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Essential Truck Camping Tools Revealed

“I carry an Amprobe multimeter and a DeWalt drill driver with impact wrench kit.  It’s the handiest tool I’ve ever owned.  I also take a socket set that works with the impact wrench.” – Jeff Hagberg, 2002 Ford F-250, 2006 Travel Lite 800 SBX

“Tools to service small things like oil and fuel filters.  If I have used it, it goes into the box.” – Joe Pospicil, 2007 Ford F250, 2000 Lancer 960

“1.Multimeter, 2. pop rivet tool, 3. caulking gun. 4. duct tape or Gorilla tape, 5. corded drill (used with special bit to raise and lower the camper) and a cordless drill.” – Don Udelson, 2004 Chevy 2500 HD, 2005 Sun-Lite 955 SD

“I always have a fence tool and wire staples, a Estwing 26″ axe, a compact shovel, and truck mounted winch with straps and cables.” – Michael Sasse, 2013 Toyota Tacoma, 2014 Four Wheel Eagle

“Volt meter and test light.  If we’re doing Passport In Time project, a full set of DeWalt 20-volt lithium tools.  And a chainsaw is handy.” – Mike Pascucci, 2011 Chevy, Adventurer 86

“Milwaukee electrical tester, 10-in-1 screwdriver, Milwaukee LED trouble spot light, channel locks, Kleins (cutting pliers), and a Klein grill set.” – Neil Steirer, 2008 Ford F350, 2015 Lance 1172

“A spray bottle of soapy water that sits by my propane tanks.  Also, jumper cables, assorted bungee cords, extra flashlights, and extra oil for my camper jacks.  I’m sure there is more, but I’m drawing a blank.” – Tim May, 1993 Dodge W250, 1987 Vacationeer 9’10″

“Duct tape, assorted cap screws and metal/wood screws, volt/amp meter, spare fuses, and my wife (really).” – Mark Daigle, 2002 Silverado 2500 HD, 2012 Lance 992

“Test light, hydraulic jack, electrical terminal kit, butane torch, and a cordless drill.” – Charlie Kelso, 2003 Silverado 2500HD, 2015 Palomino Backpack

“Duct tape, cordless electric drill, ties, hatchet, and bungee cords.” – Jim Mclean, 2004 GMC 3500, 2010 Lance 1191

“Duct tape, duct tape, duct tape, compressor, and a good jack.” – Dave Stillman, 2005 Dodge 2500, 2012 Lance 850

“I’m thinking the ever popular duct tape, and some bungee cords, mechanics wire, Volt/ohm meter, and spare parts (bulbs, hoses, belts).” – Doug Wilson, 2005 Chevy 2500HD

“1. Makita angle drill with charger and two batteries, along with drill bits up to 3/8th size.  2.Torque wrench (always a good idea to check the lug nuts on the boat trailer).  3. Hex wrenches.  I keep one in the tool bag and one in the bike tool bag.  Harbor Freight sells a nice three pack of all the various hex sizes.  4. I consider various lubricants to be part of the tool bag.  In a gallon size zip lock bag, I have a canister of silicon spray, white lithium grease, 3-in-1 oil, WD-40, awning repair tape, and duct tape.  5. Plastic zip ties in numerous lengths.

I carry all this stuff in a Craftsman canvas bag which sits on the drive tunnel in the back seat.  It’s a heavy bag.  Another tool I am seriously considering is an air compressor which can handle up to 100 psi.” – Roger Odahl, 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 2004 Eagle Cap 950

“Wire strippers, electrical multimeter, soldering gun, mini hack saw, and duct tape.” – Gene Klein, 1996 Mazda B2600 1994 Jayco pop-up

“I always take my Estwing camp axe or Sportsman’s hatchet, Ontario Blackie Collins machete, 18-inch bow saw, and a Soviet solid handle entrenching tool.

Gordon, don’t let them razz you about the tool box.  I know for a fact that plastic toy pliers work best for testing a engine for a spark off the block.  I also knew a person who painted their tools pink to keep people from stealing them.” – Blake Hooper, not yet, not yet

“The advent of lithium-ion batteries and their adaptation to a vast array of 18-volt power tools allows for many camping use options which we take advantage of.  Packing several batteries and a charger allows us to add obvious tools such as a drill, but also a hand held vacuum for quick clean-ups, water pump to fill holding tanks, a chain saw – which is fantastic when boon-docking – and LED flashlights.  All of these are included in our never-leave-home-without-them items.” – Denny Sherratt, 2007 Ram 3500 HD, 2014 Northern Lite 10′ 2″ CD SE

“Clamps, vice grips, pry bar, tie wraps, electrical tape, rope, wire, and a volt meter.” – Mary Cyr, 2010 Ford F-250, 2013 Northstar Liberty

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