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Dry Bath Truck Camper Confessions

“I have a dry bath.  Of course we use our shower.  You would not want to sit next to me if I didn’t.  The shower in our Lance 1181 is quite large and is preferable to most campground showers.” – Judy and Jerry Funk, 2012 Chevy 3500, 2011 Lance 1181

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, it’s guaranteed to be cleaner then campground showers and more convenient because there’s no waiting.  We have enough water for eight showers, if you lather and then rinse.” – Rick Law, 2005 Ford F550, 2003 Bigfoot 30C/SL

“I have a dry bath.  Oh yes, I love to go camping and, as long as I have all the comforts of home, I’m content.  Having my own bathroom is a must; it tops my list.  I never thought that I would enjoy truck camping so much.  I will compromise storage space to keep my dry bath!” – Michelle Johnson, 2004 Ford F250, Lance 1050S

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, I love it.  It is what it is.  It is a lot easer for boys than girls.  Long hair shampooing takes a lot of water, filling the gray water tank fast.  It is all about the navy shower technique.

Boondocking, two people can shower every night for three nights, if done right.  We also use paper plates to cut down on dishwashing and water use, along with bottled drinking water.  I have got to have a hot shower before bed.” – Richard Sullivan, 2010 Chevrolet 1500, 2006 Lance

“I have a dry bath.  Absolutely!  We prefer the cleanliness, and privacy of using our own bathroom, including the shower.  We rarely will use the campground facilities.” – Jeannie Coushaine, 2001 Ford F350, 2014 Chalet DS116RB

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, especially when we dry camp, we use it to sleep and feel better from it.” – Ed and Terri Bruns, 2007 Dodge Ram 3500, 2008 Lance 1055

“I have a dry bath.  The answer is, it depends.  We are currently on a three month journey through Canada to Alaska.  When we stay at facilities that have decent restrooms/showers, we use them.  When boondocking, or when the campground shower is the pits, we use our own shower/basin to bathe.

Close quarters makes this a necessity for multiple week travel. Otherwise, our shower stall stores laundry hamper, wet rain gear, a bath wastebasket, shower caddies, and wet towels.” – Chip and Daisy, Ford 350, 2007 Eagle Cap 1160

“I have a dry bath.  The whole point of the bathroom and shower is that it is yours and it is clean, no matter where you are.” – Brian and Glenda Lemoine, 2014 Dodge Ram 3500, 2014 Lance 1172

“I have a dry bath.  We use ours all the time.  We like a shower at night and also use the outside shower to rinse off after a dip in the ocean!” – Don, 2011 Ford F350, 2007 Okanagan 117DBL

“We have a dry bath.  We use the shower every day with our new Oxygenics shower head.  It gives a wonderful aerated economic water flow.  The shower stall is big and tall.  For toileting my knees do not touch the walls.  It’s spacious and has lots of cupboards.  Having previously had a wet bath, where it wets everything, there’s nothing like a dry bath.” – Doug Packer, Eagle Cap 1160, Ram 3500

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