past Tuesday we published a photograph showing an enormous hot dog on our truck camper roof.  We discovered this big wienie in Mackinaw City, Michigan on top of a restaurant called Wienerlicious.


Parking in just the right spot, and angling the camera just the right way, we captured an outrageous photograph that looks like a big hot dog landed on our truck camper.



We love photographing our truck camper with roadside attractions, but this one was too perfect.  We showed the photograph to a few friends later that day and they agreed; a caption contest was in order.


While many of the caption entries were funny, one in particular almost made us snarf:

“Does this camper make my wiener look small?” – Jan Openlander

Jan, you made us laugh out loud, and won yourself a Truck Camper Magazine T-Shirt.  Congratulations!

Five other captions nearly won.  Here are the five runners-up:

“No power needed, we’re bun-doggin.” – Erik Russell

“Payload matters when you want the works!” – Jessica Thomas

“Resupply complete, let’s go!” – Frank Burley

“Hot dog for president!” – Jennifer Keeler

“The Ram can handle it!” – Scott West

Thank you to everyone who played along with our ridiculous fun.  We loved reading all the captions and, even better, knowing that our readers have a wonderful sense of humor.  Speaking of which, here are all 93 entries:

“Wheelin’ Weinermoble.” – Bill Sprague

“Truck campers like to bring their own food.” – Chip Collin

“Here’s a roving doghouse fit for a king… here King, here King!” – Curt Paden

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